One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3704 - A New Addition (320)

Chapter 3704: A New Addition (320)

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Her voice seemed to possess a unique magical power! It was as though the words on the pages were transformed into a vivid dream through Yun Shishi’s gentle voice. Lisa fell asleep peacefully with her head on the pillow…

Before Yun Shishi could finish reading the story, she saw that Lisa had fallen asleep. As she reflected on the story once more, she felt that the ending of this fairy tale was too tragic.

She thought about it for a moment, and right there and then, gave the story a new ending. As she straightened the bedding for Lisa, she concluded, “After lighting the last match, the little girl saw her grandmother again. She tentatively reached out, and to her surprise, she caught her grandmother’s hand. It was so warm. She said, ‘Grandma, I want to be with you.’ The light from the match gradually went out, and the little girl leaned against the wall and fell asleep just like that. The next day, people found a frozen little girl curled up in a corner. Everyone felt sorry for her, but in fact, the little girl went to heaven with her grandmother and together, they lived happily forever.”


The lights went out.

Yun Shishi placed the story book beside the bed, stood up quietly, and left the room.

In the living room, Mu Yazhe, who had just come out of the shower, saw her coming down the stairs. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Is Lisa asleep?

“Yes, she’s asleep.”

“Youyou and Little Yichen are still waiting for you to read them their bedtime stories. ”

Yun Shishi paused for a moment as she held the drinking glass in her hand. Then she weakly said, “Hey, father of the children.”

“Yes? What is it, mother of the children?” “I’ll have to trouble you with their bedtime story tonight.”

The man raised a brow and said, “Sure.”

In the bedroom, Little Yichen was tucked under the blanket, eagerly anticipating Yun Shishi’s arrival.

It had been such a long time since the last bedtime story!

He had been missing it for so long.

However, in his anticipation, when Little Yichen saw Mu Yazhe walking into the room with a fairy tale book in his hand. He was stunned and sat up in bed with a jolt. “Daddy, why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be?” Mu Yazhe explained calmly, “Your mommy is unwell. I’ll read you a bedtime story tonight.”

Little Yichen said awlwvardly, “I don’t want you to read me a bedtime story!” Mu Yazhe snorted. “On what basis? You despise Daddy?”

“Daddy, you don’t even know how to read stories! No matter how good a fairy tale is, you’ll read it like it’s a curse.”

Mu Yazhe’s voice was so deep that having him read a fairy tale made it seem out of place.

“Since you don’t want to hear it, I have to insist.” Mu Yazhe sat by the bed and flipped open the storybook. Little Yichen kicked it away in disdain.

The father and son pair started to argue and create a commotion.

Youyou, who was already asleep, was woken up by the din. He reached out and grabbed his brother’s face, ravaging it. “Ah! Youyou, what are you doing?!”

“Be quiet!”

When Yun Shishi passed by the room and heard the commotion, she pushed open the door slightly and looked in curiously through the small crack. She saw the father and twin boys throwing pillows at each other, creating a huge scene! Little Yichen, in particular, was so angry that his face turned red from how Mu

Yazhe and Youyou had ganged up together.

“You two are shameless!” “Shameless! Shameless!” “Ahhh…

“I’ll fight you to my death!”

“Pfft.. ”

These three guys!

Mu Yazhe was no better than the kids, being a grown up and messing around this way.

Yun Shishi could not help being amused. She quietly closed the door and returned to her room..

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