One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3701 - A New Addition (317)

Chapter 3701 A New Addition (317)

Mu Yazhe took a bite and made a face. Yun Shishi was unhappy to see his disdainful expression. “What’s wrong? Is it not delicious?”

“It’s not as good as Youyou’s.”

“Lisa, what a pity. Youyou’s braised pork used to be the best. It’s a pity you came at the wrong time.”

Yun Shishi confidently rubbed her palms together. She saw Youyou taking a mouthful of braised pork. The boy finally gave a pertinent evaluation.

“I don’t remember the braised pork I made in the past, but Mommy’s braised pork is very delicious.” He had always been a person of very few words. These words, however, restored Yun Shishi’s reputation!

Yun Shishi’s eyes sparkled with excitement when she heard that Youyou supported her so much. She felt more confident now!

Following dinner, Little Yichen was making his bed when he suddenly thought of Lisa. Curious, he asked Yun Shishi, “Mommy, did you prepare Lisa a room?”

“How would I have time to prepare?” She added, “However, Lisa definitely has a room tonight.”

Upon hearing this, Lisa immediately offered, “I can sleep on the sofa too.”

“How can you sleep on the sofa? It will be very cold at night.” The boy disagreed.

Yun Shishi suggested, “Lisa, would you stay in Yueyao’s room?”

“Yueyao’s room?”

“Yes, Yueyao is still young. But the room has long been decorated. And who knows when Yueyao might finally move in? So why don’t you stay there for now, and when Yueyao grows up, we can arrange another room for her. At least for the next few years, I don’t feel at ease letting her stay in such a big room alone.”

Yun Shishi brought Lisa to a room on the second floor.

At the time when Yun Shishi was pregnant with Yueyao, Mu Yazhe had personally decorated the princess room. Except that he had obviously overlooked something. There was a long way to go before Yueyao would grow up and sleep in a big room by herself. Hence, this room had been vacant until now. Fortunately, someone would clean it regularly, so it was kept very tidy. Yun Shishi pushed open the door. Lisa’s gaze swept across the room as she stood at the doorway. In that instant, it felt as though her heart gave an awkward squirm!

At a glance, it was a sea of pink. The room was decorated in a simple American style. There was a little white American-style bed with pink bed curtains. Mu Yazhe had thoughtfully chosen a bed with guard rails. The most adorable thing was that it was a loft bed.

There were two levels in total. The lower level was equipped with a desk and a wardrobe. There was a set of stairs that led to the bed on the upper level. The upper level was designed to look like a castle.

Apart from that, there was a computer, cloakroom, a French window, and a beautifully decorated balcony in the room. Nothing was lacking

The pink walls, pink bed curtains, and pink and white window curtains matched perfectly.

Such a room was huge by Lisa’s standard.

At an estimate, it was about 40 square meters and contained an ensuite. The ensuite was outfitted with a circular bathtub. Beside the bathtub, there was a shower area. One could both soak in the bath and take a shower.

Yun Shishi squatted in front of Lisa and asked, “From now on, this room will be yours, okay?”

Lisa blushed and asked shyly, “What about Yueyao?”

“Didn’t I say that it’s still a long way before Yueyao grows up and has her own room!” “Alright, thank you Auntie.” Lisa thanked her politely and looked around the room, laughing a little.

It was all girly pink, but she didn’t like pink that much. Still, she didn’t care about colors. Having a bed was good enough.

Her pursuit was that simple.

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