Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 25

Chapter 25



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“Are you…… Blueno?”

When I went to greet the 2nd battalion, I thought about how the federation has been fought with the different people before, upon arriving, I saw Blueno sitting in the commander chair .

“I heard that someone with skill came, is that you, Aegir?”

Blueno said in a husky tone .

I remember that he’s a man with slender figure but has magnificent skills .

I never thought that he’s the commander .

“Yes, I came here immediately after that . In this 1 year period, I have had various troubles myself”

We then shake each other’s hand .

“This is sudden but, this mercenary troupe is different than the usual mercenary troupe . From now on when there are other people, call me ‘commander’, that’s no formality but it’s the minimum order”

“No objection, commander-dono”

“Okay, because you have your own weapon and horse, try to do a raid . In short, do as you like regarding the designation of place and troops . When I see your fight before, it’s the best when I let you go rampage as you like”

I never remember that I fought like that .

“As for your weapon…… You won’t need it but, if you need armor, I’ll provide it . As one would expect, raiding with only 2 people is pretty lame, so I’ll give you one more person to accompany you”

Mark suddenly appear sluggishly behind Blueno .

He carried a large warhammer that’s not much different than my Bardiche .


“It’s the usual taciturn guy . It’s been a while, best regards”

“Yeah, me too”

“About Celia, because she’s my follower, please also treat her well”

“What a guy still bringing his woman to a battlefield…… Well, be careful so you don’t make a problem…… Ah right, I never heard this but, how old are you and that child?”

“I’m 19, and she’s 14 years old”

The truth is, we never knew our real age, but I consulted and decided our age with Nonna .

“This year, I’m 18 years old . This makes you one year older than me”

Don’t carelessly compare ourself .

Celia is cute, but she’s only 14 years old .

The coming of age of a woman is 15 years old after all .

I don’t know my real age, though .

“Really? You’re surprisingly young”

Now I can bring my woman with the commander’s authorization .

I receive my own chainmail and Celia is choosing her own horse .

It’s hard to ride a horse because it’s been so long, but if it’s Celia, she should be okay .

“Hey, the newcomer big bro, are you going to wear your armor before greeting us?”

When we tried to put our armor on, 5 people suddenly appeared and surrounded us .

Hoodlums, but outlaws is a much better word for them, usually a mercenary troupe is composed by this kind of people .

“Yea, please treat us well”

It seems that they don’t like the way we talked .

“Oi oi, you must bow your head when doing your greeting as newcomers”

“I don’t know if you’re doing a cavalry raid or not, but a mercenary has their own rule”

“You even have a follower too”

When they drew near, Mark suddenly said ‘what are we going to do with them?’ I knew what he meant, but I shook my head .

“So, what are you going to do to me?”

“Mercenary is all about strength, you know . Though it’s okay if you have skills”

They use their vulgar eyes to see Celia like licking all over her body .

Even though Celia had already disguised herself as a man, she still looks handsomely beautiful . With the years of piled up lust, every man here see her someone worth enough to have lustful thoughts on .

“If you have no problem, please lend that cute brother’s ass over there to us . Though, I don’t know if my oversized penis will broke him afterwards”

Hearing their vulgar words, Celia draws her sword .

Her boiling point is low as usual, but I pat her head ‘pon’ with my hand .

“You like to compare our sword, right?”

“You like to point every single thing, huh? There’s easier to understand way, you know”

I take my sword and point it at the vacant land .

“You’ll know if we fight, 1 vs 2 is okay, too”

“Don’t regret your decision!”

I don’t know that my boiling point is unexpectedly low too .

The situation is 1 vs . 2, even though it’s only a practice fight, there’s no bladeless sword here .

Mark explained various things but, judging from how these guys behaved, there’s no need for rules .


As the starting signal, I charge .

He receives my sword strike .

That man who received my strike screamed miserably as his shoulder dislocated and I left him as I went towards my next victim .

My next victim became confused and didn’t know what to do seeing how I easily defeated his friend, as I expected, he sets up his sword in a defensive position like how ones sets up a toy sword in that position .

I’ll let you see hell for a bit .

I raised my sword from below, then strikes his nether region with the bladeless side .

The thick sound as if something broke could be heard, after that, the man emits foam and collapse due to his nether region being smashed .

“Someone else wants to try?”

Hearing my imposing taunt, the other friends escaped all at once .

This is also okay, this match is not a courtesy or mere word for them, but a necessary lesson .

