One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 24 - Three-in-one (2)

Chapter 24: Three-in-one (2)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

He Bai’s hand trembled. The meat on the fork fell into the plate again. He raised his voice due to surprise, “Movie? Movie directed by Director Jiang Guanshan? No……” ‘Isn’t it a teleplay? How is that things are completely different than they were in his previous life?’

Di Qiuhe looked at the unconsciously open mouth of He Bai and had a deepening smile on his face. He suddenly reached out and forked up the piece of meat that He Bai dropped on the plate and put it into He Bai’s mouth quickly, and then touched the teeth of He Bai by his fork, and said, “Yes, movie, so you may not see me for months. Don’t miss me too much.”

He Bai leaned back and spat out Di Qiuhe’s fork. His surprise was choked in his throat by the sudden movements of Di Qiuhe, looking quite unpleasant.

‘Fork……The fork that he just ate with……put into my mouth……saliva exchange……indirect……’

Di Qiuhe looked at the changing expression of He Bai and took back his fork with good mood. He forked up the last piece of meat in his plate and put it into his mouth slowly and chew carefully. Then, he put down the fork and got a tissue to clean his mouth, and smiled to He Bai gently, “Thanks for your steak. It tastes good. I am satisfied.”

‘……He ate it. He ate the last meat with the fork which touched my teeth……’ He Bai’s three views (means world view, value view, and life view) are collapsed, speechless, and he decided he’d better just keep eating.

He Bai finished the steak without feeling the taste. He thought that Di Qiuhe would continue to command him to wash plates. Unexpectedly, Di Qiuhe collected the plates of his own will, considerately replacing the red wine that he did not drink for a cup of juice.

Clear sound of plate collision and the sound of water came from the kitchen. He Bai raised his hand and pinched himself. He felt what happened today was like a dream, a super big nightmare.

The mobile phone rang suddenly. It was WeChat. He came back to his senses and took the phone out from his pocket.

A bird born in autumn: I was bullied by my stepmother again.

He Bai looked into the kitchen reflexively. Then, he took back his sight after hearing the sound of water stop, and sighed silently. The idol has a stepmother and his fan has have stepmother too. Is it called similarity attraction?

A bird born in autumn: I will run away from home.

He Bai was shocked, and hurried to comfort her.

White and Whiter: Calm down. It is dangerous for girls to stay outside alone.

A bird born in autumn: I am sad.

White and Whiter: Then……how about watching some comedy movies for districting attention?

A bird born in autumn: That’s a bad idea.

White and Whiter: Anyway, you’d better not run away from home, it’s not safe. Does your father know that your stepmother is bullying you?

A bird born in autumn: He knows, but he is partial.

A bird born in autumn: I still feel sad. Xiaobai, how about you call me Qiuqiu again? I like this name.

He Bai hesitated for a moment, and sent a voice message for comfort patiently.

There was the cracking sound of plates breaking.

He Bai was scared and rushed to the kitchen to check.

Di Qiuhe was standing in front of the sink innocently. He was wearing rubber gloves with full of bubbles on it. There were a pile of broken plates around his feet. After seeing He Bai came in, Di Qiuhe turned his head and smiled, “Sorry, hand slippery.”

He Bai sighed, pushing him aside and rolling up his sleeves, “Let me wash these. You do not need to pour so much dishwashing liquid. Go and get the broom to clean the floor. Do not pick up the debris with your hands. It will cut your fingers.”

“OK.” Di Qiuhe took off the gloves and looked at He Bai’s hand in the sink. He touched his phone which was a little hot in his pants pocket secretly, with eyes twinkling.

‘My brother is…… really cute.’

After washing the plates, He Bai carried a box of chocolates in his arms, camera bag on his back and computer case in his hand, and then he wasstuffed into the taxi by Di Qiuhe.

“Sorry, I drank wine, so I cannot drive you home.” Di Qiuhe bent down and looked at He Bai through the car window which was half closed, with gentle smile on his face.

“Thanks for accompanying me today. That cheered me up. By the way, wish you have good achievement of photography. Your works are great. The new script of director Jiang Guanshan is written based on the character prototype provided by Xu Yinrong. The reason that Xu Yinrong agrees to hire me is because he was touched by the two photos that you retouched. So, thank you.”

The question that He Bai had been wondering for a long time was answered. He looked at the gentle face of Di Qiuhe at this time and suddenly didn’t know how to reply to such a gentle Di Qiuhe, too strange.

“Liu Huanhuan will soon pay the price.” Di Qiuhe stretched out his hand into the car window and poked the dimple on He Bai’s left cheek. “There will be a lot of news on the internet later. Don’t worry, I will be fine. Come on, smile.”

He Bai came to himself and frowned, and pulled down the hand of Di Qiuhe off the window.

