Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 14 – Dugu Xiao Yi

Chapter 014 Dugu Xiao Yi

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Jun Xie’s heart was startled as he was suddenly reminded of his past life. Back then, he was also wandering around the main street when he saw ‘her’. She was so beautiful, that he unconsciously turned to look at her again. Unexpectedly, that young maiden was also in the midst of anger, she turned around and cursed him. “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a beauty before, you rotten scoundrel?” Unexpectedly, they would become acquaintances. As an assassin, Jun Xie had always been careful to avoid causing any troubles all the way until the day he transmigrated; now they were separated by two worlds. Thinking about it, Jun Xie could not help but feel a sense of loss.

The current Jun Xie felt as though he was looking back in time, his heart felt an unrestrained sense of warmth bubbling up. Looking at the young maiden brought the same feeling of warmth back into his heart. He smiled and said: “Milady, have we met before? You seem familiar.”

The young maiden gritted her teeth as she stared at him. “Pooh! This lady is well aware of who you are, you scum! Third Young Master Jun, what kind of tricks are you thinking of playing today? Playing first encounters?

Eh? So, she is actually someone I know. Jun Xie quickly accessed his memories to find out the information about this unruly girl. Unable to stop himself from feeling embarrassed, he laughed lightly, and thoughtlessly replied: “To think that we were actually acquainted, this must be fate, Miss Dugu.”

This is fate? What nonsense is this?

The Miss Dugu stared with dumbfounded eyes; one of her female bodyguards suddenly could not hold back and laughed out. As for Tang Yuan, after he realized that Jun Xie had not caught up to him, he backtracked back and heard Jun Xie’s words… Respect! Third Young Master Jun was truly a professional when it comes to courting women. However, his courage was even more worthy of respect. Those who dared say these words to the number one unreasonable female in Tianxiang Kingdom, Miss Dugu Xiao Yi were far and few in between.

Dugu Xiao Yi stared at Jun Xie, her eyes slowly glowering as it grew fiercer: “Jun Moxie, could it be that you think that the pain from that last beating was not enough? As it so happens, this lady is in the middle of a bad mood, I can help you out in loosening your bones for you!”

Jun Xie was startled and was finally able to recall that this Dugu Xiao Yi happened to be the one person Jun Moxie fears most. In short, he did something, which resulted in Dugu Xiao Yi, beating the absolute daylight out of him, which took him half a month before he could crawl out of bed…

“Miss Dugu, I hope you have been well. Ahahah… what I actually wanted to say was, little brother here still have something to attend to, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll see you later,” Jun Xie prepared to slip away. Looking at the little spitfire’s menacing posture and face, it seemed as though she was about to rushed up to Jun Moxie and start a beat down. In Jun Moxie’s memories, even though this little spitfire was still young, her battle prowess was highly reputable. Even if there were several Jun Moxie’s, they would still be no match for her. That was not to say that Jun Xie was afraid of her, but at this point in time, it was imperative that he conceal his true strength. Naturally, one must play it safe. Err, good guys do not beat females!

“Stop right there!” Dugu Xiao Yi lifted her chin high up into the air, then looked at Jun Xie with an arrogant face: “Where are you planning to go? Are you planning to go do something bad? Jun Moxie! Since you bumped into me, you can forget about doing any bad deeds! Just come quietly and let this lady vent out her anger, then I will let you leave!”

Tang Yuan’s face was dripping with sweat, he stomped with gusto, his heart continuously cried out: “Third Young Master Jun, people will usually run and hide when they see this ‘aunty’, why did you have to tick her off instead? No matter how beautiful she is, it’s not worth as much as your life.”

Looking at Dugu Xiao Yi’s big, bright eyes as she put on an arrogant and domineering face, Jun Xie suddenly had an idea. Pretending to be very secretive, he whispered. “Miss Dugu, the place that we are going… Heh heh, it is quite inappropriate for girls to go.”

“What? Are you guys planning to visit the brothel?” She was undoubtedly a bold person, to think that she would spit out these kind of words from her mouth openly!

