Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 29 – Extreme Provocation

“They say some defeats are meaningful and losing makes you stronger. Do you understand what that means? For living creatures, victory is life, and defeat means death. It’s an extreme example, but humans retain that instinct. Those who know the terror of defeat, hunger for victory,” Teppei Kiyoshi (Kuroko no Basket)

Chapter 029 Extreme Provocation

No answer came forth. The house guards were all left breathless; their faces flushed red, as though they were all suffocating! An unbelievable degree of humiliation coursed deep into their hearts, causing them to feel utterly shamed!

Why? If others can do it, why can’t we? Others can break through to the next level, but we on the other hand, could not? Those fellow comrades had once fought by our side, but are now occupying positions of authority, looking down on others from their lofty positions! Why is it that we are unable to look down on others as they are now?

“Some of you may say: those who managed to become generals through their contributions are all people with good luck! As for those who managed to advance higher in terms of Xuan Qi cultivation, their talents are simply higher compared to you all! Others did not select you because they cannot recognize your potential! I will say only this, those are but petty quibble! Luck? Why didn’t you people grab onto that luck? Those of you who think that you were born with bad talents are those who admit to being a trash by birth! Those who complain that others cannot recognize your talent; I say that is a stupid excuse! If you are the employer, would you choose a trash or a useful person?”

Everyone remained silent, each of them breathing heavily, their eyes completely red.

“The reason I am talking about all these is not because I wanted to poke at your old scars! It is because you people are living too comfortable of a life, leading to a loss of courage! As the saying goes, be aware of shame and move forward with courage! It is not scary to be in the wrong! What is scary, is that all of you are still unaware that you are in the wrong; showing satisfaction at your accomplishments, being prideful of your own self! This is simply unforgivable! Those of you here have never considered this matter before. If any of you had considered what I had said before, then, you would not be here!”

“There exist many kinds of motivation for us humans. However, humiliation remains the most important of them all! Tell me, do you want to continue your existence as a trash? Do you want to continue on being a worthless freeloader waiting for death’s call while watching over the courtyard? Do you want to continue being humiliated and stepped on by others? Do you want to continue being lectured by me to the point where none of you can lift your heads up high again?”

Before Jun Xie could continue a loud voice rang out before him: “NO!” At first, the cries were disordered, but later on, the shout resounded to the point where it could topple mountains and invert the seas. Everyone in the vicinity had their emotions incited as they shouted uncontrollably! Their shouts resounded loudly as though they were about to break their own throats, their blood having surged upwards into their heads!

“Excellent! This shows that there is still hope for you people! You people are not beyond salvation!” Jun Xie walked forward two paces, and then suddenly tilted his head. “Do any of you have this kind of thoughts?” Jun Xie slowed down and waited for a moment before continuing. “Even if we are trash, we are still stronger than you who are nothing more than a useless freeloading debauchee, one who can amount to nothing! Am I right? That is why even though you are bound by my Third Uncle’s order to obey me; all of you feel only contempt for me! Am I right again?”

Many of them raised their heads. Even though none of them dared to say a word, their expressions showed that their hearts had indeed felt that way.

“Unfortunately for you, your thought process is a mistake. Furthermore, it is an exceptionally big mistake!” Jun Xie spread out his hands. “I am merely a debauchee, whereas all of you are a survivor of a hundred battles, an iron blooded man! But I will say this, none of you have more worth than me! Why are you not worth more than me? The answer is simple; it is because I have a good grandfather, it is because I have a good uncle, it is because I have a good father and also because I have two good brothers! It is they who sacrificed everything so that our Jun Family can be where it is today! These are all things that you do not have! Even if I, Jun Moxie am nothing more than a downright debauchee, even if I am to go kill innocents, there will be someone who will help me solve the problem, there will be someone who will help me succeed in life! This is yet another thing which none of you have! That is also why, none of you have more worth than me! The Laws of Heaven has its own equilibrium; you must first sacrifice something before you can obtain something else. Even a debauchee must pay a price for being a debauchee! Moreover, this price is by no means small! Among the normal populace, there is no such thing as a debauchee! That is because they are unable to meet the necessary conditions; their parents did not pay the price for them to do so. That is why none of them can be insulted as a debauchee! And that is why they will never be called a debauchee!”

“There is no need for us to look at others. The best example is right in front of you! My grandfather, Jun Zhan Tian was a commoner from birth. He entered the military and was baptized by the blood of hundred battles, forging the Jun Family of today! Did you think that my grandfather was far stronger than all of you when he first started out?”

