Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 23 – Tang Family’s Reaction

Chapter 023 Tang Family’s Reaction

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Jun Xie deduced with clarity, that should today’s plans end with success, then both himself and Tang Yuan would fall into the palm of the enemy! The Tang Family may not suffer that much, since they still have other successors for the family. However, the Jun Family only has him as the only successor.

Even though it was only a request, but who knew what kind of calamity would result in the end. Especially when this request was placed upon Jun Moxie, a debauchee who does not know how to judge the severity of the situation. Most of the time when this Jun Moxie had caused a disaster, he would not be aware of it. He would even feel elated about the incident! After all, his grandfather would help him clean up the mess!

What would happen when the struggle had become apparent and Grandpa Jun’s authority had fallen into the hands of others? When that happened, even if Grandpa Jun was willing to make the sacrifice of severing relations, then what? What would those generals choose? Even if only a small number hesitated, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Jun Xie felt the need to increase his capabilities! Even though he had a rich reserve of experience from his past life, the events of today had left him with an understanding of his obvious inadequacy!

Chief amongst them would be the so-called political awareness. This was the one thing that the he from his previous life had lacked the most! If he were still a solitary assassin in this new world, then this matter would be of no importance. However, in order to create a foothold within this great family, he will need to protect those he cared for from harm. Trying to maintain the stability of this great family without a keen sense of political awareness was a nonsensical pipedream!

He needed not become an official, he also needed not participate in the struggle to rise or fall in the royal court. However, he must possess the awareness towards the power struggles that was occurring!

It was midday noon when Grandpa Jun returned home. On his way back, he coincidentally bumped into Tang Yuan’s grandfather, Tang Wanli. Tang Wanli led a big group of warriors on horseback, charging his way forth down the great street. After which, he turned north. From the way it seemed, he was on his way to find someone with bad luck.

To the north was the location of the great families such as the likes of the Li and Meng Families! Tang Wanli’s face looked similar to a black pot, his eye brows seemingly almost burnt away by his fury. Grandpa Jun secretly felt elated: It had been so long since I had seen this old thing become so furious. To think that the rich Old Tang who was always at peace could become so riled up. It does not matter who he plans to go against, there will definitely be a good show to watch!

How could he have guessed, the director of this unfolding drama was none other than his detestable grandson, Jun Moxie!

Grandpa Jun was overwhelmed by curiosity and asked, “Brother Tang, where are you heading off to in such a hurry? Why do you look so serious? Could it be that someone had stolen your Sun granddaughter-in-law? Just look at that frenzied expression on your face, hahaha…” Grandpa Jun’s words were intended as a joke, but how could he have known that the reason Tang Wanli was so furious was precisely due to that!

“You old geezer Jun! You cheap bastard! You are no better yourself! Just you wait till I am done with the Li and Meng Family, then I will come back and deal with you myself!” Blowing his white beard straight, Tang Wanli slammed with his whip, urging his horse to pull away and move forward. He too knew what kind of person Jun Moxie was, no better than his own grandson. Now that his grandson had fallen into such an unlucky situation, Jun Moxie instead managed to clinch such a complete victory! For that Jun Moxie to emerge smelling of roses must mean that there was an expert supporting him in secret. The most probable suspect was none other than the Jun Zhan Tian before him. And now that Jun Zhan Tian actually had the gall to openly make fun of him, it was only natural that he would become angry at Jun Zhan Tian!

He left Grandpa Jun standing alone, completely dumbfounded by what he had just said. What did this old Tang Wanli meant? With just a few words, he cursed me a good three or four time. He didn’t even state things clearly, just what is going on? After a while, he spat out a mouthful of spittle. “The Li Family and Meng Family offended you? Then why did you suddenly drag me into your troubles? This is what you call, when dogs bite one another, their mouth becomes full of gross hair…”

Tang Yuan followed behind his grandfather, his head filled with despair, his face smeared red with shame. When Fatty Tang returned home, his father was coincidentally sitting at the house hall. Crying, he shouted for help from his father and mother, screaming that something bad had happened. This action of his scared his father to the point of nearly falling off his chair. When he re-examined his surroundings, he realized that his fearsome grandfather was also seated there…

Under Grandfather Tang’s coercion, Tang Yuan did not hide anything. Forcefully pushing away his tears, Tang Yuan revealed everything that had happened… what transpired next could be imagined. Both father and son of the Tang Family instantly erupted with rage! In addition, Tang Yuan produced the teacup that still had some residual drugs on it. When their family pharmacist tested it, he confirmed that Tang Yuan’s story was true.