“Is this how you treat your creditors?” Di Qiuhe raised his eyebrows. The unruly expression took place of the gentle one on his face. “Remember, you still owe me RMB 163.78. I will keep the receipt of buying the steak. Do not try to repudiate the debt.”

He Bai searched his wallet and wanted to throw total RMB 132 in his wallet on the face of Di Qiuhe.

“Sir, go to Q University.” Making a gesture to the driver, Di Qiuhe said that and then took three steps backward to the place where He Bai cannot touch. He raised his hand to adjust the brim of his hat, and smiled, “Puppy, you’ve got a nice ass.”

The car started. He Bai dug his ear and couldn’t believe what he had heard. He poked his head out of the window angrily and shouted at Di Qiuhe who was disappearing slowing in his sight, “Rubbish Di, what are you, a three-year-old? I will not return the money. Be mad as you pleased.”

The car took a turn and disappeared. The off-key roar was dissipated in the wind. Di Qiuhe lowered his head and chuckled. He turned around, took out his phone and dialed the number of Di Bian and spoke while walking to the apartment, “Dad, sorry. I am afraid I have to leave B city for a while……”

The explosive news about Di Qiuhe was disclosed on the internet furiously. Firstly, someone disclosed that Di Qiuhe was actually the eldest son of the family of Huangdu, with powerful background. Then, someone disclosed that Di Qiuhe, as a student of Q University, taking advantage of the actor status, did not go to class and got the graduation certificate by pulling strings. Later, Huang Xunzhou, an outdated singer who once formed an acting duel with Di Qiuhe appeared and said that Di Qiuhe had been discriminating and bullying him because of his homosexual identity, Di even suppressed him using his superior identity as the eldest son of the family of Huangdu, and forced him to give up acting career and go to foreign country.

One stone makes a thousand waves. People were all stunned.

Di Qiuhe was actually the eldest son of the family of Huangdu. His former acting partner was gay. He pretended to be gentle and friendly in front of people. In fact, he was a bully, and shameless guy who got the graduation certificate by pulling strings.

The image Di set collapsed seriously. The netizens felt they were cheated and went toWeibo Di Qiuhe’s Weibo to give him a piece of their mind.

Two days later, the news that Di Qiuhe being a philander towards the new innocent host and dumped her later by use of his identity as the eldest son of the family of Huangdu was disclosed. The name of Liu Huanhuan appeared on the headline of entertainment section for the first time and she became the object of sympathy from the people on the internet.

On that night, Liu Huanhuan sent an ambiguous message on her Weibo whereWeibo she had a fan base of less than ten thousands surging to hundreds of thousands now. She sighed that she encountered bad people in the past and only wanted to work hard and became a stronger and better woman than before.

The people on the internet supported her action of not being trapped in the romance world and becoming positive quickly. Their comments for supporting her became the top one hot topic quickly.

“Bitch.” Niu Junjie turned off the computer and commented with one word coldly.

He Bai looked back at him and remembered the words that Liu Huanhuan said on the internet. He Bai understood where Niu came from and started to comfort him, “She will be doomed sooner or later by making use of the hype maliciously. Do not pay attention to the news anymore. We are going to take the first exam tomorrow. Let’s review lessons.”

Niu Junjie looked back at him and suppressed the anger in his heart. He nodded and made a fist, “Ok, Let’s study. The most important thing is not to fail exam.”

He Bai leaned and patted him on the shoulder. He turned around to close the website and picked up the books too.

They studied for the whole afternoon. At dinner time, the explosive news on the internet raised to a new level.

“That Di Qiuhe who had affair with Liu Huanhuan takes drugs? Oh my god.” Niu Junjie stared in surprise. After he found that the other three roommates were looking at him together, he smiled in embarrassment and lowered his voice, “Well, please keep studying. I will not disturb you again.”

Wang Hu and Chen Jie went to the library that afternoon. They did not know that He Bai had comforted Niu Junjie about the issue of Liu Huanhuan in the past. When they heard Niu Junjie talking about her at this point, they couldn’t help to comforting him, “Brother, let bygones be bygones. We need to move forward.”

Chen Jie nodded in agreement, and proposed, “How about we drink with you after the exam?”

“No, no, no, do not misunderstand, I do not care anymore. I just saw that news by accident, and I couldn’t help but express my feelings.”

Niu Junjie explained and raised his arms to the two people for surrender, “I swear, I will not pay any attention to the news anymore. I will not touch my computer. I swear.”

Wang Hu and Chen Jie barely believed his promise and supervised him to turn off the computer. They stopped looking at Niu Junjie after he picked up the book.

The dormitory returned to quiet again. He Bai was a little worried, so he turned on the computer to search the latest news about Di Qiuhe. Then, the words of “Drug Abuse” “Lewd Private Life” which were highlighted in red made his brain twitch. He could not help taking out the phone and taking the phone number of Di Qiuhe out from the blacklist to send message.

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