One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 276 - The End (4)

Chapter 276: The End (4)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

T/N: hey kids, don’t panic. This is not “the end” the end, there will be a couple of side stories after this chapter. Stay tuned. I will warn you when it is really “the end” the end. Xoxo


This day was He Bai’s graduation day, He Bai just showed up for the graduation photo shoot to avoid any drama, he had been hiding in his dormitory and chatting with his dear roommates for the rest of the day.

“Ya agreed to marry me.” said Niu Junjie cheerfully.

“I will continue my education I suppose.” said Chenjie, “I will work hard for my graduate degree.”

Wang Hu scratched his head and said, “You are all staying in this city, I decide to go back to my hometown. Welcome to visit me, my family has heard so much about you guys and they would all love to meet you guys one day.”

He Bai walked to Wang Hu and hugged him, “Yeah, we’d love to meet your family too, may you all the best.”

“Thank you Bai, you take care too.” Wang Hu lowered his voice and his eyes turned red.

The dormitory went dead silent, everyone was feeling sad about the departure.

Knock knock.

“I’ll get it.” said Niu Junjie, he turned up his volume and tried to sound more cheerful, “Is it our monitor?” with that he opened the door.


Hearing that, He Bai turned back.

Di Qiuhe was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses to avoid any attention, he waved at them and looked at He Bai, “Mr. He, I’ve learned so much from you, do I have the honor to take your graduation photos for you?”

He Bai smiled and suggested his roommates they should embrace the moment and take more photos to celebrate this day rather than feeling sad, “Guys, come on, let’s take some photos. We have our very own photographer today.”

“Come on, guys.” said Di Qiuhe cheerfully and signaled the roommates to get ready.

The group walked out of the room, He Bai squinted at Di Qiuhe and said, “Someone told me that he couldn’t come today, hey? I will give you a good beating tonight.”

“I would love a good beating from you.” Di Qiuhe smiled cheekily and poked at He Bai’s dimple.

He Bai rolled his eyes on him and joined his roommates.

That night on Weibo.

White and Whiter: Happy Graduation Day. [.jpg]

Fans: There you go again, Mr. Film Emperor. Guys, let’s run away, too much dog food is not good for you.

The love birds had been preparing for their wedding after graduation, and He Bai’s birthday was just around the corner.

“What are you doing in a lottery booth?” asked Di Qiuhe with confusion, “Since when have you grown interest in lottery?”

“Since my previous life, haha.” He Bai bought a ticket and put the ticket on Di Qiuhe’s palm, “Here, cherish this ticket, it will bring you a lifetime fortune.”

Di Qiuhe raised his eyebrows and bought ten more tickets, “Here, have all these ten tickets. I promise you ten lifetimes’ fortune. Forever and ever.”

He Bai put the tickets into his pocket and said half jokingly, “Oh no, I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life and that’s enough. And now you are asking me to stay with you for ten lifetimes, oh no.”

Siren noise interrupted the two.

“What’s going on? I hope everything is fine.” said He Bai.

While Di Qiuhe squinted his eyes and smiled, thinking about the phone call from 444 that morning, he said, “That’s a police car trainspotting prisoners, don’t worry, everything is fine. Come on now, I will take you to a feat.”

He Bai held Di Qiuhe’s hand and pointed at a dessert shop, “For now I want some sweets.”

“Cool, nothing is better than a nice and cold ice cream on a hot day like this.”

There were fans waving at them across the street, Di Qiuhe smiled and waved back, then he held He Bai’s hand tighter like he was showing off.

Later on Weibo.

White and Whiter: Puppy is buying me ice cream, yum. [.jpg]

Fans: Enough, Mr. Film Emperor.

It was Qin Li who was sitting in that police car, she stared at her own palm and murmured, “Xiasong, my son, why are you doing this to me? All I have done is to pave way for you, but what have I got in the end? I’m not going to jail, who is going to take care of my daughter if I’m going to prison? No!”

The police officer shot her a glare and said, “Quiet!”

Qin Li’s shoulders drooped and she lowered her head.

Half a month later, the night before Di Qiuhe and He Bai’s wedding.

He Bai looked at the screen and looked at the ten tickets in his hand, then he shouted, “Oh my God, why have you hit the jackpot too? Why? You are already filthy rich!”

“Puppy, bed time.” Di Qiuhe walked in and looked at He Bai who was in a daze, he stood next to He Bai and comforted him, “Aww, puppy, it’s all right, we are just buying lottery for fun, if you really want to win something, I will give you lots of awards.”

He Bai raised his head and pulled Di Qiuhe’s hair violently, “You! You won! You won special award! And you bought ten tickets! Life isn’t fair, you just go to a lottery booth and bought ten tickets without even thinking, and now you are winning a ridiculous amount of money? And you are already filthy rich!”

Di Qiuhe felt He Bai’s forehead, “What’s going on, puppy? Are you having a fever?”

He Bai was so jealous, he stormed out and yelled, “You are sleeping in the study tonight.”

Di Qiuhe frowned, “Is Bai suffering premarital anxiety?”

Soon he texted Jiang Xiuwen for help: Xiuwen, Bai is suffering premarital anxiety, what should I do?

It was a starry night, so tender and beautiful, the next day must be a nice and sunny day.


T/N: hey kids, once again, this is not “the end” the end. So don’t worry, we have updates of side stories for about two weeks. Thanks for the support. Xoxo

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