Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1275 - The Hongjun Pagoda’s Secret!

Chapter 1275: The Hongjun Pagoda’s Secret!

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At this point, the unstoppable momentum from before finally showed signs of slowing down. The shocking strength that had appeared because of Jun Moxie’s anger was also beginning to run dry!

But all of a sudden, countless sparkly purplish energy began to appear. This energy fought to rush into the Hongjun Pagoda, flooding into the seventh level. They also merged perfectly with the energy from the previous six levels, joining hands to charge for the seventh level…

The entire Hongjun Pagoda shuddered heavily, and all the lightning energy on the seventh level exploded. An even more violent energy merged together with the combined power of all the energy from the bottom levels, then began to charge at the eight level!

An all-out charge to break through the barrier!

With the support of such a huge amount of external energy, the eight level’s barrier loosened…

In the next moment, a blinding light shot out from the eighth level. Mei Xueyan and the others felt a loud explosion in their minds, as if a tsunami had crashed over their hearts. Grunting heavily, they fainted one after the other. Even Mei Xueyan, whose cultivation had reached infinitely close to the Half-Sage realm, was no exception!

The entire Hongjun Pagoda fell abnormally silent at that moment…

Inside Jun Moxie’s dantian, the small world that’d already taken shape because of the the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, suddenly shook heavily. The darkness in the sky began to change, as if it were moving…

With a loud bang, the five elements, together with wind and lightning, suddenly appeared.

In an instant, the small world expanded tens of millions of times, continuously stretching out!

Powerful gales swept noisily through the air, and white clouds rode across the sky at high speed. The first beams of starlight pushed their way in and disappeared, dissipating the sole bit of light. In the next moment, countless blinking stars appeared abruptly in the vast sky, moving together into all kinds of shapes and constellations before disappearing again. Because this time, a blinding red sun was hanging high in the sky! Daylight broke through the clouds, and the stars naturally retreated!

On the ground, mountains rose up continuously, and rivers and lakes appeared.

The sky went dark again, and all things in this world flashed, one by one, changing, transforming… until finally, a gigantic Jun Moxie appeared, propping up the sky with his head, and planting his feet on the ground. This giant was millions of zhang tall, and with a great push, he lifted the entire sky higher!

All the way into an even wider space!

Finally, this small world grew peaceful like a normal world.

The sky was blue, and the earth was firm. The mountains stood tall and straight, and the rivers cut their own curvy paths on the ground.

This was a thoroughly perfected world!

Apart from the absence of plants, beasts, birds, men…. and other living things, this world was no different from any other worlds that were suitable for human habitation!

At the same time, Jun Moxie also felt this transformation in him. In the instant that the eight level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune’s bottleneck was broken through, a strange feeling appeared in his heart. All the energy in his body seemed as if they no longer belonged to him, but he could also feel that all the energy of this world now completely obeyed his will, unconditionally!

When the bountiful energy that was in his body rushed into the little world inside his dantian, he only felt a brief moment of pause when the energy filled his body again, this time containing an indescribable Power of Heaven and Earth!

Compared to this enormous power, Jun Moxie suddenly felt as if his Half-Sage level of cultivation was no more than just a single drop of water in a huge ocean! Originally, Jun Moxie thought that there would be no way that he could endure such a huge surge of power. Having one’s soul and body destroyed in an explosion caused by an overload of energy in cultivation may seem like something extremely funny, but it seemed like this might end up being the way that he would go…

But somehow, his meridians actually resembled an all encompassing and indescribably deep lake at this moment. No matter how much energy was poured through them, they were able to digest it with ease!

There wasn’t even the slightest bit of discomfort throughout the entire process! Furthermore, Jun Moxie even felt that his meridians were not even filled. They were still far from hitting their limits. It seemed as if it would be able to absorb even a thousand times this amount of energy with ease!

This was a completely incomprehensible sensation. However, Young Master Jun trusted his senses…

At that moment, Jun Moxie suddenly comprehended something. This energy was the energy that he’d obtained by cultivating the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune! Whenever he broke through each level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that each level obtained was tens of thousands of times greater than his own!

The Hongjun Pagoda only left him the bare minimum amount of strength for his self preservation. The remaining energy was all taken away. For him to cultivate step-by-step all the way to the eighth level, the amount of energy he’d accumulated had already reached a terrifying level that no one could imagine!

The Hongjun Pagoda was clearly storing all this energy, waiting for a crucial time like this!

In the instant that he broke through, he’d thoroughly completed the last stage of creation, perfecting the framework for his world!

Jun Moxie felt himself walking step by step through the starry sky. Before him, the Hongjun Pagoda lit up resplendently, waiting silently for his arrival.

