One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 25 - Three-in-one(3)

Chapter 25: Three-in-one(3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

He Bai: How are you recently? Is it you who release the news of taking drug? How are you going to end this?

Di Qiuhe: Are you missing me?

He Bai: “……”

He Bai: Please calm down first. Then we’ll get down to business.

He kept a straight face, threw he phone into the drawer, hit the close button hard on the webpage and buried himself in reading.

Half hour later, he took the phone out from the drawer and opened the short message page again.

He Bai: When are you going to clarify, and then put on an act of sadly cancelling your Weibo accountWeibo?

Although he knew that explosive news were fake, maybe some people on the internet who abused Di Qiuhe seriously were arranged by Di Qiuhe himself, he still felt not comfortable and unhappy after he saw the information full of negative energy.

Di Qiuhe: Are you feeling sorry for me?

He Bai thought he needed to drink some cold water to calm down.

Di Qiuhe: Do you ignore me again?

Di Qiuhe: Puppy, you are so cruel-hearted.

Di Qiuhe: The news will be clarified soon.

Di Qiuhe: Check out my WeiboWeibo.

He Bai was stunned. He held his mouse, logged into the Weibo and searched the account of Di Qiuhe.

It took a while for the page to jump out. On the home page of Di Qiuhe, which had not been updated for several days, a video Weibo appeared on the top.

He moved his mouse to click it.

“Hello, everyone. I am Di Qiuhe, the eldest son of Di Bian who is the President of Huangdu. I was the partner of Huang Xunzhou, former actor of Huangdu.”

The face of Di Qiuhe appeared in the video. The background of the video was the back seat of a car.

“I have seen all kinds of news on the internet and I want to make the clarification as below: first of all, during the contract period with Huangdu, I never used the power of my father to do anything. This can be proved by any employee of Huangdu. That is because till now, except some people of top management, most of the employees do not know that I am a son of Di Bian. Secondly, I never discriminated against the gay community or had I bullied my partner. The reason that our acting combination was dissolved and I worked alone at that time was because my partner said that he would go to foreign country and marry his boyfriend and live a quite life without disturbance. This can be proved by my agent at that time. If you think that my agent’s evidence can be false, then I have nothing else to say. Thirdly, I was a student of Department of Economics of Q University. I lived in campus when I was a freshman; and moved out after signing the contract with Huangdu as a sophomore. After then, I began to be absent from class for a long time, but I learned by myself and came back to participate the examination of every semester. I entered into Q University by formal entrance examination and got the graduation certificate fair and square. Welcome to inquire about my academic performance in the office of academic affairs of Q University.”

Then, he paused and suddenly smiled.

“As for the drug abuse rumors today, I am on my way to the hospital now, with a notary staff around me. My urine test results will be released by the notary personnel first time it came out. You are welcome to supervise. In addition, the love affair between Miss Liu and I is also nonsense. She was the ex-girlfriend of the roommates of one of my alumni in lower grade, and now the girlfriend of Du Hao who is the host of B city. I have nothing to do with her. ”

He spoke his viewpoints one by one, coherent, well organized, neither too fast nor too slow. That was indeed the grace of one elegant gentleman. It put an end to the rumors that he was in fact a bully.

The car stopped and the video shot wobbled.

“I have arrived at the hospital.” Di Qiuhe took a look outside and the smile on his face became faint and his expression was colored with a touch of loneliness, “Gossip is a fearful thing. A repeated slander makes other believe. Hereby, I want to make solemn statement, my father Di Bian is not a person who use public source for personal purpose. He is an excellent enterprise manager. It is ok to stigmatize me, but please do not question the responsibility and moral quality of my father as the highest ruler of the Huangdu. Furthermore, I have terminated my contract with Huangdu one month ago. Please do not misunderstand Huangdu because of me. Finally, my Weibo account will be canceled ten minutes later. Thanks to the fans that always accompany and encourage me. Bye.”

The video was over and the dormitory was so quiet as if you can hear the falling needle.

