Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 26

Chapter 26




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“You all did well, you achieved the highest rank, you know . You did it as expected . ”

Eli gives me the monetry reward in a pouch .

“I heard you went straight to the front, and kicked all their asses . ”

He put a cup of sake in front of me, naturally I drink it .

“This time, the enemies were around 200 strong, right? Our casualties were around 10 though . I guess, first of all I’ll say ‘well done’ . ”

“Honestly, I’m surprised by this troupe’s skill and leadership, because in my former mercenary squad we used brute force . ”

Eli also poured himself some sake .

“At the beginning, this mercancry troupe was just like you described . This state was formed just before you came here . ”

“Blueno-taicho’s command is admirable, too . ” (tl: taicho is commander . I will make you all practice Japenese in some way . ^^)

“Figured you’d say that . I don’t want to talk about the details, but he used to be a soldier in the past . He’s always using the soldier-way¹ to command . (note¹: military discipline)

No wonder he seems to be so experienced .

“And then there’s me, who got this rank just becuase I’m a noble . ”

Eli laughs at his own sarcasm .

“But, as I have said before, this is not an ordinary chance . If you’re here, you can have dreams and aspirations that normal commoners can’t hope to achieve .

“Is this the, ‘you need to become a noble first,’ type of chat?”

“It was like that type of chat, wasn’t it . ”

The talk finished, I depart from the leaders tent .


I’m immediately greeted by Celia who rushes over to me .

I pat her head, and talk with Mark .

“The reward is 10 gold coins . Take your share… . . ” “I don’t need it . ”

I tried to hand some gold over to Mark, but he pushes it back towards me .

“Today, was all because of you . I don’t need my portion of the reward .

If I forcibly give it to him, he’ll probaly start to look at me with contempt .

“Tomorrow, we get one day of break right? Want to go get a drink?”

“No, I have something planned to do in the evening . ”

Then, I won’t stop him .

Let’s have fun with my women at the inn in the captial .

It doesn’t even take 1 hour to reach the captial from this campground .

If I’m riding Schwarz at full pace, it wont even take 5 minutes .

When I arrived back at the inn, I was jumped by the 4 ladies .

No matter what, Andrei wont let me use his room . [PR: Probaly the biggest room]

My women are real beuties, on top of that I run into envy and jealousy whenever I’m surrounded by them in the inn .

Especially the Melissa’s goddess-like body .

Coupled with her almost see-through clothes, exposing those breast; but you can see everything when you look at her from the correct angle .

Did she shorten her skirt for me? By just standing there, I can see her dangerous thick thighs .

“Because I’m a defective product, you see, at least I’ll entice you with my body . ”

Even if she said it lightly, she must be stressed over it .

Even though I always assure her that it doesn’t matter to me .

“Hey, Aegir-san! Shall we go to our room?”

“Yep, coming . ”

“Hey! Good job taking both of his hands……It can’t be helped… . . I’ll take the something between his… . ” “Stop, you hentai!” [PR: Could of used pervert instead]

The girls were bickering over who could ensare my arms with their breasts, until Noona took it too far .

We drink some sake, after returning back to our room . My fire will burn hotter sooner or later .

The ladies entrust their bodies to me: letting me remove their clothing, before laying them on the bed .

“It’s already twitching” “Does it want a woman? Or, does it want some foreplay?”

Hmm, because I came back from the battlefield today, I think I should get plenty of rest?

“Open your mouths”

” ” ” ” Yes! ” ” ” ”

The ladies gather around my nether region .

It seems that they’re not ganging up on me, but are going to do me one by one .

“Can you do something for me?”

Melissa rolled a piece of cloth and tied in around my head to cover my eyes .

Since she does this, because it will make me horny faster?

“Guess who’ll be attending you”

The last woice was not only Noona’s voice, but there was a sucking sound mixed with the pleasant feeling of my nether region .

Well, this sensation is… . . ?

“It must be Carla . ”

“Correct~! I knew you would know”

Carla’s service nature is rough .

Her method to hold my thing in her mouth is very pleasant but, her teeth usually hit my thing, too .

It was so good that I can hardly help the feeling of wanting to ejaculate immediately .

And next is ……

“This is …… Is this Maria?”

“Ehehe, you can tell?”

Maria’s service is to put my thing in her mouth and massage it with her tongue .