Dugu Xiao Yi gave out a cold ‘heng’, glaring at the two men in contempt. “Shameless garbage!”

“Who said we were going to visit a brothel? Do you think everyone is like you?” Jun Xie immediately made a ‘wrongly blamed’ expression. “We were just heading towards the Thousand Gold Hall, we are just going for a few rounds of gambling… eh?” Seemingly realizing that he had slipped up, Jun Xie quickly shut up.

“Thousand Gold Hall? Gambling?” Hearing Jun Xie’s first part of the retort, she became even angrier. Unexpectedly, when she heard about the last part, her eyes lit up. Squinting her eyes, she smiled, revealing a pair of cute white teeth. “I have never been there before! Bring me together!” A commanding tone, which will not allow any rebuttals, resounded. Truly admirable, the distance and speed that a woman’s train of thought can move at was simply powerful!

“Miss…” one of the accompanying females, pulled Xiao Yi’s sleeve, trying to discourage her. This action of hers was very reasonable, the place where the two big debauchees of Tianxiang City was heading towards, could not possibly be a good place. As the most precious person of her family, how can she hang out with them?

Dugu Xiao Yi did not care about it in the slightest, she said excitedly. “Don’t worry, those two brothers of mine would talk about the Thousand Gold Hall every day. It must be a very special place. This time, this lady will go and have a good look!” Having said that, she reached out and grabbed Jun Xie’s ear. “Bring me there quickly! As long as you do that, then I will let you go today!”

Jun Xie could have easily avoided her, but thinking about his plan, he chose not to. He only made a pained expression, letting her tug his ears as they went forward.

The eight bodyguards at the back smiled bitterly; looking at each other, they simply followed. As for the eight bodyguards of Dugu Xiao Yi, they too went agreeably, mostly because it does not matter whether they agree or not. These sixteen bodyguards were stuck in the same situation. Those who followed the Young Master Jun Xie had to restrain themselves, but Dugu Xiao Yi’s bodyguards weren’t much better off. Every one of them had to hold themselves back to the limit, each blaming the other family.

Tang Yuan sighed in exasperation. Why did a tigress suddenly appeared in our way? If she accidentally sees that promissory note… Tang Yuan shivered: This person is someone capable of spreading this news throughout the city within half a day. In two days’ time, all the important characters in the kingdom will know… When that happens, I might as well just commit suicide.

The group of people arrived at the Thousand Mile Fragrance Restaurant, passing through the outer courtyard, then entering into the large courtyard at the back. Tang Yuan impatiently rushed inside, shouting at the top of his lungs: “Third Young Master Jun is here! Quick! Give me the… give it to me!”

Accompanied by a short burst of laughter, six youngsters appeared at the doorway. Before any of them could say anything, they saw Dugu Xiao Yi coming in while pulling Jun Xie’s ear. Their faces instantly changed, the colour of their faces becoming as the ground below.

At the current, two groups remained neutral towards the princes’ fight, one was the Jun family and the other was none other than the Dugu family. These two families occupy a pivotal position, in both the military and the court.

This little Miss Dugu Xiao Yi was the only daughter of the Dugu Family. The Dugu Family was quite prosperous with a total of seven sons and one daughter. As the only daughter, she became a precious existence and was pampered greatly, being spoiled to the point of conceit. However, this little girl was highly talented. Even at her young age, her level of cultivation in Xuan Qi has already reached a superior level. She was also endowed with a strong sense of justice. Her name resounded far and wide in Tianxiang City, and was known as the ‘Nemesis of Debauchees’. All the young masters present here today have all had the honour of suffering under her.

It was said that the old gramps from the Dugu Family, Dugu Zongheng was a highly capable Xuan Qi expert, reputed to have reached the Sky Xuan rank. He was the only one within the kingdom who could challenge the Jun Family’s Jun Zhan Tian. As for his position, he too was a Grand Duke; as for Dugu Xiao Yi’s father, Dugu Wudi and her three uncles, all of them were great generals of the kingdom, her seven brothers were also serving within the military. If one were to compare, then her family’s sky-grasping authority and influence was only a few steps behind the current Jun Family.

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