Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 6 – Xuan Qi

Chapter 006: Xuan Qi

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“Third Uncle, regarding the matter of your ailment, you must select those who are trustworthy, especially when it comes to those who will help massage you. It will best if no one is to know about this matter. If this treatment is to fail, then us uncle and nephew will not have to lose so much face,” Jun Xie spoke after thinking over for a while.

“Ha ha, even if the treatment were to be successful, I still would not inform anyone about it! Your Third Uncle is not an idiot! What you fear is that this matter will invite trouble for us, right? Besides, if you can truly cure my waist and legs, then both you and I will become the perfect hidden cards for our Jun family! How can I not know about something like this? You little devil, you even tried to use your Third Uncle’s face as an excuse.”

Jun Wuyi let out a laugh, and then he pinched his face. He suddenly had a startling thought, in his heart he realized; this brat was once his most beloved nephew. Yet, how long has it been since the both of them were so intimate? On the other hand, perhaps it was precisely because they have not been so intimate for such a long time… maybe that was why he had such a strange feeling when he saw him again today.

Portraying himself on the surface as a debauchee for so many years, could it be that there was a different face hidden underneath? Jun Wuyi’s gaze was locked onto Jun Xie’s back as he turned and was about to walked away, Jun Wuyi’s heart bubbled with anticipation.

He looked forward to seeing whether or not his injury can be treated successfully, and even more so, he looked forward to seeing if his nephew truly had… a hidden face?!

“Third Uncle, you have already reached Earth Xuan rank, correct?” Jun Xie asked with laughter.

“You peeping tom!” Jun Wuyi chuckled, his heart felt an incomparable sense of carefreeness, and replied: “I’ve just reached this realm this year, it’s not stabilized yet.”

“You’re being modest,” Jun Xie curled his lips: “What is above Earth Xuan rank?”

Jun Wuyi’s face looked startled, he replied. “Xuan Qi cultivation begins with nine levels, after the nine levels comes the Silver level, Gold level, Jade level; the levels end here. Above it are the Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan, and the Supreme Divine Xuan!”

“From the first level to third level, the released Xuan Qi will be noticeable, the colours are, dim red, pink red, and thick red. Fourth level to sixth level, the colour is purple with the same three stages. From seven to nine, the colour is black! Moxie, when you go outside, you must keep a careful lookout for these signs. One careless interpretation could end in disaster!”

“I understand, Third Uncle,” Jun Xie smiled, his face remained indifferent.

Jun Wuyi passionately recited: “Silver is the beginning, Gold is growth, Jade signifies the budding process, Nine and below are but ants; Earth Xuan splits everything, Sky Xuan leaves only the air, Supreme Divine Xuan becomes formless, comparable to the Nine Heavens transforming into a soaring dragon!”

“This is the recitals for the Xuan Qi stages! Only when you’ve reached the Silver Xuan will you be considered a beginner! As for you…” Jun Wuyi looked at Jun Xie, a gentle look appeared in his eyes: “You will have your own path to take. Just because one is a man, that does not mean he must use his own hands to kill.”

Jun Xie smiled: “I understand, I am not someone who will kill people all the time.” He personally added within his mind: Without any remuneration, there is no way I will kill anyone. Naturally, there is one condition: Do not mess with me!

The current Jun Xie had absolutely no interest in this so-called Xuan Qi, so he did not try to take any steps towards understanding it. After sending Jun Wuyi back to his room, Jun Xie walked back with a slow pace. While walking halfway though, he turned around and went towards the library building.

The reason he entered this place, was none other than the fact that the previous Third Young Master Jun had too little information in his brain. With the exception of information pertaining to sensual pleasures, gambling, eating and drinking, his head was basically filled with nothing else, a sticky blob of worthless mud. No matter how much Jun Xie wanted to glean some useful information from his memories, it was impossible. This was why he needed to spend some time to reorganize everything within his memories. At the very least, he must tidy it up! That way, even if this Third Young Master Jun’s brain has no useful information, he could at least understand the state of the Jun family.

Jun Xie entered the library building and stayed inside for the whole day, not going out at all.

