Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 30 – Harsh

Chapter 030 Harsh

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“Since you are all willing, I will now announce the rules of my training,” Jun Xie coldly stated. “I will say this only once, anyone who violates the rules will be killed without exception! There are no second chances here!”

“In my training, there is no corporal punishment! The word regret does not exist! There is only victory, or death! These two are the only paths available for you!”

“From this moment onwards until the end of your training, I am your highest authority! During this period of time, you are only allowed to listen to my orders! You are not allowed to listen to any other person! Remember well, even if it is my Third Uncle or even my grandfather, even they are not allowed to interfere! Anyone dares who violate this command, decapitation!”

“Everyone must arrive on time for training! Anyone dares to be late, decapitation!”

“Anyone dares to voice their dissatisfaction, decapitation!”

“Anyone dares to disobey my command, decapitation!”

“ …, decapitation!”


A series of “decapitation” shouts rang loudly, its murderous aura ascending to the skies! In correspondence to these shouts of “decapitation”, Jun Xie’s eyes exuded an awe-inspiring aura filled with killing intent! Three hundred warriors stared straight ahead, their bodies stood straight, their muscles tensed, fear evident within them.

Even Jun Wuyi, who was seated on the wheelchair, had been unconsciously affected. His blood boiled, his upper body part straightened. It felt as though he had returned back in time to when he first started, listening to his father’s lecture! Staring at Jun Xie’s eyes at that very moment brought forth a zealous expression to his face. The rampaging aura of an iron-blooded soldier, which had been lost, had surged back into him!

Jun Xie’s provocative words had transformed these house guards. These iron-blooded men had once again donned the identity of a fearless soldier; their imposing battle aura had risen to its peak! Jun Wuyi can already imagine what kind of effect this provocation can accomplish in a real battle! All who heard those words would smile, exuding that form of heroic fearlessness as they charged towards death! Life and death no longer mattered, no resentment, no regrets!

With such a kind of leadership, how can one lose?

At another side of the training grounds, Grandpa Jun was standing within the shadows. His face turned red as his calm demeanour lost its ground against his boiling blood. His eyes stared widely at Jun Xie, both his hands and beard trembled, showing just how excited his heart was.

Is this really my debauchee grandson? Did these words really come out of his mouth? What a magnificent aura of aspiration! What a sky towering spirit! What a… Grandpa Jun got carried away and started rubbing his eyes. Ah! He rubbed to the point of tears.

After he managed to calm down the feelings of excitement, Jun Zhan Tian turned away. His originally hunched body suddenly became straight, his eyes glinted akin to surging lightning, and his body glowed with a form of pride and self-confidence! The Housekeeper, Old Pang suddenly felt that the great general who had once become an invincible figure across the world had returned!

After the Jun Family suffered countless tragic and bloody battles, Old Pang had not seen this heroic bearing from Jun Zhan Tian for countless years. But now, it has finally resurfaced!

Indeed! Jun Xie’s performance that had given this old man a great surprise and… hope! It had allowed Jun Zhan Tian to believe that his Jun Family still had hope! Moreover, this was a great, radiant hope!

This grandson might actually be able to let the Jun Family regain its glory. Wrong! It is not a ‘might’, but a certainty!

The Heavens itself is blessing the Jun Family!

“Relay my commands! From this moment on, anything pertaining to the Young Master, be it his words or actions, will all become our Jun Family’s number one secret! This is a first grade verbal command! Anyone who dares to violate my command will be killed without exception! In addition, those who violate my command will face the nine familial extermination!”

“Clear those spies sent by the other families that we were keeping an eye on! As for those sent by the royal court, find an excuse to transfer them away. Next, mobilize all our shadow operatives! They are to carefully observe the inner and outer movements of the Jun Residence. Anyone found to be passing off messages to the outside must be killed without exception! We will take this opportunity to clean the house, put in every effort to ensure that nothing slips past us!”

Jun Zhan Tian’s tone carried with it the image of an unyielding tyrant, a determined tyrant with no tolerance for any form of doubt! At this moment, Old Pang could sense a strong murderous aura seeping out from him. Through this, he could tell how important this matter was to Jun Zhan Tian. If someone were to actually leak anything out, then Jun Zhan Tian would seriously start a bloodbath!

Jun Zhan Tian did not know why his own grandson would conceal his own capabilities to such an extent. However, since he did that much, then there would certainly be a reason, there must be a plan! Jun Xie’s performance today had truly surprised him, an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Nevertheless, in his opinion, this grandson of his had made a somewhat reckless move! If news of this matter were to spread out, then a great number of eyes will set their sights onto Jun Xie.

