Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1276 - Will Ascend This Lifetime!

Chapter 1276: Will Ascend This Lifetime!

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Jun Moxie only realized that he’d remained in that same position for an unknown length of time…

Furthermore, he’d been standing there with his eyes shut the entire time. His eyes had been closed, but he’d managed to see so many things…

Jun Moxie laughed bitterly.

But when he opened his eyes, he jumped with shock.

There were suddenly eight figures standing around him. Jun Moxie widened his eyes and looked at them, and his mouth opened slightly with shock.

These eight people were the previous eight generation owners of the Hongjun Pagoda!

“Congratulations, little Junior Brother, on your successful establishment of a new world!” The eight of them said together with smiles on their faces. Although all of them were speaking in different languages which he had never heard before, Jun Moxie was surprisingly able to understand them.

“Junior Brother? Are you referring to me?” Jun Moxie asked dumbly. “Since there are Seniors and a junior brother, then who is the master?”

“Haha, little Junior Brother will come to know who the master is in time.” The eight of them laughed and said. “Junior Brother, you only took less than two years to establish your own world and even trained the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to the eighth level. Such a speed of advancement truly leaves us in the dust. Junior Brother’s talent and luck is great, and your future accomplishments will surely far surpass us of the older generation. You should be the most ideal candidate to inherit Master’s inheritance in the future. This brother will be congratulating you in advance.”

Those words might seem slightly exaggerated, but they were undoubtedly the truth. Jun Moxie thought back to his experiences and nodded internally. These eight people before him might have successfully established a piece of the world themselves, but they had indeed spent a somewhat longer time doing it. The person who spent the most time doing so had actually taken over 10,000 years! Even the fastest one had used 99 years, just short of a century!

But he had used only less than two years to reach the eighth level of the Hongjun Pagoda. Although it was still some time away from truly establishing a world, he was still the fastest one to complete building the perfect foundations. This was a fact that could not be contested.

Jun Moxie did not stand on ceremony and nodded. “This junior only had a bit more luck. I still hope for the various Senior Brothers’ help in the future.”

The eight people laughed heartily. This brat’s character is truly wild enough, to still display such character in front of us. Still, all of them here were powerful beings who managed to establish a world. There was no way they didn’t have some character!

Jun Moxie already understood that these eight figures here were nothing but a trace of spirit projection left behind to talk with him. As for their true bodies, they were all at different places of unimaginable distance away…

“Our meeting today shall conclude like this. May we meet again in the future! Junior Brother, please take care. One day, all of us will meet again at Master’s Heaven Ascension Palace.” The eight figures clasped their fists and smiled.

“Heaven Ascension Palace? What kind of place is that?” Jun Moxie asked curiously.

The eight figures laughed loudly and chorused: “Named Heaven Ascension, Desire Heaven Ascension, Heart of Heaven Ascension, Will Heaven Ascension!”

With that, the eight figures disappeared.

Jun Moxie mumbled to himself in a confused manner, unable to understand the meaning of those words. All of a sudden, his head spun and numerous words appeared in his mind.

This was the directives for the eighth level of the Hongjun Pagoda.

“Nine nines returns to one, wind and lightning join in strength. Holding the universe in the heart, creation of Heaven and Earth. Yin and Yang await orders, Six Daos in servitude. Achievements and virtue throughout time, me being Heaven and Earth. Nine transformations of the soul, grow and multiply without end…”

A flash of inspiration sparked in Jun Moxie’s heart, and he instantly comprehended. The Universe, Heaven and Earth, Primordial Chaos… all of these were like the clouds and wind, omnipresent…

Just like that, he walked out.

He knew that right now, he was already different from the past.

The Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune had reached the eighth level, but Jun Moxie did not receive any new powers. Because, there were no longer any powers in this world that were worthy of him!

Right now, he could already control the entirety of the natural Powers of Heaven and Earth!

There were no exceptions!

Jun Moxie slowly opened his eyes.

Miao Qingcheng and Zhan Kuang who had been standing before him had already disappeared long ago.

Jun Moxie smiled lightly, not anxious at all. With a sweep of his spiritual sense, a picture of the entire continent appeared in his mind! In an instant, he discovered that Miao Qingcheng and Zhan Kuang were both at the area around the Pillar of Heavens Mountains, continuing their deadly battle!

Jun Moxie snorted lightly and with a move of his body, he instantly crossed over the thousands of mountains and rivers, arriving at the place where the two were fighting! When he arrived, Miao Qingcheng also happened to have once again smashed Zhan Kuang to smithereens with a punch!

In the time that Jun Moxie had been meditating, three years had already passed in this world!

In the beginning, Miao Qingcheng was still watching over him. But when he saw that he was not moving, and a layer of strange energy was wrapping around him to a point where even his powerful spiritual sense was not able to penetrate, he knew that nothing in this world would be able to hurt him. Setting his mind at ease, he dedicated all his efforts to deal with Zhan Kuang!

In these three years, Zhan Kuang had been killed countless times by Miao Qingcheng. The master and disciple pair had not rested since the moment they began fighting. In any case, these two old monsters were existences that would be completely fine even if they didn’t sleep, eat, or drink…

Although Zhan Kuang had an undying body, he was still forced by Miao Qingcheng into an exceptionally miserable state. Even if he couldn’t truly die, it was not a good feeling to be beaten up continuously. After Miao Qingcheng escaped from the dangers of the lightning tribulation, his strength had grown even more. However, he who had been in the dominating position, was also exceptionally miserable.