The story of Jun Zhan Tian’s rise to prominence was basically a legend within Tianxiang Kingdom! Naturally, these men knew about his life story better than anyone else. Hearing those words, their eyes emitted a blazing spark. Some of them began trembling all over, their hearts stirred to the zenith!

Could we also have such a time?

“That is enough. Having said so much, I believe all of you understand what I am trying to say! All of you have enough luck, enough to survive the war, gaining enough contributions to live this kind of peaceful lives to the point of treating training as a game! However, the price that you have paid is enough only for you to pass the days like this! No more, no less!”

Jun Xie suddenly stopped pacing and turned to face them, stating each word with emphasis. “I have only this to ask of you, do you hunger to break through this current state and become a first-rate expert? Do you hunger to surpass those who had achieved more than you? Do you hunger to carry a greater and more important responsibility instead of being just a residential watchdog? And…”

Jun Xie gave a peculiar smile. “Do you want your children and grandchildren to be able to do what I do? They can become a carefree debauchee that nobody can bully. Did you ever consider that if you were to succeed one day, then as long as your children are born, your successes would become an unimaginably powerful form of assistance for them? Have you ever considered that this would allow them to climb to the top with much less effort than necessary? You can even become a big family like that of our Jun Family, Li Family or the Dugu Family! The fate of your child and grandchild can be transformed by your efforts alone!”

The bright future that Jun Xie had painted out caused everyone to breathe heavily in excitement; their fists were clenched tightly, green veins pulsing uncontrollably, eyes becoming bloodshot!

Amidst the silence, Jun Xie suddenly roared. “Do you want it? Yes or no!”

“YES!” Three hundred men shouted loudly in unison! Their cries shook the skies! Three hundred voices exploded outwards from the bottom of their hearts at the same time! At this moment, it seemed as though Heaven and Earth itself trembled a few!

“Since you want it, then listen to my orders! Under my training regimen, no one is allowed to complain! I will lead you in a way that will allow your sacrifices to bring you the biggest possible reward!” Jun Xie coldly looked at them. “However, everyone must keep in mind of this one important fact. Under my training regimen, there is a chance that some of you will die! Some of you may even end up being disabled! This is the price that you may have to pay, and so I shall give you the opportunity to reconsider. After thinking about it carefully; those of you who are still willing to accept my training regimen, take a step forward! Those who are afraid do not move from your original position. I will warn you again, with the exception of dying, no one is allowed to quit before my training ends! That is why all of you must make this choice here and now!”

“I will count up to three! Before I count up to three, you must make your decision!” Jun Xie shouted loudly. “One! …”

Before the words two and three were uttered, all three hundred men, with a stern expression of warriors marching bravely to their death, took a big step forward in an orderly manner. This step of theirs was done with such force, that the dirt on the ground trembled and dust were raised; even the ground beneath them seemed to have shaken from their actions!

Jun Wuyi who was watching at the side looked onwards with eyes filled with approval and… respect!

Jun Xie had raised their morale using provocative tactics. At this moment, none of them would raise an eyebrow even if they were ordered to march to their deaths! Jun Xie had stimulated their morale to the very limit! The bloodthirsty nature of these war veterans had been pulled out to the extreme! Jun Wuyi was a general who had always been the one to stir the hearts of soldiers. However, listening to these words, he too felt his blood boiling, his breath becoming deep. At this very moment, he felt as though he was overlooking a blazing battlefield, acrid smoke filling the air, corpses piling up as high as mountains, blood flowing everywhere akin to a sea of blood!

A lengthy and desolate howl rose from within the soul, seemingly carrying within it a grand and magnificent image. It brought forth the image of a thousand soldiers, marching indifferently to their bloody deaths, their hearts burning up from their fiery blood! Charge through a hundred battles without regrets! Face life and death without regrets!

The spark of bloodlust! At this point in time, Jun Wuyi and the three hundred men all exuded the same spark of bloodlust from their eyes!

In this one moment, all three hundred men shared the same thought. In order to rid themselves of this humiliation, why should they not brave death?

Not even Jun Xie could have imagined that this action of his, forced by Jun Wuyi to take over the responsibility of training these men, would result in him creating an invincible team capable of shaking the world. This team would strike fear into the hearts of the enemies, crippling their courage and forcing them to retreat without a fight; an unstoppable godlike team!

This squadron was named: Sky Razing Soul Devourers!

The otherworldly Evil Monarch’s first ever team of warriors who will become invincible throughout the world was born today! An unstoppable godlike team was born of utter humiliation! What kind of brilliance will this team show to the world?

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