Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 16 – Li Youran

Chapter 016 Li Youran

“The Third Young Master is truly straightforward!” Meng Haizou praised while giving a thumbs up. “As expected from the Third Young Master of the Jun Family, your heroism pierces the Heavens! Your aura resembles that of your grandfather’s in his heroic days!” Even though this remark sounded respectful, it was lined with sarcasm. However, the original Jun Moxie may not be able to realize it!

Meng Haizou glanced at Tang Yuan as he spoke. “Earlier, we were playing a game of dice with Young Master Tang, but Young Master Tang was no longer able to continue. How about we continue on with the dice game? I wonder if Third Young Master has the guts for it?” Hearing that, Tang Yuan’s face blushed red. Giving a few “heng”, he stayed silent.

“A game of dice?” Jun Xie thought aloud. “What does this Young Master have to fear in a game of dice?” He sighed in his heart: Here comes another provocation! If the original Jun Moxie heard this, not being led by the nose would truly be a strange occurrence!

“Count me in!” Dugu Xiaoyi happily chimed in, causing a struggling expression to suddenly appear on Meng Haizou’s face.

“Quick, serve the guests some tea!” Li Feng hastily ordered.

A few cups of tea were immediately sent over, each cup being placed before each of them. Tang Yuan finished drinking his cup with one gulp. Wiping his mouth, he said. “Third Young Master, your brother is counting on you. You must help me vent my anger!”

Jun Xie gave out an overbearing laughter and reached for the cup of tea. While doing so, his eyes glanced over the faces of everyone present.

At this moment, Jun Xie could clearly notice that Li Feng and Meng Haizou had become delighted. His heart could not help but feel suspicious. Looking down at the cup of tea, he brought it close to his mouth and sniffed it. “You actually use this type of low-quality tea to serve your customers? Your service is really disappointing.” He slammed the cup down on the table.

One sniff was enough for Jun Xie to detect the presence of a psychedelic type of drug within the tea. This strange scent is somewhat similar to the scent of opium; the effect would likely be the same. Consuming it may not cause any harm to the body, but it would likely affect the person’s state of mind. Turning his attention back to Meng Haizou’s clothing, he noted that it was brightly vivid and the design on it was very disorderly. In addition, it also gave off a strange scent. Normal people would be confused with this strange clothing, but this set of clothing and its strange scent, coupled with the effects of the psychedelic drug from the tea would badly affect a person’s emotions.

It seemed there was a problem with not only the tea, but also the clothes and its scent! Furthermore, they were all connected. Behind these men, there was probably a very skilled pharmacist.

No wonder Tang Yuan would even put his wife up in the gamble earlier, this was the reason!

Glancing over towards the cup of tea in Dugu Xiaoyi’s hands, he observed that it was crystal clear, without any sign of drugs placed inside. Considering the circumstances, it seemed that they were fearful of provoking the Dugu Family.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and change the tea for Third Young Master!” Li Feng cried out. Seeing Jun Xie refusing to drink, he immediately implemented another act.

“Forget it, that will be too much of a bother! I am here to gamble, not to enjoy tea. If I wanted to enjoy tea, I won’t be here.” Jun Xie languidly said. “There is no need to change this tea,” Raising his head, he gulped down the tea.

“Hurry up and start, I am already impatient.”

Li Feng and Meng Haizou’s faces lighted up. “We will follow your decision then, Third Young Master.” After saying that, they ordered a servant to lead the way. They were all brought into a vast empty hall. Within the empty hall, the only thing in sight was a big stone table and several dozen chairs. Even on their way here, they did not meet anyone at all! Looks like they suspended their business today just so then can deal with Jun Moxie…

While on his way here, Jun Xie had suddenly sneezed, spraying his saliva outwards at Tang Yuan, wetting his clothes. Tang Yuan shrieked out loud and quickly wiped it away…

Jun Xie rubbed his nose, spitting out his saliva with a ‘pei’. “Strange, why do I feel so dizzy? I also feel like sneezing.” Li Feng and Meng Haizou glanced at one another, their faces lighting up in glee: The medicine has begun to show its effect, wah hah hah!

The Grand Preceptor’s Residence.

The Grand Preceptor Li Shang leaned upon a soft couch with half closed eyes. As he leisurely listened to the melodious song of the singer beyond the curtain, he asked with a smile. “For this matter, why did you entrust it over to those incapable fellows? If they screw it up, then we would have missed out on a good opportunity. That Jun Family brat is nothing to fear, but the old Jun behind him is not someone we can easily provoke. Even if we do not fear him, this matter will still invite trouble for us if he were to find out about it!”