Even if Wing of Dawn resembled a regular army, with those sorts of people, it is far from good .

Those sorts of “mercenary tradition” are many, I hope this lesson became helpful to them .

I have to turn this place into a comfortable place .

“You’re strong”

“I want to see you other than from behind this table, you know”

“It shouldn’t be that long, at that time ……”

The next day after I said those words, my 2nd battalion is ordered to head out .

They seemed to have found a thief’s hideout .

Originally this is the kingdoms responsibility, but in order to provide safety, we’re necessary to disposed them .

There are many things I want to see, such as Blueno’s command, and the whole battalion’s strength without me .

And, it’s been a long time, has my intuition grew duller? This is my chance to check it out .

“Celia, don’t separate from my side . You must listen to my every command, okay?”


Celia has a good battle instinct .

But, her slender body is her only flaw, it’s potentially a fatal flaw of hers .

I must thoroughly protect her .


Wing of Dawn; 2nd battalion; Composition


Heavy Cavalry (same level with chivalric order) 1 unit 20 horsemen

Light Cavalry 2 units 40 horsemem

Raid Cavalry (mixed weapon) Individual unit 20 horsemen



Light infantry 4 units 80 people

Elite infantry (with bowgun) 2 units 20 people

Long Spear Unit 3 units 60 people

Archer 2 units 40 people


Transporation Units (Supply Units) 10 wagons


The supply units march together, making the whole unit a staggering 300 people, which is slowly marching from the royal capital to the southeast .

Thief extermination isn’t usually required on mobilizing this large scale troops but, because of commander’s explanation from motherland, there are considerable influx of peasants from the poverty Arcland .

There’s a hidden motive for this full-power sortie, it’s for military exercise to prepare something that will happen next time .

“With this scale, a thief extermination seems like a real war, isn’t it?”

“Yes . This is my first participation in a march like this”

Celia followed me rides small horse .

Mark easily rides a horse as big as himself .

I check the condition of my dual crater and spear .

You could say the appearance of me carry the sword on my back and Schwarz carry my spear is strange .

A light cavalry battalion with uniform equipment compared with our raid cavalry is obviously better .

Schwarz neighs, at first, it excited from the battle atmosphere, but now irritated because we’re advancing slowly .

Our cavalry unit seems like a infantry, especially the long spear unit, they’re walking like wriggling worm .

Blueno’s proposal about cavalry going first got rejected, as expected, the commander starting to get irritated too .

But, just now our colleagues had already started to notice the 5 horsemen from reconnaissance cavalry is returning .

From the distance, they’ll arrive soon .

“Mark, was there a plan like this before?”

“There was . From the south side, Arcland army disguised as thief to plunder”

I see, Arcland’s situation is growing worse to that extent .

“At that time, all of our troops is around 500 people . The opponent also had around the same force and they won . Many have died but, there’re also many experience, too”

Indeed, they must not used heavy armored unit if they’re disguised with the same number of Army and they won, they must have used imperial army level to do it .

“Commander Blueno is superior . So i have no problem”

Mark valued Blueno highly .

I see cloud of dust from far away, it must be the whole cavalry running .

It must be the result from scouting .

Because we are near Blueno, we heard the information from the scout .

“The enemy occupies a reclamation village! Enemy number confirmed, their number is around 100 infantries seen from outside, but no information about inside number! There are also some warhorses!”

That’s quite something for a thief to have warhorses, at least it’s the level of fallen mercenary troupe .

However, it may not be a normal one-sided development

“Raise the speed of the whole army! Let us arrive on that place by evening . Raid cavalry Spread out in the front! Check for the enemy scouts!”

The soldier raised their speed while complaining, we spread up straight away .

A good judgement, if we are discovered now, we’ll come for nothing .

There is nothing but plain here, if the enemy wants to do something sneakily, we’ll know at once, so we stood watch at our position .

I dash using horse to stand watch, I’ll slaughter them before they notice me .

I feel uneasy about the time but, the risk is high if we make a campground here .

I have no choice but to hurry .

“It’s the scout!”

A person from the raid cavalry shouted, a man hiding in the thicket tried to run away…… You could say that he’s a mere young boy that had tried to ran away .

“I’ll leave it to you!”

I said to Celia, she speeds up chasing the enemy scout .

Celia’s horse is not that fast, but still it will do, since a horse and humans speed is absolutely different .

