Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 17 – Really Good Luck

Chapter 017 Really Good Luck

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Li Youran’s strategy against Jun Moxie was indeed perfect, having completely considered Jun Moxie’s character and having arranging every aspect in detail. This plan was certainly perfect, but Heaven toys with the will of men. Within this perfect plan, a unique defect had unexpectedly appeared. If the target of this strategy was still Jun Moxie, then the rate of success would be a hundred percent!

However, the Jun Moxie of today was actually Jun Xie, can their plan still proceed smoothly?


Thousand Gold Hall.

“Shall we proceed with Third Young Master’s usual amount of bet? Starting with one thousand liang? Or… should we increase it a little?” Li Feng asked after everyone were seated.

“From one thousand liangs?” Dugu Xiaoyi cried in surprise, her soft white face was blushed red. “You guys are going to bet so much?” She was the only daughter of the Dugu Family. Normal necessities like food, clothes and others were often prepared beforehand for her. With the exception of buying some gold and silver jewellery, her expenditure was often not much. She originally thought that the one hundred silver liangs she brought with her was a huge sum; how could she have imagined that the minimum bet was actually at one thousand liangs! The total amount in her purse can only amount to one tenth…

This was in fact a very normal thing. A thousand silver liangs weighed at least several dozens in jin (0.60479 kg). Not even a terribly rich family will actually bring out dozens of jin worth of silver liangs as they wander about. After all, this world has something called bills…

“A thousand liang? That amount would take too long. This Young Master do not have that much time to waste. Let us make this merrier, every game starts at ten thousand liangs, no upper limit, lets proceed with this,” Jun Xie laughed out loud. “This Young Master have plenty of money. This small sum is not worth mentioning!”

Tang Yuan was shocked. “A thousand liang as the starting line is already no small sum, Third Young Master.” He knows all too well that Jun Xie only has fifty thousand liangs with him; if the game truly was played with ten thousand liangs as the baseline, he could end up losing everything in minutes should his luck be bad. But after thinking about it again, losing everything instantly may not be bad. He had already lost so much today. In addition, the note had already been reclaimed. He should not push his own brother towards such a dangerous spot. Losing that fifty thousand liang should not be too big a deal. After pondering about it, he decided not to interfere.

“The Third Young Master Jun is truly a straightforward man! The game of dice happens to be my favourite, a game of luck! Both sides can see the results of the roll, making it fair and reasonable!” Meng Haizou laughed.

“Enough nonsense, how are we going to play this game? The smaller value wins or the bigger value wins? Or are we guessing the values?” Jun Xie looked as though he could no longer wait. If a detailed person were to observe him, he would note that Jun Xie’s eyes had become red, signifying that the drugs had begun taking effect.

The time was approaching!

Meng Haizou quietly looked at Jun Xie’s eyes and replied. “Let’s make it simple and bet on either big or small. What do you think?”

Jun Xie nodded. “Call!”

To be fair, those who participated in this game would first bring out enough silver bills, then proceed to roll the dice. The one with the biggest dice roll would become the banker. Depending on the number of people participating, the number of dice used will differ. If seven people were participating, then seven dice will be used. If six people, then six dice will be used. After that round comes the last round where the winner becomes the banker.

[TL: This was confusing… ]

At the current, Jun Xie, Meng Haizou, Meng Fei, Li Feng and Li Zhen were participating in the gamble. Tang Yuan was already wiped clean and was only qualified to watch by the side. As for Dugu Xiaoyi who came with an overbearing attitude, she did not have enough money on her. Without enough money, even the emperor will not be given any face, and can only sit by the side as a spectator. Her face was flushed red and covered with shame.

The gears within Jun Xie’s mind moved, how can he not take advantage of such a powerful backer? “Miss Dugu is a female, it is only natural that you do not join in with us. Why don’t Miss Dugu play across the board?”

“What is playing across the board?” Dugu Xiaoyi’s eyes lit up.

“The so-called playing across the board is basically making an outside bet. This means that even though you are not participating in this gamble, you can still make a bet! For example, you can make a bet of five silver liangs on me to win. If I lose, then I would have dragged you down and you would have lost that five silver liangs. That way both sides lose. But if I were to win, then your returns, including interest would be ten silver liangs,” Jun Xie explained carefully.

“Very well!” Dugu Xiaoyi’s mood soared. “In the first round, I will bet five… Five liangs on you!”

Jun Xie laughed aloud. “With a beauty betting on me, my luck will undoubtedly rise!”

Li Feng who was observing everything, sneered in his heart: Go ahead and laugh, you are about to cry very soon!

Everyone had already thrown the dice, leaving only Jun Xie. The one currently in the lead was Meng Haizou with one dice at six points and two dice at five points, sixteen points in total. This was quite a high amount of points! The only way to beat him was to get either eighteen points or seventeen points.

Li Feng exposed a triumphant look on his face. As long as Meng Haizou became the banker, then the chances of grasping on to Jun Moxie would be assured. They would ensure that Jun Moxie lose to the point of leaving without his pants! Once he had lost to the point of madness, than the plan would smoothly advance onwards.

Jun Xie gathered the three dice into his hand, his face filled with smiles, but in his heart he was cursing. Not only did they added something into the tea earlier, they even tampered with the dice! It was obviously filled with something else, the balance and feel was exceptionally wrong.

The substance used to fill it was certainly not lead, because that would cause the dice to weigh heavily on one side. However, the dice was clearly uniform in weight. The only substance that could mysteriously transform like that would be mercury. And only someone who was very familiar with this dice can cast out the desired outcome. Even if the average person was to discover this fraudulent aspect, they would still be unable to do anything. Jun Xie, on the other hand…

Jun Xie exhaled his breath, with a spin of his wrist he tossed the three dice into the dice cup, causing it to collide with a sound. At the same time, Jun Xie’s right hand that was on the table issued out a thin strand of qi, as thin as a needle. The thin strand of qi stretched mysteriously without anyone noticing towards the dice cup…

Everyone’s breath were held as they watched with wide opened eyes.

The three dice rolled down for a bit before stopping.

“This… How is this possible?” Li Zhen cried out as he stared with a depressed look.

Meng Haizou’s group issued out a sigh of disappointment. Tang Yuan was the only one who cheered, laughing and dancing happily.

Two dice at six points and one dice at five points! It was just one point higher than Meng Haizou’s dice roll.

Meng Haizou’s group had their hopes dashed and can only look at Jun Moxie in shock: Jun Moxie, this bastard must have stepped on some lucky dog poop today!

[TL: Stepping on dog poop is supposed to bring good luck.]

Jun Xie cried out in delight. “Haha, Miss Dugu truly is a bringer of good luck. You have graced me with prosperity; this truly is Heaven complying with the sincere! Today, this senior will start a bloodbath!” He then grasped the dice cup in this hands which shook as he urged. “Put down your bet, put down your bet, quickly put down your bet!” An impatient look was expressed on his face.

“Pa!” Jun Xie slammed the dice cup on the table, letting go of his hand immediately. The other hand though was gently placed on the table, his face seemingly tense. However, his internal energy had already reached the dice cup, ready for action!

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