Having to face a cockroach that could not be destroyed no matter what, it would be strange if he didn’t feel miserable.

Other than the misery of not being able to completely destroy this cockroach, there was another thing that caused him to be unable to relax!

Because the moment he relaxed, this Zhan Kuang would run off to frenziedly feed on blood and flesh to increase his strength. If his strength managed to rise to a certain level, then in combination with that undying body of his, the one to be in trouble would be Miao Qingcheng!

How could Miao Qingcheng allow this to happen?

So for the last three years, the two had practically never stopped fighting. The two who’d already prepared themselves for a long battle of endurance were already feeling a huge sense of dread and exhaustion!

At the start, for the first year or so, Zhan Kuang still served as a means for Miao Qingcheng to polish his fighting techniques. But now, even that had gone. Miao Qingcheng was simply too powerful, to an inconceivable level. Zhan Kuang wondered that even if he swallowed all the lifeforms on the Xuan Xuan Continent, he might not be able to triumph over his master. Right now, Zhan Kuang only had a single wish. That was, to end this grand battle of endurance! Whether it ended with his own death or Miao Qingcheng’s death, everything was fine!

But the problem lay exactly in this. The miraculous power of the Nine Illusory Quicksand was so shocking that even if Zhan Kuang wanted to commit suicide, it was impossible to succeed. Truthfully, Zhan Kuang had already tried to kill himself several times. But each time, his body simply repaired itself, not allowing him to die…

It turned out that having an undying body was also a very unfortunate thing!

Miao Qingcheng was depressed, but Zhan Kuang was even more miserable…

At this time, Jun Moxie appeared…

Young Master Jun had come back with a powerful momentum!

A small ripple appeared in the air, and Jun Moxie appeared in the air above where the two were fighting. Looking down expressionlessly at Zhan Kuang, he suddenly felt that this opponent who once gave him endless headaches was actually so weak that he wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single blow from him!

“Jun Moxie! You broke through?” Miao Qingcheng asked with surprise.

“That’s right, Old Miao. It’d been hard on you these past few days.” Jun Moxie said with a smile. “From here on, you can leave this fellow to me!”

Miao Qingcheng chuckled bitterly and looked at him. “A few days? The two of us have already been fighting unceasingly for three years ever since you went into meditation!”

“Three years…” Jun Moxie pursed his lips with shock. He’d thought that three days at most had passed. To think that it’d already been three years…

This… is too f*cking long, isn’t it?

“Jun Moxie, so what if it’s three years?” Zhan Kuang looked at Jun Moxie and sneered. “You’d advanced quite rapidly, but with your cultivation, not to mention three years, even with 300 years, you will not be a match for me!”

“Whether that is true or not, we’ll know after trying!” Jun Moxie snorted coldly and descended from the sky.

Zhan Kuang only felt his eyes blur, and Jun Moxie’s fist had already arrived before his face. Moving hurriedly to dodge, his body flashed. But with a loud bang, Jun Moxie’s knee already landed heavily against his dantian!

Zhan Kuang groaned dully and his body was blasted off backwards like a cannon.

Jun Moxie’s figure flashed after him, planting a foot firmly against his chin. With a sound crack, Zhan Kuang’s body flipped in the air. With a simple turn, Jun Moxie’s storm-like attacks rained down on him!

Zhan Kuang twisted and turned, but he could not catch up with his opponent’s speed. When he raised his guard to protect his top, his back would be kicked. In a short time, he was beaten to a terrible state. But all of a sudden, he remembered. Why should I need to dodge? Why do I need to block? My body is indestructible anyway. So what if he’s fast?

With that thought, he suddenly disregarded all defense and began to counterattack.

Jun Moxie snorted coldly and suddenly, a slap rang out loudly across Zhan Kuang’s face, directly turning half his face into mist. “Do you think that I can’t kill you? I’m just collecting some interest from you right now! You wish to die, but how can that be such a simple matter?”

Jun Moxie ruthlessly raised his leg and kicked Zhan Kuang, launching his body into the sky again. Rising upwards after him, Jun Moxie roared maniacally. “Zhan Kuang, today, I will let you understand what it means to wish for death!”

Zhan Kuang’s half shattered face reformed quickly, and he sneered. “Jun Moxie, as long as you have the ability, this Seat would not mind tasting death! However, if you can’t kill me, I’ll instead let everybody in your Evil Monarch Manor come and taste on my behalf, what death feels like!”

Jun Moxie smiled lightly with an evil glint in his eyes. “Oh, you will definitely be able to taste it!”

With a stretch of his hand, a palm shot out, suddenly turning into a deep purple color. In midair, the palm materialized into a jade purple color. The moment the palm touched Zhan Kuang’s shoulder, it turned into a violet light!

When the violet light flashed, Zhan Kuang felt a tremor in his soul as a death aura of annihilation passed into his mind.

This deep purple color seemed to be his natural counter, triggering an instinct to escape.

However, it was too late!

With a cold laugh, Zhan Kuang’s arm was sliced clean off by the violet light. Before it had the time to transform into mist, Jun Moxie grabbed the arm and activated the power of the eighth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune!

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