His words seemed to contain reproach, but his tone was soft and relaxed. Even though he brought up the question, his face showed his assurance and confidence towards the person opposite him.

Standing opposite him was a handsome youngster in white robes; Red lips, white teeth, delicate features and a tall stature. This handsome man was seated like a mountain, his each and every movements unhurried, revealing a noble elegance. Hearing the question, he smiled and replied: “Grandfather is always very careful in everything you do, this grandchild feel admiration for grandfather. However, that Jun Moxie is a downright debauchee. To send our more capable individuals against someone like that would be giving him too much face. Considering his character, even if this plan fails, we will still have other opportunities. There is no need to think too much about this. Besides, if we were to send out our more capable members, for them to acquaint themselves with that debauchee would make things look out of place. This could cause our plans to be exposed, leading towards us missing out on this chance.”

“Even though Jun Moxie is a debauchee, his evaluation of himself is too high. If we were to send some highly capable person with resourcefulness to deal with Jun Moxie, then the plan would backfire on us.”

He raised his eyebrows as his mouth revealed a trace of irony: “Even though Li Feng and Li Zhen are unworthy, they are actually likeminded compared to Jun Moxie. This is where ‘everyone has their own uses’ come in! Using a debauchee to deal with a debauchee, especially a brainless debauchee like Jun Moxie. With the two of them as the main characters, we might even receive an unexpected surprise. If we were to send out our core members to deal with Jun Moxie, I fear even he would not fall for it. Besides.. haha…” He smiled lightly. His remaining words need not be said for it to be understood: Will anyone use a beef splitter to slaughter a chicken?

An expert was sent out only to deal with experts! A good blade should be used wisely! If an expert was dispatched to easily deal with a defenceless and ordinary person, they would only feel insulted!

If the song ‘White Snow in Early Spring’ was played before a butcher, not only will the song performer feel baffled, even the butcher will feel drowsy.

“Well said!” Li Shang looked at his eldest grandson, Li Youran with an approving expression. He was completely convinced and satisfied with his statement. His grandson Youran is the leading figure of his generation in the Li Family. His manner of speech and gestures, expression and style of leadership is simply perfect! Both his level of effort and resourcefulness were no less capable. He is also a genius amongst geniuses in Xuan Qi cultivation, having reached the realm of Gold level at the young age of twenty-five. He is the only one with this level of cultivation speed in all of Tianxiang Kingdom!

But the most valuable aspect that Li Youran possessed is his calm and steady mind, he is neither conceited nor hot-tempered and very low-key in his way of conduct. He is also very talented in devising strategies that takes everything into consideration. Even at a young age, he had begun making strategies that allows him to win from a thousand miles away. Not even Li Shang could compare when he was at this young age. He could foresee that if the Li Family wished to soar, then the hope of the next generation lie upon Li Youran’s shoulders! With such a capable grandson, Li Shang felt exceptionally proud!

Li Youran’s greatest virtue is that he never underestimated anyone. When implementing a plan, analyse every aspect of the plan; when moving against a person, analyse every aspect of that person. Even when dealing against someone like Jun Moxie, Li Youran retained an indifferent attitude, not showing the slightest bit of disdain when discussing about him.

Such a figure would be immediately recognized as a leader, regardless of where they were placed.

“This strategy can be considered thorough, but we must also prevent any possibility of ‘what ifs’. It would be for the best if it could succeed in one go!” They believed that it was absolutely impossible for Jun Moxie to escape from this set up. After all, Li Youran personally devised this plan. It was launched through a roundabout way using Tang Yuan; if Jun Moxie could escape then something was certainly going wrong! As long as Jun Moxie falls into this trap, the second phase of the plan will be put into action, making him unable to escape forever! When that happened, even if Jun Zhan Tian still would not serve them, he would fall apart due to this disappointing grandson and can no longer pose any threat!

“What ifs?” Li Youran frowned, every aspect of the plan was instantly recalculated in his mind and he shook his head: “There are no other possibilities! Not to mention, we have included Meng Haizou into this plan. Even though Meng Haizou cannot be considered a talent, he is more than enough against someone like Jun Moxie! Jun Moxie cannot escape the palm of my hands!”

“Then what if he manages to escape your grasp?” Li Shang joked.

“Escape?” He seriously pondered the question before laughing. Li Youran leisurely looked at the door and said: “If that happens, then that person is not Jun Moxie!”

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