After catching up with the boy, Celia pulled out her sword, and after she came close enough to him, she brandish it .

The boy falls down with his blood scattered, he’s not even able plead for his life .

Celia certainly has a higher talent than average men, especially on horse riding and sword wielding .

Her thought is fast too, she has possiblity in completing a study .

Maybe, she has a higher chance to success in life than me .

As she put her sword back, Celia came back while looking at me as if she wanted to be praised .

Afterwards, several people tidied up the mess as the raid cavalry lead the whole units marching but all of a sudden, the lead cavalry raised his sword high and stopped .

It seems that we have arrived at the enemy’s hideout, the reclamation village .

If we, the horseman, advance like this, we’ll be discovered, so the cavalry units will be left on standby here, it’s likely that the infantry will lead the attack .

“Will the infantry strike at once?”

“Yea, the archer will support with arrows while the infantry will be one doing the main attack, the cavalry will be stationed behind to intercept and massacre in case someone tries to escape”

Blueno said to one of the raid cavalry men .

We don’t need to make a thief a prisoner, we can just massacre them .

There were some who temporary arrest them, but in the end, they end up killed too .

The late infantry units finally caught up with us .

Originally we needed to wait until their stamina is restored to their best, but the will set soon .

When its night, the danger of failure to kill the thief is high .

“All troops, in your position! Archer, go silently, fire your arrows at the same time at the (tl: enemy) raid cavalry to help the infantry invade the village”

“Celia, Mark, stay behind me, if there are enemies trying to run away, finish them off”

“Yes!” “Kay”

We made a triangle war formation and waited for the volley of arrows from the archers .

From here, those in village are completely un-aware our situation .

The archer unit approaches the village and then nock their arrows in the bow .

When the enemy started to noticed, it was already too late, and then …


There were 40 arrows pouring at them all at once .

A considerable people fell, bell chimes, and all the thief had jump out from every house .


20 raid cavalry push through from behind .

Distance from village is not even 1 minute .

If we had attacked before planning, it would’ve become fatal .

“Where will we go?”

Usually, outer trench and wooden fence which is built around the village is avoided by beast and monster .

Charging with horses, we can easily break the obstacle . (tl: it should be jump over, not break . It’s the raw . _ . ) (PR: Idk if I should change it to leap over… meh, I will just leave it as it is . )

So, when there’s no fence and trench, we can just push through from the front .

There are thief who guarded the front entrance, but they are still not aware on what is about to happen .

“Ah, you’re… ‘thief hunter’ . ”

In front of the gate, the one who blocked, get their head crushed, and the other got trampled over by the horses .

On top of the watchtower, a dagger struck the archers who prepared their bow .

Did Celia killed the archer?

Breaking through from the entrance to the interior of the village, we were blocked by spears embedded in wooden fence .

Behind that fence, several men with bows and arrows readily waited there, and cavalry standing in front to kill the trespasser .

But, Schwarz isn’t slowing down .

Schwarz has no problem with a fence like that .

So, I prepared my spear and swing it faster .

Schwarz leaped over the fence, and smashed one archer when it landed .

Schwarz approaches the remaining archers who just stood there with their body trembling from fear .

They swung their spear in confusion, 3 people lost part of their body and fell .

I aimed my spear at a separated man, like the other 3, he also got cut down by my spear .

2 people threw their bow and charges to me with a dagger in hand .

I pulled my dual crater from my back and slashed it, my dual crater had cut them down like tofu .

But one man keep running even though that I was sure I had swung my dual crater on his neck, it’s a miracle that the man kept on running like nothing happened .

I thought ‘Failed?’ in a moment but, Celia slaughtered that man until his shoulder fell off .

Not only the enemy, Celia, Mark, and even myself were surprised by the sharpness of my dual crater .

We secured the entrance of the village while the thieves retreated, the raid cavalry that searched the entrance from another side chased towards the escaping thieves .

With the situation where the cavalry is wreaking havoc around inside the village, the thief morale’s collapse, intercepting the approaching infantry units is stupid when their defenses can’t even be prepared completely .

“It’s over”

Celia said while standing beside me


The thieves can only do 2 things, which is stalling for time or escape .

Though it’s impossible if they want to escape, and stalling for time won’t help them either .

“This is light a cavalry”

Thieves, especially the woman, their fighting strength is low .

I see a light cavalry units attacking a group of 40 runaway thieves in front of the village .

There’s still time until sunset .

