Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 13 – Who is plotting against me?

Chapter 013: Who is plotting against me?

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“It is the absolute truth, Third Young Master!” Tang Yuan grasped his arm, Jun Xie suddenly felt his arms being wrapped around by a layer of oil. “They really promised me that! They promised that as long as Third Young Master appears, they will immediately hand over the promissory note and won’t do anything else regarding this matter.”

“Oh? They actually said that?” Jun Xie’s face frowned; his eyes flickered for a moment. Something clearly felt wrong with this. How could this matter suddenly change its course in such a manner? This was supposed to be a case of the fatty losing his wife, so how did this matter suddenly turned all the way towards him? It appeared there was some trickery involved here, and the target was none other than himself?

This was undoubtedly a set up!

Considering the super idiotic temperament of the original Jun Moxie, once he heard about how his brother was bullied, he would certainly fly into a fit of rage. Then, hearing the way the opponents were giving him such face, he would get carried away to the point of losing himself. His cockiness will prompt him to set off without any considerations whatsoever and walk straight into the trap that had already been arranged by the enemies.

If this scenario was set up by those who were trying to antagonize Jun Moxie, then the schemers behind this scenario can be assumed to be very understanding of Jun Moxie’s character!

No, this plot only appears to be targeting Jun Moxie, no one would be interested in laying down such a detailed scheme for a completely harmless debauchee. His or her true target was none other than Grandpa Jun! It may also be possible that behind these perpetrators lied yet another mastermind. After all, both the Jun family and Grandpa Jun were not something that normal people can provoke.

Jun Xie examined the fatty before him, secretly wondering what role did this fatty play in this scheme. Is he a friend or a foe? Observing Tang Yuan’s current expression of almost crapping in his pants, Jun Xie concluded: If this fatty is not faking it, then he must be an absolute sucker! If this fatty is truly faking it, then he would be a god level actor amongst actors. Not only that, he would also be a very dangerous person whose true face is very well hidden.

Should he go? Or not?

Jun Xie made the decision in an instant, how can he miss out on such an exciting event? With his gambling skills, could he actually lose? Besides, if he chose not to go, then how will he find out who was trying to plot against him? Jun Xie was not one to allow his enemies to plot against him within the shadows. Bring them out and kill them! This has always been his style of handling matters.

Secretly circulating the divine art of Heaven’s Fortune, Jun Xie’s mouth broke out a hint of smile. Even if it were gambling, I still would not lose. With such a kind of internal energy at my disposal, it is simply too easy for me to cheat…

“How many silver bills do we have?” Having made up his mind, Jun Xie turned towards Little Ke.

Hearing Jun Xie ask the question using the word ‘we’, Little Ke’s heart was overflowed with the feelings of both shame and joy, her heart inexplicably feeling a little sweet. She replied with a blush. “After the Old Master deducted Young Master’s spending money last time, the silver box currently holds a hundred and twenty thousand silver liang bills, gold bills at thirty thousand liang, gold leaf at three hundred liang, white silver at one hundred ingots, fragment silver…”

“Enough. That’s enough. I won’t be using that much,” Watching Little Ke carefully calculate everything with such detail, Jun Xie quickly stopped her. Otherwise, this stubborn little girl might even count out how many copper coins there are…

“Take out fifty thousand silver liang bills, and prepare another dozen pieces of fragment silver,” Jun Xie said.

“How can this small sum be enough?” Tang Yuan practically jumped up, his face crying as he begged. “Brother, Third Young Master, these are not even enough to cover a fraction of it! You are not trying to send me to my death are you? I am begging you, brother!”

“Fatty, didn’t you say earlier that as long as I appear, then your promissory note problem will be settled? We are going to gamble, not going to send them money! Young Master Tang, why do we want to take so much money with us? Wouldn’t it become a burdensome excess baggage? Don’t you have faith in my gambling skill that is unrivalled in the world?” Jun Xie replied.

“Your gambling skill that is unrivalled in the world?” A pair of thin eyes stared stupidly until it became round in surprise. This feat was no easy accomplishment for Tang Yuan’s fat face; it was no doubt a highly difficult manoeuvre. Tang Yuan’s mouth twitched, if it was not for the fact that his heart was currently filled with dread and depression, he would probably laughed out loud. He let out within his heart: Your so-called gambling skill that is unrivalled in the world… I do not seem to recall seeing you win before… Unless you are talking about the number of times you lost, then your claim of being unrivalled in the world might not be too far off.

No matter, as long as you go then everything will work out! As long as I can get back the promissory note, what do I have to fear? Son of a bitch! How did I lose my head to go so far as to pawn off my own wife? This matter is really too strange. Taking less money might be better, at least the losses will be limited!

Jun Xie placed the bills within his clothes, and then commanded two horses to be prepared. Tang Yuan had already become impatient; his pudgy body ‘rolled’ all the way to the door, his small eyes shuttled around everywhere, looking extremely frightened. “Hurry up, Third Young Master, if we are unlucky enough to bump into your grandpa while he is coming back, then it will all be over. You do not know about this, but every time I come visit your house, I have to endure a tremendous amount of pressure, sigh…”

Jun Xie laughed as he jumped atop the horse, looking over he said. “The way I see it, you don’t seem to be that scared today.”

The moment Tang Yuan jumped on top of his designated horse, he weighed down on the healthy horse causing it to neigh aloud. Its four hooves turned soft, almost bending down on to the ground. Putting in more strength, it was finally able to stand up. The horse may be wondering to itself: I have carried no small number of people. Even when carrying generals clad in full armor and weapon in hand, I can still run freely, but why do this person feel so heavy today? One miscalculation and I almost lost my front hoof!

Jun Xie could not restrain himself and laughed out; he then moved his own healthy horse forward. Behind him, eight bodyguards with sturdy bodies, carrying swords on their back followed.

Tang Yuan’s horse too started moving, but with difficulty. It neighed heavily as it caught up to them.

They went out to the Great Dongfeng Street, which was regarded as the most extravagant street in Tianxiang City. The street was bustling with activities and was filled with a steady stream of people; Tang Yuan did not spare any thoughts for the horse and rushed out, taking the lead. He rushed far ahead while constantly looking back, his face filled with worry, apparently fearing that Jun Xie was moving at too slow of a pace.

After turning out of the Great Dongfeng Street, there is a restaurant located not far to the north, known as the Thousand Mile Fragrance Restaurant. The Li Family runs this restaurant; behind the restaurant lies a large unused courtyard, this is the ‘Thousand Gold Hall’ mentioned by Tang Yuan. This secret area is the place for young masters of noble families to spend big money! In there, there are no limits to what they will bet for, as long as one can imagine it, one can bet on it!

Jun Xie was just about to steer his horse forward, when a few people suddenly appeared from the road side. In the lead was a young maiden, she was walking ahead sulkily and angrily shouted: “Stop following me! You’re annoying me to death!” The other person was trying to persuade her non-stop while chasing after her. Following closely behind the both of them, were eight bodyguards. She seemed like the daughter of a wealthy family.

Jun Xie took a brief glance at the young maiden, the young maiden was pouting, but was blessed with good looks. The young maiden who was already in a fit of anger noticed Jun Xie staring at her like that, took a deep breath and started cursing him: “What are you looking at? You lecher!” The young maiden was already feeling highly irritable. Seeing the notorious playboy, Jun Moxie who also happened to be staring at her, she suddenly decided to use him as an outlet for her anger.

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