Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 7 – Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda

Chapter 007 Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda

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During the next few days, Jun Xie chose not to go out at all. Once he woke up in the morning, he would head straight towards the library building, staying in there for the whole day. He maintained the routine without any exceptions. As for the books that he had read, they would all be sent over to Grandpa Jun’s side for analysis yet again. After which Grandpa Jun would shake his head, nod his head, sigh and puff; his face alternating between disappointment, shock and pleasant surprise… it seemed he had yet to finish using up all his lifetime’s expressions.

In addition, the servants of the Jun family realized that the Young Master has acquired yet another strange hobby. During the day, he would enter the library building for the whole day without ever coming out. However, when night descends, he would instead walk out to the courtyard and seat himself there. The spot he chose to sit was always the darkest spot where the light cannot reach… truly… heretical!

Regarding his new hobby, the servants were actually not too concerned. After all, this was by far better than his previous ‘hobbies’.

Tonight, Jun Xie was once again seated below a flower tree, enjoying the thick atmosphere of darkness of the night. In this atmosphere of darkness, one would not be able to glimpse their own fingers even when it was stretched out before them. In Jun Xie’s heart rose a feeling of safety and security. Indeed, it is the feeling of security! For Jun Xie who had once become invincible throughout the world as the king of assassins, the safest place can only come from the pitch-black darkness of the night. The night was the only thing that Jun Xie had ever considered to the best and most reliable partner!

As he gazed upon the stars in the night sky, Jun Xie suddenly felt as though he was in a dream. For the past few days, he had read through all the books containing information regarding this world. He had more or less understood the current situation of this continent, however, the more he understood, the more confused he became.

If it were not for the fact that it was written in black and white within the books, Jun Xie would have assumed that he had transmigrated back in time to the ancient Chinese kingdoms. The people, the accents, the culture and the clothing are all similar to that from the Tang and Song dynasties. It is too similar!

Jun Xie groaned as he plopped his head in between his knees, both his hands clutching the back of his head. He grievingly thought. Why? Why am I not in one of the ancient eras of China? If only that were the case, then I would be in a highly advantageous position. The amount of resources I have regarding those eras would be most beneficial. Even if I do not want to change history, I can still take advantage of my foreknowledge, which can put those divine prophets to shame and coast my way through history, avoiding any misfortune!

Xuan Xuan Continent, where in the blazes is this? Gold Xuan, Silver Xuan, Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan… Xuan Qi… Xuan your granddaddy!!! Why is it not internal martial arts?

The only thing that remained familiar was perhaps the ancient and everlasting sun and moon, and the gentle caress of the night. This was the only thing that could give Jun Xie the feeling of familarity.

Jun Xie’s face was set like a cold hard stone, his cheek muscles throbbed with pain, as he restrained his desire to curse impulsively and loudly at the Heavens!

At that very moment when Jun Xie was surging with extreme emotions, he suddenly felt a violent wave of headache swept over him. Even with his extraordinary endurance, Jun Xie was still unable to retain a calm face and was forced to grimace his face. The headache suddenly transformed into a wave of dizziness…

Observing through his eyes, it seemed as though the whole world was rotating at an unbelievably intense speed. Even the night sky was transformed into a scattering display of madness. The entire world had suddenly become an illusory existence, and unreal…

Throughout the painful ordeal, Jun Xie panted while biting down his teeth, blood flowing down from his lips. Both his eyes glared forward as he continued enduring, not allowing even a single sound to escape his lips.

I came into this world alone, and thus I must also accept all this pain by myself! In this strange world, I have only myself to depend on and not others! I will never depend on others!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Utilize all my killing skills, I will forge a path of blood! Annihilate the skies! Decimate the lands! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Jun Xie was thrown into a state of haziness, when he suddenly felt something appeared within his sea of consciousness. It was a spark of seemingly distant light; however, it appeared that the light was gradually moving closer towards him. As it got closer, it also became brighter, bigger and clearer. In the end, it transformed into a luminescent rainbow coloured pagoda that overflowed with brilliance. The pagoda kept rotating within his sea of consciousness. With every rotation, it released a misty form of sagely radiance.