It should be enough if we had killed 100 of them .

“I decide to be there . We will crush their resistance from inside the village”

I take my bloody duel crater from the corpse and carried it on my shoulder .

The infantry units climbed over the fences at various place to fight inside the village .

Some thieves took up position in the small hill, because competing with spearman, I can attack 3 people at once, Mark destroyed the house with his war hammer where the enemy barricaded themselves, while I skewered the runaway enemies in the field .

I don’t really have a good feeling about the massacre .

But, the instruction has been given

The massacre continues, it was around the time when the sun is about to set when we finally slaughtered all of the thieves .

“All right, it’s finished! Dig a hole and bury the corpses, it’ll be eaten when the wolf or monster come . Make camp here, beware of survivors”

According to Blueno’s command, the battle has ended, everyone’s interest moved from slaughter to dinner and counting achievements .

“Are you Aegir, the best spear user? It seems that you have fought well . ”

“Yea, I’ve prepared for the thieves, but I think it’s because of the disorder in Arcland”

“Yes, there’re children and woman between the corpses, too . The mercenaries must have involved the refugees too”

“In the end, I don’t like to kill the women”

“We, as the regular army don’t want to do it . But, I don’t like to sell woman for money”

That’s why you kill them all? It’s hard, huh .

Though, the reclamation village’s residents have the same fate, maybe its karma

“Aegir, as I thought, no can match you with that kind of fighting strength . I’ll reward you, from now on I’ll entrust this raid unit to you”

Our Wing of Dawn first sortie is ended like this .

After our return, we received special medal and 10 gold coins and we also got a break for a short while .

Celia received 5 gold coins, but inded up giving it to me, I put it back to her breast while saying ‘spend your own pocket money’

But sadly, from her stomach, a ‘charin’ sounded because the money had slipped, Celia’s face were sad upon seeing the gold coin slipping from her breast…


Sequel – the woman’s battle

Hard-boiled pavilion

“Aww!” “Oh, sorry”

When Nonna passed Carla in the corridor, she stepped on Carla foot .

“Hey! You did it on purpose, didn’t you!?”

“No . I was thinking about something …”

Carla flared up, while Nonna just casually ward her off .

“Because of that big breast swinging endlessly, you neglect your own foot!”

“Well… when you say it like that, it’s true I can’t see my feet…… My big breast has its own bad and good side too”

When Noona talk about her big chest, she unexpectedly said it with confidence .

Because during travel, she made her beloved person go crazy for her breast, so she won’t feel ashamed about it .

“Kuh! This monster breast! Milk cow!”

“Whatever . This is Aegir-sama’s beloved breast . I won’t be agitated by whatever you say”

“Even though you have a black nipple”

Nonna stopped .

“You’re 18 years old, right? That will still be black even after some year . What a turn-off”

“What do you know about this? It’s just a bit dark, that’s all! It’s big and nice to rub!”

“That’s has nothing to do with Aegir, right? If it gets blacker, won’t you get thrown away? Ah, can you produce mother’s milk with that big breast?”

“Aegir-sama won’t do something like that! Beside, you’re older than Aegir-sama by 5 years, right? Won’t your skin get wrinkled soon?”

“Wha- This skin is still bursting with youth! Even if you can’t see, you can feel it!”

“Ara, I certainly felt it in bed but, I think it was felt like water”

Carla rages as she tore her clothes off .

“See! This smooth skin! Your false accusation is ……”

As all her blood flowed to her head, Carla had forgotten about her surroundings .

One the person who heard the quarrel took a look outside from his room, he saw Carla’s bare breast .

All the men’s line of sight gather at Carla soft and jiggly breast .

“O-onee-chan . Good show during daytime!” “Might as well show the bottom side, too” “Be my partner for 1 silver coin, please”

Nonna kept herself away from the jeered Carla before someone realize that she knows her .

“Nude in front of public? So, you want to have sex this much . As Aegir-sama’s woman, I’ll report you”

Carla hid her breast while her face turned anxious .

“Wait! Don’t tell Aegir!”

“Ara ara, the one who feel guilty is the most suspicious”

Carla turned deaf to Noona’s jeering

“From now on, learn from this experience and be careful of your words . Or else, my mouth will be loose in front of Aegir-sama” (tl: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Nonna walks away elegantly with ‘hohoho’ while Carla tried to hold her temper in .

“Nonna win the first round”

Melissa said while eating baked sweet .

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