Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 22 – Persuasive Temptation

Chapter 022 Persuasive Temptation

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Jun Xie glared relentlessly at Tang Yuan, his set of eyes transforming into a sharp knife, piercing deep into his heart, “Ask yourself. Do you really have the guts to do something like this?”

Tang Yuan’s face, which had been bitterly crying, slowly became calm. He was no fool. On the contrary, he is actually a very shrewd debauchee. Listening to Jun Xie’s words, he started to recall what had happened and realized that too many of the instances were very suspicious! The things that had occurred were simply not the kind of things that he would have done! Even if he were in a dream, it was not certain that he could have done it!

However, he actually did such an outrageous act on his own free will! How was this possible?

Am I really that much of an unbearable person? No! No way! I may not be a good person, I may be someone who always misbehaves, but I am someone who understands where the line is! The things that had happened today were obviously something that I would never do, even in the face of death! But, I actually did these kind of things today! Furthermore, I continued perpetrating these actions, each more excessive than the other, each more shameful than the other! These were all actions, which I would rather die than commit! These actions would cause my entire family to be disgraced! These actions would cause me to be thrown into an abyss of no return!

But then, why did I do those things?

All of a sudden, Tang Yuan’s mind became a chaotic mess, his thoughts falling apart.

“When you entered earlier, was Meng Haizou also wearing that same clothes?” Jun Xie eyes were strict, but his mouth revealed a near devilish smile.

“Yes, but what does that have to do with it? Was there a problem there?” Tang Yuan was not able to understand.

“Did you also smell some unique perfume from Meng Haizou? It was a very pleasant scent, right?” Jun Xie continued asking.

“Yes… I think there was a bit, it was indeed a very special perfume,” Tang Yuan continued with uncertainty.

“Before you entered, did they also serve you a cup of tea like they did today?” Jun Xie continued, one after the other.

“Yes, that’s right. What about it?”

“What about it? Hmph! Hmph!” Jun Xie sneered twice. “Well, it was nothing much. It was just the beginning of your eternal damnation!”

Tang Yuan was no fool. After pondering on Jun Xie’s words for a moment, he suddenly jumped up, a look of shock expressed on his face, “You mean… the tea, there was a problem with the tea?”

“Just the tea?” Jun Xie sneered again. “Meng Haizou’s clothes, that perfume he was wearing, that tea, all of them had problems! When a bunch of gamblers gets together, the first thing they did was to drink tea? What kind of norm was that? You pig head! You actually did not notice such an obvious problem?!”

“That… but didn’t you also drank the tea? How come you are still all right?” Tang Yuan felt confused.

“Do you remember that after I drank the tea, I sneezed while going in?” Jun Xie’s face was filled with an indescribable expression. Faintly smiling, he continued. “That sneeze caused your clothes to become wet, right?”

“Correct! That did happen,” Tang Yuan suddenly remembered.

“When most people sneeze, the most they will discharge was some sputum. Instead, I actually caused your clothes to become wet. Could it be that you did not wonder about it?” Jun Xie tilted his head and looked at him.

“So that was what happened!” Tang Yuan suddenly came to understand what happened, but was again puzzled by something: “But, how can you clearly know about all this?”

How can I clearly know? Jun Xie hesitated. This was indeed a tough question to answer. Am I supposed to say that this senior had already become so familiar with these drugs that I can recognize them without using my eyes or nose? In my past life, I can detect these things with just the reaction from my body pores!

Jun Xie rubbed his nose, the only way to explain everything was to throw a pot of dirty water on himself, “Err, about that, I have also done that kind of thing before. You understand?”

“As expected from Third Young Master Jun! What an undoubtedly exceptional tactic!” Tang Yuan’s admiration for Jun Xie rose to great heights, he replied respectfully. “You are truly a great expert.”

Jun Xie was moved to the point of laughter and tears. He reminded, “Even though the promissory note is no more, I fear the fact that you lost your wife will likely be spread out by them. You should probably figure out something to do about it.”

“That is right! What should I do?” Discussing about this matter caused fear and anxiety to well up in Tang Yuan as he was lost about what to do about it.

“At the current, you only have one path to take! And that is to go back home immediately and tell everything that had happened to your old grandpa. You must not hide anything and you must not exaggerate anything! You must launch a pre-emptive strike! Let your grandfather make the decision on what to do, he will decide what kind of countermeasures to take. But if you were to wait until he hears about this from someone else and asks you about it, then you are truly finished!” Jun Xie laughed sinisterly in secret.

