Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 26 – Five Type of Herbs

Chapter 026 Five Type of Herbs

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“You can go ahead, I have it under control. This time… you’ve done well,” Li Youran said calmly as he looked at the green clothed man.

The green clothed man suddenly became excited; he clenched his fists and replied. “This subordinate will return.” His actions were as though the words “done well” were a high level of praise!

Li Youran nodded lightly, his face still as calm as water. The green clothed man backtracked with his head down for ten paces before turning around. After turning around, he walked away with large strides. It was only then did he release a long sigh of relief. He dared not even let out a gasp while he was before the Young Master!

“Listen, immediately go inform my grandfather who is currently in the palace with His Majesty; inform him that Tang Wanli brought a group of experts to our Li Residence. But do not worry. Even though his coming will not be a good thing, it also represents a good opportunity. There are pros and cons to every situation, it all depends on whether we can grasp the benefits,” Li Youran faintly smiled; his dark hair billowed amongst the gentle winds.

In the darkness, an affirmative sound rang out. After a short while, that person left with a quick level of speed.

“Jun Moxie managed to escape this time, allowing the Jun Family the fortune of staying out of it. However, if the Old Duke Tang causes enough trouble for the Meng Family, then the Meng Family will be forced into a very difficult spot… When that happens, all grandfather needs to do is to act… causing the Meng and Tang Family to become enemies. We can bring the Meng Family to our side, we might even be able to make them submit… The Jun Family only have Jun Moxie as its successor, making plans to deal with them will not be difficult. As for the Dugu Family, we still cannot move against them, or rather we are unable to…”

Li Youran lightly sighed. He held out his clean hands, his hands white and delicate. Looking as though he was fearful of disturbing the tranquil environment of the tree peony, he plucked out a piece of leaf. Lowering his head, he gazed placidly at the green leaf and said: “But even so, it is… not so bad. At least, it is interesting.”

From afar, the sound of thundering hooves can be heard. Soon, the sound came before the doors of the residence.

Li Youran smiled gently. Raising his eyebrows, he ordered: “Open the gates and greet the Senior Duke Tang with utmost courtesy!”

Finishing the sentence, his slender fingers suddenly flicked outwards. His body gave out a flash of yellow and the leaf in his grasp flew out with a golden glow; it silently embedded itself onto the tree peony’s tree trunk…

At the same time that the green leaf shot outwards, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed, the clouds billowed, reaching the skies above. The fearsome wind had begun blowing.

At the moment when the lightning flashed, Li Youran’s white robes was swept upwards by the violent wind. With a flash, his upright body disappeared from the courtyard…

Where did Jun Xie go?

The place Jun Xie went to was one that Grandpa Jun could not have guessed of even in his wildest dreams. This place was one, which Grandpa Jun had absolutely believed that Jun Xie would never step into forever. This was the place where Jun Moxie had suffered a severe beating twice! Each of these beatings left him unable to crawl out of bed for half a month. Furthermore, these two beatings were the only two times since birth that he had to suffer from domestic violence!

And that location was Jun Moxie’s third uncle, Jun Wuyi’s courtyard.

Jun Wuyi devoted his entire life to the military. Even his living quarters was located as close as possible to the Jun Family’s military training grounds.

Jun Wuyi was abnormally quiet as he sat on his wheelchair. He swept his gaze across the flower garden and stared at the Jun Family bodyguards exercising within the training grounds. His expression changed, the long absent heart of a warrior seemed to have been rekindled.

Jun Xie was squatted before him, his hands utilizing the mysterious Fortune Art as he inspected Jun Wuyi’s legs. He checked from top to bottom and from bottom to top. He checked very carefully, from every inch of tendons to every fibre of muscles!

A month ago, Jun Xie’s body did not contain even a trace of internal energy, making it impossible for him to check. Now though, not only did he possess internal energy, it was one titled as the ‘First Eternal Art’, the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune! As such, Jun Xie wanted to carefully check again to ensure that nothing was amiss before deciding the method of treatment.

After a long time, Jun Xie who was drenched in sweat stopped checking. He stood up with lit up eyes.

“How is it?” Jun Wuyi’s chiselled face seemed as though he was indifferent towards the result as he asked with a light tone. However, his pair of fists was tightly clenched; the veins on the back of his hands throbbed explosively. It was obvious that his heart was unable to remain calm!

Although he did take note of Jun Xie’s lit up eyes, he was unable to bring himself to believe that his legs that had been paralyzed for so long could have any hope of being restored!

Jun Xie was his final and only hope!

He dared not even ask Jun Xie if he could be cured and only asked, “how is it”.

His desire for an affirmative answer was simply that high!

“Your condition cannot be considered optimistic, but there is no need to be pessimistic,” Jun Xie smiled. “There is a need to exert some efforts, but I am confident that I can allow you to stand up again!”

“Excellent!” Jun Wuyi was no longer able to refrain himself from expressing happiness on his face. Despite the excitement, there was some scepticism. After all, countless world-renowned doctors had assessed his legs before and concluded that it was hopeless. Even if he had been acting strange lately, how could the debauchee nephew of his come up with the ability to cure him? However, Jun Wuyi who was like a drowning man had no intention of waiting for death. He would try to grasp even a straw in order to survive. Even if this nephew of his was only bragging, he would only end up being disappointed one more time. How could outsiders understand the Third Master Jun’s state of mind?

“I will list down the necessary herbs. Third Uncle will need to make arrangements for people to buy it up. As long as these few herbs can be obtained, I believe that the day Third Uncle stand up again will not be too far off,” Jun Xie said.

“Very well! Which herbs are they? Are any of them especially rare and expensive? I will immediately arrange our men out to search for it!” Jun Wuyi became very anxious.

“Intestinal cracker flower, Common heart grass, Nine leaf grass, Persistent severing root and Blazing meridian lotus,” Jun Xie listed out five types of herbs in one breath. Naturally, he had stated the names given to these herbs in this world. For the past few days, he had been searching through all the medical books in the library building since the names of these herbs that he knew of is different from that of his past life. Thankfully, the library building does possess a significant number of medical books. Jun Xie was able to find what he needed by following the medical information of the herbs. Using that method, he found the name of the herbs in this world.

“I have heard of the Common heart grass, Intestinal cracker flower and the Persistent severing root. But what kind of herb is the Nine leaf grass and Blazing meridian lotus?” Jun Wuyi frowned. He was someone who had been seeking a cure for his condition for a long time, his experience with the knowledge of medicine can be said to be quite extraordinary. However, he did not know of those two herbs. What was even more surprising was that these names actually came out of Jun Xie’s mouth.

Jun Xie smiled as he took out a book from his bosom. He showed Jun Wuyi a picture of a plant from the book of plants. “This is the Nine leaf grass, and this is the Blazing Meridian lotus. Among the herbs I listed, the Blazing meridian lotus is quite hard to find as it is rarely seen. The rest of the herbs are quite commonly seen and should be available in our residence’s medical warehouse. If it is not, then it should be available in the city’s medical shops.”

“Great!” Jun Wuyi’s eyes stared fervently at the few herbs on the book, as though it was a priceless treasure, his voice trembling.

It has been a whole decade! He can finally feel a strand of hope before him!

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