One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3700 - A New Addition (316)

Chapter 3700 A New Addition (316)

Lisa finished the chicken in no time and took another piece. This time, she dipped it in more sauce. It was obvious that she enjoyed eating the Chinese steamed chicken.

Yun Shishi introduced the dishes one at a time. “This is braised meat, this is old goose soup, this is…”

“What sort of meat is this braised meat?”

“Pork.” She probed, “Do you… have any taboos where food is concerned?”

Some religious beliefs forbid the consumption of pork.

Lisa shook her head, “I eat all kinds of meat.”

Little Yichen shivered, “Human flesh too?”

Lisa smiled and answered, “Of course, if you’re willing to sacrifice yourself.”

Everyone around the table laughed. The atmosphere suddenly became lively! Lisa quickly adapted to the cozy dinner atmosphere. In the past, when they ate at the Hurricane Group, the huge dining room would be silent. Everyone would sit at a dining table and finish their food quickly before leaving in a hurry. Eating was a matter of settling hunger, and didn’t take very long.

This was her first time eating alongside so many others. At first, she felt a little awkward, but when she got to know them better, she felt that the atmosphere was very lively with so many people eating and chatting together.

Narrowing his eyes, Hua Jin suddenly said, “I heard a few extras chatting on the set today and learned of a very cruel dish.”

“Cruel?” Yun Shishi frowned. “What dish would that be?”

“Three squeaks.”

“Three squeaks?” Upon hearing this, Gong Jie asked curiously, “Why is it called three squeaks?”

“Because it’s related to the ingredients of this dish.”

Gong Jie’s face darkened. “Don’t keep me guessing.”

Hua Jin became nervous when he saw the man’s expression. He immediately sat up straight and said, “The main dish is a newborn live hairy rat. The person eating it uses a pair of red-hot iron chopsticks to catch the rat. It will squeak – this being the first squeak. When you dip it in the seasoning, it will squeak the second time. When you put it in your mouth, that’s the last squeak, so it’s called three squeaks. I heard that this dish is very delicious, but it’s especially terrifying when you eat it…”

Everyone put down their chopsticks after Hua Jin finished speaking.

Yun Shishi, in particular, felt nauseous. “Live rats?”

“It’s not a rat. It’s a hairy rat. It’s specially bred and very hygienic.”

“How rare. There are people who eat rats alive.”

Little Yichen covered his mouth with his hand. “That’s disgusting! Uncle Hua Jin, you must be here to sabotage the occasion! Mommy worked hard to cook all these delicious dishes, but you’ve ruined everyone’s appetite.”

Hua Jin said innocently, “Unfairly accused! I only said it because Master Jie asked me to!”

Gong Jie snapped, “If you didn’t mention it, would I have asked you? Don’t push the blame on me.”

Yun Shishi warned, “Stop saying such disgusting things!”

Lisa, on the other hand, was very calm. No one touched their chopsticks except for her. She was studying the braised pork seriously.

Puzzled, Little Yichen asked, “Lisa, don’t you find it nauseating?” “No.” Lisa calmly continued, “I’ve seen people eat live bamboo rats.”

Everyone fell silent.

“How gross.” Hua Jin was clearly disgusted.

“Actually, it’s not particularly disgusting. It’s fine. It’s just that I don’t have the courage to eat animals alive unless it’s absolutely necessary.” Having said this, Lisa put a piece of braised pork into her mouth and chewed contentedly. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “The braised meat is delicious.”

When Yun Shishi heard this, she proudly said, “I made this! Everyone, try it.”

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