These two Li and Meng Families were too vicious! Their actions were obviously intended to taint their Tang Family’s reputation and let it be known throughout the world! Grandfather Tang who had always attached utmost importance onto their family reputation could not let this slide!

Grandfather Tang immediately became furious. Lifting Tang Yuan’s round body, he scolded him with an ear breaking voice. After which he threw him down to the ground and told him to lead the way to the Li Family and Meng Family so that they can head off to seek justice!

Grandfather Tang is someone whose age outstrips even Grandpa Jun, enough to be titled a minister of three emperors. For the past few years, he had been reclusive, not going out at all. His emergence this time actually involved a large escort of warriors, his killing intent soaring through the skies. It seemed that both the Li and Meng Families were bound to face an inevitable chaotic storm.

Even though Tang Wanli cursed at Grandpa Jun, Grandpa Jun did not feel angry at all. Watching Tang Wanli erupting in anger to the point of actively seeking the Li Family and Meng Family actually made him feel somewhat comforted. There was no need to ask, that big fatty Tang Yuan must have caused this whole mess. Thankfully, my Moxie had been obedient this whole time, studying poetry and literature. A lot of my worries have been reduced thanks to that. If he is still causing problems for these old bones of mine… Keke, that pitiful old Tang. To have to do all this for the sake of his grandson at this age…

Observing the near hysterical looks on Tang Wanli’s face, Grandpa Jun was tempted to provoke him further. How could he have known, when he, who had proudly returned home would receive news that Jun Xie had brazenly taken money to go gambling. Grandpa Jun who had returned home with such high spirits suddenly stumbled. Losing money was a small matter, but if something else had happened, then it may devolve into a serious situation!

Once he heard the news that Jun Xie had returned, Grandpa Jun furiously rushed towards his room. After barging in through the door, he was stunned. A package full of precious treasures was casually placed atop the huge bed. Not one of those treasures were ordinary; the tender Little Ke was smiling to the point of squinting her eyes. She evaluated each one of the items, her fingers moving around, calculating how much those items can be sold for…

Examining carefully, Grandpa Jun was shocked. All things aside, there were at least three accompaniment jade, its lustre crystal clear as it exuded a warm radiance. One glance was enough to tell him that this was no ordinary object. But that was not the cause of Grandpa Jun’s surprise. What caused it was the inscription upon the jade: “Year X Month X, Congratulations on grandson Feng’s birthday”, “Year X Month X, Congratulations on grandson Zhen’s birthday”…

Wasn’t this the accompaniment jade that can only be worn by the direct descendant of the Li Family? This quality jade was also a symbol of the Li Family! Furthermore, Feng and Zhen were the names of the grandsons of the Grand Preceptor Li. How could these two items end up in Moxie’s possession? Could it be that this little guy had actually gone out to rob others? Grandpa Jun fiddled with his beard, looking somewhat alarmed.

Looking around at the others, Grandpa Jun suddenly snorted out, he had accidentally applied too much force and pulled out a strand of his beard. Those two jade ruyi was obviously an item from the royal family! In addition, there was also the Meng Family’s accompaniment jade, as well as that pearl… and that…

“Where did all these items come from?” Grandpa Jun’s face was twitching as he asked, fully prepared to help Jun Xie clean his “butt”. If this brat really did rob all these items back, then this was a really big problem.

That was not to say that Grandpa Jun’s mind was pessimistic, not believing that his grandson could end up winning all these items in a gamble. He simply knew his own grandson too well. There was no way that he could have the ability to win all these high-grade items!

What a joke! He had laughed at Old Tang Wanli just moments ago. It turned out that what awaited him in his own house was this kind of unreasonable trouble! Grandpa Jun became momentarily speechless…

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