One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3703 - A New Addition (319)

Chapter 3703: A New Addition (319)

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By the time Lisa came out of the shower, Yun Shishi had already tidied up the room and added many decorations. She had even laid out the bed for her.

“You’re done showering?” As Yun Shishi tidied up the bedding, she said, “You should be able to keep warm with all these blankets. They are all goose down quilts. I’ve brought you more woolen blankets. It might even get too warm. If you feel hot tonight, just remove them.”

As the woman muttered, Lisa found it extremely heartwarming.

So… this was how having a home felt? She walked to the side of the bed and was at a loss. She said hurriedly, “I’ll tidy up the room myself. It’s getting late. You should go to bed!”

Yun Shishi straightened up and said, “I’ve already tidied up the room. This way, I know what else is missing. I’ll just buy them tomorrow.”

The girl smiled. “I don’t feel that anything’s lacking! Having a bed and a bathroom is more than enough for me!”

“So easily satisfied?” Yun Shishi had brought the pajamas over as well. “However, you might have to make do for tonight and settle with Little Yichen’s pajamas!”

Lisa glanced at the sky-blue pajamas in Yun Shishi’s hands and felt slightly awkward.

“Little Yichen’s pajamas…”

“Don’t worry. It’s all washed and clean. Just put up with it for tonight. You don’t mind, do you?

It was not that she minded it. It was just that… she was shy about it!

The girl hugged her pajamas tightly and nodded. Just as she was about to change into them, Yun Shishi immediately walked over to draw the curtains. She chided, “Lisa, you’re too bold. You don’t even draw the curtains before changmg. ”

THe girl blinked in confusion.

Yun Shishi was also amused. Perhaps she was making too much of a fuss. Lisa was still a little girl and had grown up in the Hurricane Group. She must have gotten used to interacting with men, so her behavior was as straightforward as a boy’s and did not pay attention to minute details.

However, even if she did not have too much flesh on her, it was better to develop this habit. After all, she was a girl!

Just as Yun Shishi walked out of the room, another thought struck her and she walked back in. She probed, “Lisa..

“Uh huh?”

“Little Yichen said you like bedtime stories, too, huh?”

Stunned, Lisa nodded gently. “I’ve never had bedtime stories read to me, but I heard from Little Yichen that you always read him bedtime stories.”

“Well I’ll read you one then.” As Yun Shishi spoke, she headed to the study to look for some story books. When she returned, Lisa was lying on the bed with her eyes wide open, as if waiting for something.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and flipped through a few pages. She looked at the first story and asked, “Have you ever heard the story of ‘The Little Matchgirl’?”


“Then let’s read this today.”

The Little Matchgirl is a classic fairytale. It talks about the tragic fate of a little girl who was selling matches on Christmas Eve. Because she didn’t manage to sell a single match, the little girl had nothing to eat for the day. She was cold and hungry. She lit the first match and saw a fragrant roast goose. She lit the second match and saw a beautiful Christmas tree. She lit the third match and saw her long-lost grandmother. Because she wanted her grandmother to stay by her side, she burned the entire bunch of matches.

However, when the matches burned out and everything was gone, the little girl died tragically on Christmas Eve. No one knew about these beautiful scenes she saw in the last moments of her life..

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