Jun Moxie stepped into the first level of the Hongjun Pagoda and continued slowly upwards, step by step.

The second level, third level…

seventh level!

At the center of the Seventh level, countless strands of light suddenly appeared, gathering with incredible speed and materializing into a stunningly bright staircase beneath his feet.

Jun Moxie was surprised to discover that he actually didn’t feel any shock at the appearance of this flight of stairs. With a calm expression, he stepped onto it and went up.

One step, two steps… on the eighth step, he arrived before a door.

Truthfully, there weren’t any so-called doors in front of him. But Jun Moxie could sense that there were two huge doors right in front of him, and they were swinging open slowly.

The two illusory doors finally opened completely, and Jun Moxie raised his head, peering inside.

Casting his eyes over it, the insides of that room seemed completely empty. But Jun Moxie seemed to already know something, and he walked in steadily.

When he reached the center, he stopped.

All of a sudden, countless images appeared on the walls around him.

If anyone else were standing here, they would undoubtedly feel exceedingly weirded out. Because, there was nothing at all. Not to mention any images. they would only find themselves in an empty hole!

But Jun Moxie knew that something was there. Because he could see them clearly. They were not illusions.

The images seemed to be depicting the struggles and growth of a person through life, from a young age till adulthood. All the lifeforms in these images were in weird shapes and forms, and from the looks of it, they did not fit the traditional descriptions of humans.

Jun Moxie didn’t know what these lifeforms were, nor the race which they belonged to. But the moment the images appeared, he knew instantly that the person in the images was undoubtedly the first owner of the Hongjun Pagoda!

Unprecedented by anyone, was the first person to create his own Heaven and Earth!

When he finished viewing all the images, they disappeared, and another set of images appeared…

“This should be the experiences of the second generation owner of the Hongjun Pagoda.” Jun Moxie nodded silently. “So this was how it is.”

“It turns out that there isn’t only one of those so-called Heaven and Earth. As for the universe, it’s also not the only one!” Jun Moxie’s head spun quickly. “What we thought of as Heaven and Earth is no more than a simple game.”

When it came to the fifth generation owner of the Hongjun Pagoda, Jun Moxie finally saw some semblance of normal human lifeforms. This person was handsome and dressed in grand, overflowing robes. His life’s experiences were exceedingly exciting…

In the end, this person also succeeded in establishing his own Heaven and Earth, and a universe.

The last image was of a young man standing in the air, overlooking the world which he’d created. “My name is Xuan, and I’ve experienced a life of mystic and magic. As such, this world shall be called the ‘Xuan Xuan World’.”

Jun Moxie could see that within this Xuan Xuan World, there was a planet. This planet was completely similar to the Xuan Xuan Continent that he was in right now.

“So it turns out that this Xuan Xuan Continent is only a small portion of the Xuan Xuan World!” Jun Moxie laughed carefreely. “I’m actually just a person that’s living within a world that someone else had created…”

He was just sighing with emotion when the images changed again. Yet another strangely shaped human appeared. The sixth generation owner of the Hongjun Pagoda had appeared.

Viewing all the way to the eight generation owner, Jun Moxie finally saw a familiar face. This was a rough and brutish looking giant, and he’d also created his own world. Right after he completed his creation, Jun Moxie suddenly felt his eyes grow wet…

The Yangtze River, the Yellow River… These were indelible marks and images that had been branded into the deepest parts of his soul long ago…

This giant’s name was Pangu.[1.Pangu is the first living being and the creator of all in some versions of Chinese mythology]

After he finished viewing through Pangu’s life, Jun Moxie finally saw himself. He saw how he’d died and reduced to a mere soul body, traversing through countless space and arriving at Xuan Xuan Continent. Jun Moxie sighed heavily not realizing that he’d actually travelled this far…

Jun Moxie, the ninth generation owner of the Hongjun Pagoda!

But, why didn’t he see Hongjun at all? That first generation owner he saw should be Hongjun, right?! The question had just appeared in Jun Moxie’s heart when he immediately received his answer. This answer had simply risen out of his heart automatically. Although Hongjun had once held this pagoda, he’d already achieved the grand Dao when he obtained the pagoda. Thus, he’d never cultivated the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune.

The Hongjun Pagoda was originally known as the Heaven Opening Pagoda. After obtaining the pagoda, he didn’t cultivate the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Leaving his imprint on the pagoda, it became known as the Hongjun Pagoda…

After this, it was time to review Jun Moxie’s glorious journey… As he watched his life through the lenses of a third person, Jun Moxie couldn’t help but to reveal a trace of a faint smile on his face…

The final images were the Misty Illusory Manor’s collapse, and him appearing in the pagoda…

The images disappeared.

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