“Senior Master, after Young Master left your place, he had a good chat with the Third Master for some time. From the looks of it, Third Master seems happy. In recent years, it is rare to see the Third Master looking so happy.”

Within Jun Zhan Tian’s study, an old man bowed before Jun Zhan Tian, reporting the whereabouts of Jun Xie.

“?” Jun Zhan Tian’s face, which had maintained a calm demeanour all these years expressed a stunned look. This uncle and nephew have always been as incompatible as fire and water for so many years; whenever they meet, both of them will throw looks of ridicule at one another. The more they see one another, the more their eyes will feel sored. How could these two suddenly decide to start a conversation today? In addition, they had a good chat. To think that Jun Wuyi would end up becoming happy from that conversation, this was too surprising, it would not be far-fetched to consider this an abnormal occurrence.

“What were they talking about?” Jun Zhan Tian asked as he drank some tea; his voice remained casual.

“In recent years, even though the Third Master was disabled, he was still able to cultivate himself at great pace. Considering that he is now at the early Earth Xuan stage, I dared not get too close and was unable to hear the contents of their conversation. I was only able to see that both Third Master and Young Master were obviously happy while chatting agreeably away,” The old man answered respectfully.

“Agreeable?” Jun Zhan Tian stroked his beard: “How is that possible? For them to be together for so long without anyone dying is already an extremely fortunate event. And yet they were actually chatting agreeably?”

“This matter is absolutely true! Senior Master, after the Young Master left the Third Master, he actually went straight into the library building and has yet to come out! The library building does not have many external factors or influence; I believe it is of minimal importance. But the matter of the Young Master having a conversation with the Third Master is too surprising, that is why I decided quickly report it to Senior Master!”

“You did the right thing, but you said this kid went into the… library building?” Jun Zhan Tian’s beard trembled, and his eyes widened in shock: “Are you sure you said it right? That little bastard Jun Moxie actually went to the library building? Instead of the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavillion, Wafting Fragrance Pavillion or others… like that?”

The old man nodded firmly: “It is the library building! There is no mistake, Senior Master!”

Jun Zhan Tian practically jumped up from his seat, then paced back and forth in the room. His usually calm exterior was gone, replaced by a deep frown as he tugged his own beard. “Old Pang, do you know what this bastard plans to do inside the library building?” He suddenly stopped. “It can’t be that he’s going to set it on fire, is he?”

“The Young Master was reading books inside. Judging by how quiet he was, I felt that he would not be leaving anytime soon, that is why I could feel at ease and return to make a report.” Old Pang replied, his mouth restraining the desire to laugh.

“Reading books?!” Grandpa Jun cried out in surprise as he tugged out a strand of his own beard. Curling his lips, he asked. “He is really reading those books?”

“He is, Senior Master.”

After thinking for a long while, Jun Zhan Tian waved his hand. “Reading is a good thing. Since that is the case, do not disturb him for now. Once he leaves the library, get me those books that he was looking over for me to inspect. I am really curious, just what is he planning? Could it be he was looking for erotic paintings? Well… it is all right even if that is what he is looking for. Since he is coming of age now, having a look at those things is no big deal, I still remember… He he, Old Pang, do not allow anyone to bother that kid!”

“Understood, Senior Master.”

Jun Zhan Tian walked for another two rounds, then he raised his head upwards. Calming himself down, he thought. “If those are not ero… could it be this kid has finally woken up and decided to turn over a new leaf?” He shook his head and sighed aloud. “If this is truly the case, then this old bag will really need to go burn some incense and pray to the spirit of the ancestors…”

Once night time arrived, the butler Old Pang went ahead to collect all the books that Jun Xie read before; in total there were a few dozen, which he bundled over.

Jun Zhan Tian placed each book on the table, his face frowning.

“Xuan Xuan Continent’s Current Situation, Continental Travelogue, Continental Mountains Records, Person of the Year List, Records of Strange Flowers and Exotic Grasses, Continental Wars Discussion, Xuan Xuan Art of War…” Grandpa Jun spent the entire night looking over the books that his grandson read, his expressions would change constantly in confusion, surprise, happiness. He would sigh, puff, shake his head, and nod his head. It was estimated that he has used up half his entire life’s worth of facial expressions in that one night…

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