Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 27 – Show Me Your True Abilities

Chapter 027 Show Me Your True Abilities

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“Third Uncle, if our medical warehouse does not have the herbs we need then you will need to pay extra care to detail. We cannot only send one person to go buy the necessary herbs. If possible, send a few of them, each charged with buying one of the herbs. Most importantly, no one must know the reason for buying these herbs! Even if others may not know of what these combined herbs can do, we must still act to prevent any “what if’s”! In fact, I must carefully check all the herbs even after we have finished gathering them before processing it!”

Jun Xie continued.

“As of now, our Jun Family is in the decline, withering day by day. But once Third Uncle’s body is restored, the situation will become totally different! I believe that there are many who wished that Third Uncle would stay paralyzed forever. And that is why this matter requires utmost discretion! Once Third Uncle is able to stand, then you will become a hidden trump card for our Jun Family! Third Uncle, I believe you understand what I mean.”

“Correct!” Jun Wuyi looked at his nephew with a pleased feeling. “Moxie, you have matured! Even if I lose the opportunity to stand again, with you in our Jun Family, I believe that our family will not fall!” Jun Wuyi had naturally understood Jun Xie’s words. However, to hear those words coming out of his mouth, in addition to the amount of thoughtfulness and long term planning within caused Jun Wuyi to feel greatly elated!

Jun Xie gave out a feeble laugh, turning his head to the other side. For someone who had once been the number one assassin in the world to be complimented as such: You have matured…

It somehow felt highly embarrassing!

Jun Xie felt himself unable to receive such a praise… In his mind, he was thankful, thankful that the praise was “Moxie, you have matured”. If the praise had been “Jun Xie, you have matured”… Should that happen, his face was as good as lost.

If anyone from his past life came to know that someone had spoken to the Evil Monarch in such a manner, they might just choke to death on the spot.

“Moxie, what do you think of our house guards’ training?” As he listened to the distant roars or vigour and observing the robust bodies drenched in sweat from training, Jun Wuyi felt a sense of restlessness which he had not felt for a long time.

“Nothing more than showing style but no substance!” When Jun Xie who was in the middle of his reverie heard the question, he answered without hesitation. He did not even hide the tone of disdain in his voice.

“Style but no substance?” Jun Wuyi laughed as he shook his head. “You claim that these training done by our house guards with the cultivation of Seventh or Eighth level Xuan Qi are only style but no substance? Moxie, these words of yours is truly something.”

“Can this even be considered training? What effects will these training have?” Jun Xie retorted. “This kind of stuff can at best be considered an exercise regimen. How can you call it training? No matter how you look at it, they are simply a bunch of idle people coming together to exercise their body shape. Actually, even the effect of improving their body shape is not really there. I really do not see how this training could help them in the battlefield. Or should I say, it will not help them inflict any damage to their enemies should they meet any! The way I see it, there is no difference between them and a wave of disposable fodder! They are simply a group of normal people, with nothing in them, wasting both time and effort with their worthless workouts, no more, no less!

“Disposable fodder? Worthless workouts?” Jun Wuyi was unable to restrain himself and shouted, his eyebrows raised. “Moxie, I know that you do not like to practice martial arts; that is why you do not understand the importance of basic training. But even so, you cannot belittle these men! Ignorance is not a terrible thing, but to allow your ignorance to insult these soldiers is unacceptable! Each and every one of these men are elite war veterans of a hundred battles! It is only because there are no more wars right now that they would become our Jun Family bodyguards. Every single one of them has proven themselves to be a real man! I will consider your words from earlier as a casual joke. But if you dare to insult them again, then do not blame me for being unkind! These kinds of words cannot be used even as a joke!”

When he finished his words, Jun Wuyi suddenly released an awe-inspiring aura! Even though he has a calm disposition, Jun Xie was also startled. His Third Uncle’s body may have been paralyzed, but his heart could not be shattered. Once his body was restored, he would definitely become the best pillar of support!

“A joke? Third Uncle may not understand what I meant, but everything I said is the truth. At the same time, those words were not meant as a joke!” Jun Xie stretched his hands, his face expressing innocence.

“I did not mean to say that they are useless, nor did I mean to insult them. I believe that anyone that could return from the battlefield alive is an iron-blooded man, worthy of respect. As for their training, anyone could see that they are training assiduously with all their heart. But just because one trains assiduously with all their heart, will one be able to win the war? It is very normal for those who train assiduously with all their heart to die the moment they step into the battlefield. The reason I said they are simply doing worthless workouts is because their way of training is wrong!”

“Their way of training is wrong?” Even though Jun Wuyi’s face retained an expression of fury, he had begun considering those words. Since a while ago, this nephew of his had been acting very different compared to the past. Every word of his would contain certain meanings. Could it be…

“Let us take these two sparring guards as an example. Third Uncle, from your observation, do you think these two are playing a game or fighting each other? Every attack is done with reservation, their faces filled with smiles. Hehe, can this still be called training? Even basic training cannot be this childish; they are simply having fun in pairs! Is this not showing style but no substance?” Jun Xie pointed with his hands: “Let us look there instead; those men are lifting logs to the point where they are drenched in sweat before putting it down. It seems to be quite difficult, right? But in fact, it is worth fart. They have not even reached the limit of their bodies! These men possess a huge amount of strength however; they stopped lifting once they start perspiring all over even though they still have plenty of energy to spare. In other words, even if they were to continue training like this for ten years, their strength will not progress in any way. The only effect is that they will be more proficient with certain actions. By doing so, their slumbering potential becomes wasted, is this not a worthless workout?”

“For these people, they can survive in the battlefield thanks to their good luck! As for being labelled a warrior or a hero, that is something of a happy accident!” Jun Xie heartlessly looked at those men. “Men of this level can at best only be assigned to watch over the house. They cannot be entrusted with bigger forms of responsibility! Third Uncle, after listening to all these, do you still think I am insulting them?”

Jun Xie’s words can only be described as terribly blunt, however, Jun Wuyi did not became angry. Instead, he became submerged in his thoughts.

Jun Xie gave out several “hey”s in laughter, “If Grandpa had really thought of depending on these people to preserve the Jun Family, then I fear that this family would already have been destroyed hundreds and thousands of times. As such, I conclude that Grandpa must have another group of elites. These elites are the true pillars of strength of the Jun Family! Even though I have never seen them nor did I obtain any confirmation, I am confident that they exist! As for these people, they are here simply to serve as a front. Third Uncle, you are not possibly trying to tell me that you actually have that high of an evaluation towards these men who can only serve as a front, right?”

At this moment, Jun Wuyi was looking at Jun Xie with a strange expression. After a long time, he said: “If these men’s training were to be handed over to you, what can I expect? What kind of unbelievable strength can they obtain if you were to train them?”

“Hand over their training to me? I do not have that kind of free time!” Jun Xie curled his lips: “Smelling their sweaty odour every day, I will end up smelling them to death. The smell of soldiers does not equate the smell of sweat! The military spirit is also neither a product of sweat nor shouts, it is the product of killing in the battlefield!”

“Bring me over there,” Jun Wuyi gave a “heng”, his chiselled face looking contemplative but firm. “Jun Moxie, show me your true abilities!”

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