“As for you, you are simply someone who was set up. I believe that your old grandpa would not put too much blame on you! Not to mention, this matter can only be resolved in this manner, your old grandpa is far more capable in dealing with such matters compared to you. You must be feeling very furious at them right now, right? I will teach you another great trick. First, leave your sword and accompaniment jade with me for the time being. Then, take one million silver liang bills to redeem them! And when they cannot bring them out… you understand?” Jun Xie lowered his voice, almost as though he was a devil who was in the process of tempting the average laymen to commit crime.

“Correct!” Tang Yuan slapped his thigh, “This is the only viable way, and also the only chance to gain the initiative! But, all they need to do is redeem it from you with money…”

“You fool! Back then, they used those things as wager against my promise, and not against a specific amount of money! There is a world of difference here! Do you think I will give it to them? Stupid! After all that, are you saying you still do not understand? What are you still waiting for?” Jun Xie laughed.

“Oh, right! I will give you another good stuff,” As though he was performing a magic trick, Jun Xie pulled out a teacup from within his bosom. What was most surprising was that there were still a few drops of water within the bottom of the cup…

“This was the cup that contained the drug, I took it with me earlier,” Jun Xie smiled. “There seemed to be a bit left inside.”

“Hahaha… Pro! Truly a professional! Third Young Master is definitely a professional!” Fatty Tang carefully took the cup. He then quickly ‘rolled’ away with the sound of a horse breaking wind, just like a wild horse that had its rear sliced open.

“Trying to plot against me? Then I will just plot against you first!” Jun Xie observed the Fatty Tang’s back as he rolled away. Jun Xie smiled proudly. Considering the background of the fatty’s family and his wife’s family, the Li and Meng Family will probably be in for a busy time, right? Jun Xie had already prepared a small bench, ready to watch the incoming ‘show’.

This time around, the results would have been different were it not for the accidental participation of Dugu Xiaoyi and the change that had happened to Jun Moxie. Even if he had no fear towards them, to disrupt their plans would end up exposing his real strength, causing him to become the target of countless enemies. When that happened, the losses would outweigh the gains!

Even though his opponents were clearly also debauchees, these debauchees were backed by the first rate families of the city! Without the behest of these families, would these few lumps of shoddy material actually dare to drug Tang Yuan and Jun Moxie? Would they dare to act with such arrogance, with such recklessness?

Impossible! There was absolutely no such possibility of this happening!

Even though Jun Moxie himself was an extremely disappointing debauchee, behind him was Grandfather Jun, the Jun Family! Although it was clear to all that Grandfather Jun was the only one supporting the Jun Family, a thin, starving camel is still bigger than the horse! Within the military, nearly one third of the military generals were under the command of Grandfather Jun! As long as Grandfather Jun is still alive, then these men would become the debauchee, Jun Moxie’s solid support! Regardless of their willingness, their body were engraved with the mark ‘Jun’!

Once something happened, then the consequences would create a monstrous storm within the royal court. Once the Jun Family falls, these people will not have any good days either. They would be forced to fall apart and be suppressed by the other factions to the point of not being able to fight back! But as long as the Jun Family existed, these people will have a place to stand by. They would be able to come together to fight against their enemies, regardless of whether it was domestic or foreign enemies!

That was why nothing must happen to the Jun Family! That was why these men would not stand by should anything happened to Jun Moxie! Even though each of them looked down on this young debauchee, when the time comes to act, none of them will show any hesitation.

The same can be said of the Tang Family! The strength of the Tang Family may not be close to the Jun Family, but in the city, their strength was definitely amongst the top few! Should these two families come together, even the currently flourishing Dugu Family will be forced to take a step back.

Of course, this does not mean that the Jun Family’s strength was worse than the Dugu Family’s. During its most prosperous period, the Jun Family had once suppressed the Dugu Family to the point of them not daring to lift their heads. This situation lasted for a good seven years! But now that the Jun Family’s talents have fallen, and the Dugu Family’s new talents keep mushrooming out. They slowly produced new talents, one after another. It was here where they have overtaken the Jun Family by a great distance.

That is why the Dugu Family is currently the one with the most potential. At least, that is how it would appear to outsiders.

However, as long as Grandfather Jun remained alive, then the Jun Family will never fall! Even for the imperial powers, they must carefully consider before doing anything to the Jun Family. It can even be said that they… do not dare!

And yet, this Li and Meng Families actually came together at the same time to set up Tang Yuan and Jun Xie! This was very unusual.

Extremely unusual! If this had seemed ordinary, then something was wrong!

Indeed, the ones who were involved this time were only debauchees, genuine debauchees. Even if this matter were to be exposed, then the general population would only think that this was only some mischief caused by some youngsters. After laughing for a little, none of them would likely take them to heart. However, what if it had succeeded?

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