His body had long since become numb, his four limbs paralyzed, his consciousness slowly blurring, and yet Jun Xie continued staring ahead with bloodshot eyes. He kept on glaring, persisting nonstop as he glared ferociously upon this strange realm without as much as a blink!

After an indeterminable period of time, a cold wind suddenly blew by, causing Jun Xie to feel cold.

The night of the early autumn is indeed still chilly. As this line of thought came to Jun Xie’s mind, he became startled as he realized what it meant: To be able to feel cold means that my senses is working again. But, was I not already… He suddenly stood up and found that he was covered in cold sweat. His clothes had been completely soaked with sweat to the point of being uncomfortable.

Jun Xie was inexplicably overcome with a strange feeling of a new born.

Jun Xie, who woke up within Jun Moxie’s body can be said to be supporting this body, perhaps by means of transmigrating his mind and soul into it. Nonetheless, Jun Xie remained Jun Xie. But after having endured the unspeakable pain earlier, Jun Xie had truly melded with this body as one. Jun Xie had become Jun Moxie, the true master of this body!

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Disregarding the messy state of his body, the first thing Jun Xie did was to sit down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He pushed his spiritual awareness deep into his sea of consciousness, as he carefully tried to comprehend something. Jun Xie had long since realized that the excruciating pain from earlier on was the work of the small pagoda within his body. However, Jun Xie also concluded that there must be something else, which the small pagoda did. Otherwise, how could a simple matter of melding of flesh and soul be accompanied by so much pain? He firmly believed that something else must have happened. This small pagoda is the only thing in existence that Jun Xie can rely on. Thus, without understanding what has happened, Jun Xie will never feel contented.

Within his sea of consciousness, Jun Xie felt that he could clearly ‘see’ with his own eyes, an exquisite pagoda glowing with the brilliance of seven colours, slowly rotating atop his sea of consciousness. Jun Xie was able to distinctly perceive that each rotation was synchronized with his body’s blood and qi flow, each and every time, again and again, an endless cycle…

What is going on here? Jun Xie stared at the small pagoda in surprise. This item’s capabilities had exceeded all common sense, causing Jun Xie who was a staunch disbeliever to fall into a web of confusion.

I wonder if I could get closer to take a better look at it? Just as Jun Xie was thinking about this, he suddenly realized that the small pagoda had slowly become larger and larger. After that, the doors to the lowest level of the pagoda suddenly opened; a thick white mist rushed out. In that instant, Jun Xie’s awareness became utterly suffused with that white mist. The white mist was so thick it almost felt as though it was solid. Jun Xie took a deep breath and suddenly felt an extreme sense of tranquillity, an indescribably comfort, where even the soul felt buoyed to the point where it wanted to sing happily…

Jun Xie scanned his surroundings only to find out that he had somehow arrived at the very front of the pagoda. Above his head, two ancient texts unveiled themselves: Hongjun Pagoda!

Jun Xie headed inside the room only to find it empty, save the thick white mist flowing around. Suddenly, the thick mist flowed together to form two line of characters: Nine Layered Exquisite Pagoda, First Eternal Art!

Then, the white mist rolled together with a sense of urgency, forming a dim and hazy formula that appeared before Jun Xie’s awareness. Jun Xie only had enough time to become startled before the countless characters, symbols and drawings all came together in a revolving spiral. Instantly, he felt a vast amount of information rushing into his awareness. It felt as though a speeding train had just charged straight into a small hut! Yet, the train sped all the way inside without any changes happening to the hut…

All of a sudden, Jun Xie could not help but become dizzy. His head felt as though it was about to explode as he tumbled onto the ground.

Opening his eyes, he realized that he was still lying on the same cold, wet spot as before. Nonetheless, the cultivation formula clearly exists within his sea of consciousness. There was also drawings depicting the pathways throughout the human body, together with the accompanying forms and actions.

“Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune!” Jun Xie mumbled aloud, his eyes flashing sharply as his fists clenched itself!

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