One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 28 - A Nagging Housewife(2)

Chapter 28: A Nagging Housewife(2)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

He spat the toothpaste foam and washed his face with cold water.

Picking up the phone on the desk, he clicked on WeChat messages to find the buyer who hadn’t contacted him for a long while suddenly appeared.

A Bird Born in Autumn: I’m boiling with anger, Bai. Recently I have made the acquaintance of two people. Both of them are nice, but I didn’t expect that one of them actually took orders from my step mother! She made friends with me on purpose!

A Bird Born in Autumn: I was fooled. I want to kill myself. I wanna die.

He Bai frowned at the message and heaved a sigh. He almost forgot that the neurotic fan was still on his WeChat friends list although his idol, who was as insane as him, had gone.

White and Whiter: How about I photoshop several your idol’s pictures for you?

A Bird Born in Autumn: Not enough. I want him to use Weibo again.

White and Whiter: Maybe not gonna happen for a while… How about changing an idol?

A Bird Born in Autumn: You should encourage me to have a new sweetheart? You’ve gone too far! Could you say this on your conscience?

White and Whiter: …

A Bird Born in Autumn: Bai, I’m so sad.

Giving his face a rub, He Bai had no choice but to continue to type.

White and Whiter: Just tell me what you want. I’ll try my best to satisfy your needs.

A Bird Born in Autumn: I want a vocal message: Good night, and xoxo. At the beginning of the message, please call me ‘dear autumn’. I’ll set it as my ringtone to serenade me to sleep at night.

A wry smile lifted the corners of He Bai’s mouth. All that he wanted to do was to sham death, while his conscience drove him to type.

White and Whiter: It’s quite difficult. Your idol has gone to another city recently. I have no way to contact him.

A Bird Born in Autumn: I don’t want his voice but yours. Leave such a message to me, please. I know you are the best, xoxo.

White and Whiter: …

A Bird Born in Autumn: I’m sad! I wanna die! I’m going to kill myself!

He Bai also felt a deep pang of ‘sorrow’, and almost failed to restrain himself from throwing the mobile phone out. It’s only several weeks since they discontinued the contact. How come the buyer went so crazy…?

A Bird Born in Autumn: Are you angry with me, Bai?

A Bird Born in Autumn: Dear Bai [Crying]

He Bai’s shoulders drooped. Despite the shyness, he sent a message over: Dear Autumn, good night. Kiss you.”

A Bird Born in Autumn: Thank you, Bai^-^. Would you mind sending me a second one to say good morning?

He Bai pretended that he was offline, while the buyer began to bombard him with words like ‘killing myself’. He had no alternative but to compromise on his request and sent a good morning message over.

A Bird Born in Autumn: How about sending me a GOOD AFTERNOON…?

He Bai logged out his WeChat immediately and took a deep breath. ‘One thing is for sure; all the fans must have the same character with their idols.’ The buyer’s imprudent attitude and insatiable demand were absolutely learned from Di Qiuhe!

The phone rang suddenly. He Bai looked down at the screen. With his brow furrowed, he picked up the phone and roared, “You are presenting a gentle and considerate public image, aren’t you? But why does your fan act so shamelessly? Have your true colors revealed?” A chuckle was heard from the earpiece. It seemed a bit strange under the influence of long distance and current flow.

“Little puppy, the training wore me out. I am thinner and tanner.”

He Bai managed to calm his irritation at the buyer and frowned, “What training have you received? How come your voice becomes so hoarse?”

“A variety of physical training, boxing, fire opening… Besides, we set off on a long march on foot these days. Been dehydrated, I had a sore throat. My voice must be unpleasant to the ear, isn’t it? Will you dislike it?”

Even-toned, he spoke in a slightly hoarse voice, poor but sexy.

He Bai moved the mobile phone to the other side and gave an insincere reply, “Yes, I will. You’re as hoarse as a crow. I hear that you’ve received enclosed training, but why are you able to use the cell phone?”

“Today a few martial arts coaches arrived, so the team head gave me a holiday.” Di Qiuhe coughed, with his voice hoarser, “We have to treat those coaches to a dinner in a while. There’s no more time for me to use the phone. Please be patient. By the way, I have sent you something by mail. This time I attached your number to it. It’s delivered express and will arrive tomorrow. Don’t forget to sigh for it.”

Neither bantering nor annoying him intentionally, such a Di Qiuhe seemed really strange and threw He Bai at a loss for words. He had nothing to say but utterances of solicitude, “Thank you… You’d better stop talking and drink some honey water if you have a throat ache. Don’t have spicy food. Remember to get some rest.”

“Ok.” Di Qiuhe really stopped speaking as He Bai said.

There was awkward silence between them. The dorm was so quiet that He Bai could even hear the sound of Di Qiuhe’s breath.

He Bai cleared his throat and forced a few words, “How long will the training take?” Thinking of Di Qiuhe’s throat, he added, “Don’t… don’t talk. We put the phone down and chat with texts. Go fetch yourself a glass of honey water and drink it.”

Di Qiuhe burst into laughter over the phone.

“Why are you laughing?”


Di Qiuhe hung up the phone and sent He Bai a text.

Di Qiuhe: You sound like a nagging housewife just now.

He Bai raised his eyebrow.

Di Qiuhe: So cute.

He Bai pressed the keyboard hard, ready to tell him off to vent his anger.

Di Qiuhe: There will be one of my seniors asking you to take birthday photograph of his granddaughter in a few days. He’s not a liar. You can accept the job. The man has considerable resources in hand, which will be beneficial for your further development.

Di Qiuhe: Saint Elephant is indeed a good platform, but its boss is devoid of moral quality. You can work there on a part-time basis, but you must think carefully before you become a regular worker.

Di Qiuhe: Don’t miss me too much. My phone will be turned off. I promise to bring you specialty when I go back to B City.

He Bai’s typing slowed down. Having deleting the spur-of-the-moment words, he looked grim-faced in a flash and continued typing.

He Bai: I got it. Thank you. Take care not to get hurt over there.

After a while, there was still no reply. He Bai tried to dial Di’s number, only to find his phone shut down. He put the mobile down and heaved a sigh after a silence. It’s not easy for him to get a break while he only called He Bai, who was bound to him by no ties. Presumably, he had nobody to contact. After all, none of his families were kind people … Alas.

The next day, a tightly wrapped box was delivered to He Bai’s dormitory. He opened it and was taken aback by piles of tropical fruits inside. Di Qiuhe was really… How could he finish them off by himself on the premise that his roommate returned home all.

On the weekend, Jiang Xiuwen lounged in the rest area with no neurotic friends to bother him. Browsing through the refined pictures his subordinates sent over, he drank iced coffee in a cross-legged posture.

There occurred a loud knock at the door, and the new front-desk receptionist craned her neck inside, speaking hesitantly, “Boss, a young man called He Bai comes and tells us he is here to see… see…There was a pocket of fruits in his hand.”

Jiang Xiuwen rocked the coffee cup gently and asked in a good mood, “See what? Don’t ham and haw. As a front-desk receptionist, you must be able to put thoughts into clear speech. Come on, don’t be afraid. Speak it loud.”

The girl darted a careful glance at him and made up her mind to cry out in a high voice, “He said… He said he had a few things to talk with Miss Jiang Xiuwen!”


The coffee Jiang Xiuwen had drunk spurted from his mouth.

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