One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 275 - The End (3)

Chapter 275: The End (3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

T/N: hey kids, don’t panic. This is not “the end” the end, there will be a couple of side stories after this chapter. Stay tuned. I will warn you when it is really “the end” the end. Xoxo


He Bai was still adjusting the camera and taking shots, he shouted, “What is it this time? Coffee or hot chocolate?”

“Coffee, Photographer He.” Di Qiuhe walked to He Bai and handed him the drink, “Here, enjoy, it’s so cold today, you need a hot drink.”

“Thank you Childish Di.”

It was Di Qiuhe’s turn to take photos, he stood near He Bai and took a few shots.

That night on Weibo.

There was a post: Qin Li, Di Bian’s ex-wife sneaked into Di Bian’s nursing home to look for Di Chunhua, Di Bian and Qin Li had a dispute which led to physical conflict. Qin Li’s face was deformed, and Di Chunhua fell down from the stairs.

White and Whiter: We made a snowman. Its name is He Little Bird. [.jpg]

Netizens: Oh my god, is the rich family drama over yet? we are tired of all this.

Fans: Keep those pictures coming, “we” made a snowman, so cute. Tiny wish, please post a selfie.

The love birds kept travelling to F Country after they spent a few romantic days in the town in D Country.

“Look at the pigeons!” exclaimed He Bai cheerfully, then he bought some bird food and handed it to Di Qiuhe, “Go, go feed you fellow bird friends.”

Di Qiuhe pouted, “I’m not a bird.”

“Are you gonna feed them o not?” He Bai pretended he went mad.

“Sure, whatever makes you happy.”

“That’s the right answer.” said He Bai with satisfaction, he held his camera once again and looked for the right angle.

“Ouch!” Di Qiuhe in the lense suddenly frowned and withdrew his hand.

He Bai hastily ran towards him and checked his hand, “What’s wrong? Are you bitten by the birds? Let me see your hand.”

“It’s bleeding.” Di Qiuhe answered, he slowly opened his hand and kissed He Bai on his cheek, “Look, how red it is, and Happy Valentine’s Day, my puppy.”

A rose was hidden in Di Qiuhe’s palm, He Bai beamed, he realized he was tricked but he appreciated how sweet his Childish Di was. He hugged him and said, “Thank you my Childish Di, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Di Qiuhe stroked He Bai’s face, “do I get a present?”

He Bai bit his lips and went a bit blushed, he whispered by Di Qiuhe’s ear, “I booked a suite in a love hotel, we can have a hot bath together.”

Di Qiuhe’s smile got deeper, he clenched He Bai tighter and whispered, “I love this present.”

That night on Weibo.

A post captured people’s attention: Is Qin Family really innocent? Is Qin Li really a victim?

White and Whiter: Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps. A big bird is feeding little birds. [.jpg]

Netizens: Hell no, she is by no means innocent, what she is getting today serves her just right.

Fans: Yay, more dog food please. Please share more.

How time flew. He Bai took Di Qiuhe back to the town in D Country in early spring, he asked Qiuhe to pose for him in the flower sea and took a few photos.

White and Whiter: Look at Childish Di, isn’t he a pretty girl? [.jpg]

Fans: Wait! This is the first time that Bai has a PDA moment. And the Film Emperor surely is channeling the pretty girl deep in his heart, such a nice photo.

A netizen: Today I ran into a homeless woman on the street, she looks like Qin Li, but I’m not sure, come have a look. [.jpg]

Netizens: Oh my god, it is her. It does serve him right being homeless.

The love birds travelled one country after another before summer ended, they went to so many spots and took so many photos. They went back home in June for He Bai’s graduation.

White and Whiter: In the airport waiting for the flight home, Bai fell asleep, so cute~ [.jpg]

The fans who were stuffed enough dog food finally exploded, “Yeah yeah yeah, Mr. Film Emperor, we got it that you have a boyfriend, we got it, yay, so happy for you.

Another post on Weibo went viral: The son reports on his own parents, is this really the end of the show? The home wrecker poisoned the wife, how cruel!

Netizens: That is such a twisted family! Poor Di Qiuhe grows up in a family like that, but thank God he met Bai and fell in love with Bai.

“What are you reading?”

Di Qiuhe hugged He Bai from the back and gave him a gentle bite on his earlobe.

“Rich family drama, yo.” He Bai looked at him sideways and flashed his screen, “It looks like you’ve got some explanation to do, what have you done behind my back? What exactly had happened while we are away? Why don’t I know anything about it?”

Di Qiuhe’s smile went stiff and turned around, he strode away and said, “It just occurs to me that I forgot to sweep the floor this morning.”

He Bai frowned and ran after him, “Come back, I have swept the floor already, come back!”

Di Qiuhe just ran faster.

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