One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 27 - A Nagging Housewife(1)

Chapter 27: A Nagging Housewife(1)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Having retched for a while, He Bai hurriedly rubbed his ears and took tissues out from the camera bag to cover his mouth and nose. He stared at Di Qiuhe, with his voice lowered, “Have a good trip. I’m leaving.” said He Bai when he was ready to go.

Di Qiuhe frowned, pressed He Bai’s shoulder to make him sit down and touched his forehead.

It felt a little warm but with no fever.

“Have you got a cold?” Diu Qiuhe sized He Bai up to find that he didn’t look well. With his lips darker in color, the guy seemed washed-out.

He Bai shook his hand off and leaned backward to keep a distance with Diu Qiuhe, “Stay away from me, or you’ll be infected. I caught the influenza from my classmates.” Moreover, he behaved in a strange way when catching a cold-neither sneezing nor running at the nose like anyone else. Instead, he would only shudder and retch from time to time, which made him very uncomfortable.

Hearing He Bai’s hoarse whisper, Diu Qiuhe cast a glance at the contract at hand when his brain was teeming with a whole tangle of emotions all of the sudden. He did not sit away from He Bai as he said but moved much closer, asking, “Are you taking exams these days? Sending this over must hinder your revision, doesn’t it?”

“You held me up many times. Fortunately, it’s only half a day.” He Bai reached out his hand to push Diu Qiuhe back and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t get too close. Work hard with the shooting. Plus, I prophesied that luck would be on your side in six months when I observed the heavenly bodies last night. Remember to go back to B City at that time. There may be a surprise waiting for you.” Despite a slight discrepancy between Di Qiuhe’s present life and his incarnation, the general trend remained the same. Immortal Way, as a hit fantasy TV drama, had received popularity among the old, the middle-aged and the young in his previous life, by which Di Qiuhe became an idol of countless audiences. Therefore, He Bai hoped Di Qiuhe wouldn’t miss this opportunity due to his rebirth.

A scowl emerged on Di Qiuhe’s face. Giving He Bai a glare, he gestured towards a man and a woman sitting not far away from them.

“Who are they?” Seeing the two people come closer, He Bai felt a little strange. They were now in the coffee shop of the airport, and before this he saw Di Qiuhe come alone and thought he must rush here by himself, little did he expect that there were another two keeping him company.

“They’re assistants my dad assigned me, whose task is to supervise me, and meanwhile, come to my aid if necessary.” Di Qiuhe replied in an indifferent way and then put on a gentle look when the two came over, “This guy who came to see me off at the airport had a cold. Please go to the medical room to fetch him some medicine. Also, buy a cup of hot water for him.”

He Bai hastened to stop him, “Please don’t. I’ll take medicine when I’m back to campus. If I take it now, I’ll definitely doze off in a while. Just give me a cup of hot water, please.” Meanwhile, he pushed the coffee undrunk towards the direction of Di Qiuhe, “It’s untouched. Don’t let the coffee go to waste. Have it.” The coffee at the airport was sold at an extraordinarily high price. He Bai couldn’t have ordered it but for fearing that he would be kicked out.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll hail a cab for you when you feel sleepy.” Di Qiuhe took his coffee naturally and reached for his camera bag, “Where’re your cold pills? Take one, in case you have a fever.”

He Bai gripped his camera bag firmly to prevent him from touching it, “Leave it to me. What’s your boarding time? Be careful not to miss the plane.”

The two assistants standing by his side tried to speak when Di Qiuhe turned his head and threw a glance at them. In spite of the smile on his face, he looked at them with a frigid stare and ordered peremptorily, “An, could you please fetch me a cup of hot water? And Wang, please hail a taxi for me.”

The two people were shocked by his action. They exchanged glances and were astonished at the imposing manner the gentle and amiable young master displayed at this moment. Thinking of their boss’s order, the two restrained their surprise, responded to his demand in a respectful way and followed his instructions separately.

When they left, He Bai reached his hand out to turn Di Qiuhe’s head thus to talk to him face to face, frowned and said, “Be careful in case your image is spoiled. Have you forgotten how netizens scold you before? Besides, are these two assistants designed to help your father monitor your activity? Is he really your dad?”

The hand patting him on the face felt cool and comfortable. Di Qiuhe turned back to look at him, and his attempt to disguise his look failed. Raising his eyebrows, he smiled, “Such kind of father is everywhere. Are you worried about me? How about joining the training with me? See it like a summer internship, and I’ll pay you. How about that ?”

“Not good.” He Bai rolled his eyes at Di Qiuhe, took his hand back and spoke in a serious manner, “Take care when you were trained on the border. Don’t go out alone. The public order is poor in the area.”

Di Qiuhe beamed with pleasure and couldn’t help poking him in the dimple, “You’re so sweet. Give me a smile, please.”

He Bai pulled Di’s hand away from his cheek angrily, pointing to the coffee, “Drink it, and then shut up. I have a headache. I don’t want to banter with you.”

Di Qiuhe rubbed the finger which touched He Bai’s dimple just now and kept quiet for two minutes. After Assistant An sent the hot water over, he took a candy out of his pocket as if by magic and said coaxingly, “Take the medicine, good boy, and you’ll get a candy.”

He Bai kicked him under the table, took the pill quickly, consulted his watch and wondered, “You’ve been dawdling here for so long. Is it really okay? When does the plane take off?”

“All right. It’s quite early. You see, my assistants look so calm.” Di Qiuhe gave an equivocal reply. Glancing at He Bai’s lips that seemed a little redder after drinking the water, Di Qiuhe asked reluctantly, “Do you have an exam this afternoon? Are you leaving now?”

“Yeah. I’m going to take the exam of a specialized course in the afternoon.” He Bai seized the opportunity and said goodbye to him decisively, “Enjoy your trip. I’ll go.”

Just then Assistant Wang pushed the door open and entered. Di Qiuhe bit his tongue, gulped the coffee down and picked up the contract and coins from the table, smiling at him, “Let’s go. I’ll see you off.”

Watching his taxi disappear from view into the traffic flow, Di Qiuhe fiddled with the old shopping bag that held coins and looked reserved.

“Sir, we missed the flight. We…”

“Transfer to another flight.” Di Qiuhe turned his head to look at the assistant and put on an anxious look, “Poor guy, he went alone to B City to pursue his studies… When I was vilified, he had been comforting me. Today he specially came over to see me off… What a kind boy.”

Seeing the way Di Qiuhe holding the shabby shopping bag as if it were a treasure, the two assistants looked at each other, and their suspicion was gradually allayed. Their younger master was indeed a good-hearted and gentle person as others said. It might be a mere illusion that he had an aura of domineering.

After sailing through the final exams, Wang Hu and Chen Jie, who came from other districts, returned home immediately. Niu Junjie tried to take He Bai to his yacht but failed, also going home on He Bai’s advice.

As summer vacation began, the dormitories became empty gradually. This day, He Bai got up at 6:30 am and stood in a trance when brushing his teeth.

‘There’s no need to attend class or review lessons.’ As to Saint Elephant Company, he had applied for leave before the final exams began, so he didn’t have to go there for the time being. Due to the summer vacation, Teacher Xu Yinrong set him no more homework, and Di Qiuhe who emerged from time to time to make fun of him left for the border … Emptiness overwhelmed him. He Bai felt completely at a loss.

In the mirror reflected a young face, which made him feel strange for he hadn’t seen it for a long time.

Who was I? Where I came from? Which destination I would get to?

The inquiries deep in his soul crossed his mind and rang in his ears, and then they were interrupted by the sudden beep of WeChat.

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