Grandpa Jun had no desire to find out if these people had good intentions or bad intentions!

Thus, this wise old man decided that the first thing he must do for his grandson was to help him ‘clean his butt’! He issued a verbal order, a first grade verbal order! Any who disobeyed will face the extermination of nine kindred!

In reality, there was no such thing as concealment of abilities. Jun Moxie was simply no longer Jun Moxie, but was instead Jun Xie! He was the king of assassins from a different world, the Evil Monarch!

Meanwhile, Jun Xie’s shouts kept resounding from the training grounds.

“Now, listen to my orders! You now have ten breaths of time to prepare; I want the three hundred of you to form two teams! If you are unable to complete this task on time, all of you will go run around the training ground for a hundred laps! Begin!”

Once the sentence was uttered, the formation became a chaotic mess as men moved in and out, interweaving between one another. In a short amount of time, they had already divided themselves into two groups, each consisting of a hundred and fifty men.

“Good! One hundred and fifty men will form a company, and then divide it into five platoons; each platoon holds thirty men. Next, divide the platoon into three squads with ten men each! I will now give you half an incense stick’s time; I do not care how you decide but you must elect the leader for each company, platoons and squads!”

“Remember! This choice is one you made. As such, you will need to obey the orders of your leader. If anyone tries to disobey orders and show disrespect, then he will be punished according to military protocols, decapitation!”

After saying that, Jun Xie ignored their discussions and turned to face Jun Wuyi.

Jun Wuyi silently regarded him, then suddenly smiled out. His eyes exhibited a heavy sense of surprise. “Moxie, your performance today had genuinely shocked your Third Uncle.”

Jun Xie brushed his nose as he laughed. “What are your thoughts, uncle?”

Jun Xie did not specify his question, but Jun Wuyi understood what he meant. “Originally, I had intended to nit-pick at you. However, I truly could not find any faults to point out! If our kingdom’s military forces can undergo this kind of training, how can they not sweep uncontested across the world?”

“Sweep uncontested throughout the world…” A dark line appeared on Jun Xie’s forehead. “Third Uncle is exaggerating. It is only that my starting concept is different from yours. The reason you train your soldiers is for the sake of Tianxiang Kingdom, however, the reason I train these soldiers is for the sake of our Jun Family! I am training them to ensure the safety of our family. When taking this into consideration, one can see a critical difference!”

“For the sake of the Kingdom? For the sake of our Jun Family?” Jun Wuyi was originally a great general who was highly loyal to the kingdom. But, after having suffered such a tragedy and forced to idle away at home for ten years, this thought had slowly faded away. He could see that the Jun Family had rendered a great number of meritorious services to the country after suffering through innumerable hardships. However, both his brothers and nephews were killed in battle. As for himself, he was paralyzed for life. If these had happened on the battlefield and their enemies openly defeated them, then Jun Wuyi would have no complaints. But, everything that had happened to them occurred under suspicious circumstances, and yet the kingdom remained indifferent…

His father, Jun Zhan Tian had constantly tried to investigate this matter. Several times he had managed to find some clues regarding the matter, but was suddenly cut off from any further information. There was no way that these occurrences were not caused by someone. Yet again, the kingdom remained apathetic to these occurrences, causing Jun Wuyi to become detached.

If this was ten years ago, if this was the hot-blooded Jun Wuyi from back then, hearing someone say that training soldiers was for the sake of their own family instead of for the sake of the kingdom, he would have jumped out to catch the culprit, accusing him to being a criminal, a traitor to the kingdom! But, the Jun Wuyi of today no longer have that kind of perspective. Instead, he was at a complete loss.

Was it worth it? Was it truly worth it?

“Our Jun Family is a great pillar which many had set their sights on, and is currently standing upon a precarious position. The Kingdom on the other hand is filled with tumultuous undercurrents. Under these circumstances, our Jun Family could face an insoluble calamity at any moment! If it was not for this, is there really anything bad about being an unaccomplished freeloader waiting for death’s call?” Jun Xie sighed.

“This is the reason why you finally decided to reveal your true self?” Jun Wuyi stared quietly at Jun Xie with falcon-like eyes. “Are you saying that if our family was not forced to these kinds of straits, then you would have continued messing around as a debauchee? I find it hard to believe that someone as young as you can possess this profound level of insight.”

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