Niu Junjie got close to He Bai unknowingly, and asked carefully, “The roommate of his alumni of lower grade as mentioned by Di Qiuhe……is it me? Who is this alumni that he was talking about? ”

Wang Hu sighed, “It is true that gossip is a fearful thing. Di Qiuhe speaks with reason and evidence, neither too fast nor too slow. We can see that he is a man with good temper. The people who scolded him on the internet went too far.”

Chen Jie pushed his glasses and there was an iPad on his hand suddenly. He shook his head, “No wonder that he is so frustrated that he cancelled Weibo. I heard that some extreme netizens found his residence, put dead mice, poured the paint and stuck curse at his door.”

Niu Junjie was left speechless, “They are not sworn enemies, are they? It’s awful.”

He Bai felt uneasy after he heard that. He picked up his phone and called Di Qiuhe.

The call could get through, but no one answered. Then, a short message was sent to his phone.

Di Qiuhe: Don’t worry. I am fine, my well-behaved brother.

Niu Junjie saw the message by accident. He was panicked suddenly, “Did I misread it? Di Qiuhe? Is he texting you? He calls you brother?”

Wang Hu and Chen Jie came over and looked at He Bai wickedly.

He Bai was stiff and said simply, “I can explain.”

Three people moved the chairs and sat down with tacit understanding, and circled He Bai in the middle.

He Bai twitched the corner of his mouth, looked at the three people and tried to explain the acquaintance process with Di Qiuhe as short as possible.

“It is destiny.” Niu Junjie sighed after he heard the explanation.

“It looks like Di Qiuhe is really a good person. The bad rumors on the internet are all slanders……Xiaobai, please try your best to comfort him, alas.”

Wang Hu patted on his shoulder, and felt sad.

Chen Jie pushed his glasses, “He was the person who sent the birthday cake to Xiaobai. He is really a good person and considerate. Xiaobai, don’t be ungrateful. He is now at the bottom of his life, in a difficult situation. You, as his friend, remember to comfort him.”

Niu Junjie and Wang Hu nodded in agreement.

He Bai: “……” Why my roommates react like this? Good person? Isn’t he a childish person? Are they blind?

“By the way, since he has already terminated the contract with Huangdu, it is not necessary for him to get the approval from the company to accept advertisement contract, right?” Niu Junjie jumped suddenly, and took out his phone happily, “He helped me to expose the true personality of Liu Huanhuan on the internet, help me to revenge. I must thank him. My father is looking for a spokesperson for the new light luxury watch series just released. I have decided. We will hire him.”

He Bai looked at him with disbelief, “Are you going to sign him as a spokesman? The watches of your family always hire A-list movie king or movie queen to be the spokesman.”

“Oh, we need to change the taste once in a while. His appearance and temperament are quite suitable for my family’s new series of watches.” Niu Junjie waved his hand carelessly and called his father. He walked to the balcony and said excitedly, “Dad, you need to help my benefactor. Do you remember Liu Huanhuan that I mentioned to you before? Someone has avenged me. We need to thank him……”

“But, Junjie” He Bai stood up agape.

“I think he is right. As a man, a favor of drop of water received shall be repaid with a surging spring.” Wang Hu held his shoulder and pushed him back into the seat with a serious face, “Your task now is to comfort Di Qiuhe. He must be sad now. Since he is not answering his phone, then you shall send short messages to comfort him.”

Chen Jie held the other shoulder of He Bai and nodded with a solemn face, “That’s right. It is really terrible for getting dead mice in the front gate at home. You must comfort him.”

“……” What’s wrong with the people in the dormitory?

On the other side, Di Qiuhe said goodbye to the notary personnel after leaving the hospital. He came to an upscale club and opened the door of a room at the highest floor by the password card.

“Qiuhe.” Di Bian stood up and walked towards Di Qiuhe. He hugged Di Qiuhe, “I am sorry to put you to such trouble. It is my fault.”

“Don’t say that.” Di Qiuhe embraced Di Bian too, with full of son’s attachment to the father on his face, “I did not expect that Aunt Qin would turn to such extreme measures this time. Before I saw the evidences, I even doubted that someone slandered Aunt Qin. I did not expect……Dad, I’d rather believe all these are misunderstanding.”

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