She thoroughly caresses it but, with only that, the sense of ejaculation is not that big .

But, when I hold her head and shake my waist, I ejaculate immediately .

Everyone is envying her, while she is drinking my semen .

After Maria is ……

“Nonna, you’re getting better”

“Yes, after all woman can aid with their mouth too”

Nonna’s way of doing it is somewhere between the Maria and Carla, but it’s not that hard to differentiate between them .

Because when she goes down on me, her big breast heavily touch my thigh .

Now, there’s only 1 more person remaining, but……


Because of Melissa skill with her mouth, I untentionally shout out .

As expected from a veteran prostitute, my waist is trembling from her strong technique while she devours me .

I feel intense from only the blowjob she gives me, but she still won’t let me cum with her various skills .

“Fufufu, Did it feel good~?”

“I want more . Continue! I want to cum . ”

“Yup, then prepare yourself”

She moves faster than Carla, and her teeth don’t hit my thing .

Even the sound raises my excitement .

“Wow……” “It’s even sound like jupo-jupo” “I’m embrassed” (tl: jupo-jupo should be sound effect of high-speed movement of fellatio)

When I start moving my waist, I don’t need to hold her head to push my thing deep inside her throat .

Without me moving at all, she severly sucks the semen right out .


“Nmuu! Hnmmm……”

She sucks it all out, by only giving me oral . After she finished the deepthroat, she kisses my dick .

I take off the blindfold, and see everyone looking at Melissa respectfully .

Especially the eager Celia, it seems that she wants to be taught no matter what .

If it’s only foreplay, maybe I can get consent from her .

Nowadays, I tease Celia as my hobby .

All of sudden Nonna rides me, so I decide to enjoy her breast .


“Today’s sortie², is to exterminate the monsters on the trade route . ” [PR Note²: mission, raid]

Eli shouts the commands to all the mercenaries in front of him .

“From the capital, head west on the trade route to find the monsters . So, you’ll execute this mission with the full squad! You’ll spread through the surroundings and exterminate all of the monsters!”

“These monsters are: goblins, hungry wolves and a ghoul hidden in the middle, but an intelligence report told me that there are orcs, too! Don’t relax your guard and bring some heavy equipments!’

It’s unusual that monsters appeared this close in the captials outskirts . I thought that monsters usually show up in the caves and undead show up in some ancient battlefields .

“I…I rarely fight monsters… . . ”

Celia feels uneasy, even though we’re talking about fighting small monsters, as long as the big ones don’t come out, I’m sure she’ll be fine .

“You don’t need to be afraid, with your level of skill . If the big ones come out, just hide behind me . ”

I brush her hair gently, though she escapes my grasp when I try to put my hand inside her pants .

I forgot that Mark was beside me .

Blueno-taicho discusses the strategy with us, after the whole explaination finished .

“I want you to be in reserve for this mission . ”

What? Why must I be a reserve for this mission?

Blueno hurridly explained more after he sees my dissatisfied face .

“For the goblin subjugation, a normal soldier is enough . You will stay a bit behind just in case a swarm of monsters or a big one comes out . Then you can go and intervene . ”

If it’s like that, I have no objection .

I’ll not feel satisfied even if I beat some small monsters .

“If you say big one, do you mean an orc?”

“The eyewitness said that there’s an orc, but you must be careful just in case there is a higher existence .

“Well, if there is one, I just need to kill it, right . ”

Bleuno laughs .

“You’ll be fine then . Until your duty comes, you can flirt with that young lady over there . ”

My second mission as part of the ‘Wing of Dawn’; All members are to exterminate the monsters west of the capital… . START!


“I’m bored . ”

“Please don’t touch my body while saying that!”

My hand is in between Celia’s thighs, with my fingers flickering in and out of her small vagina .

Unexpectedlly, my hand moves smoothly and I hear ‘kuchu-kuchu’ . (tl: SFX – small amount of water splashing)

Even if she’s a kid, she unexpectedly gets wet easily .

“Even though we’re not on the bed, why are you doing this to me in public! Ahnn!”

“So I can fight better, and keeps it me ready for when they need me . ”

This is the 2nd battalion headquaters on top of a hill, Blueno is here too .

All of the units are particpating in this mission, so the range of deployment is vast . The view from here is good; even if we can see something from here, it all appears as black dots moving, so we won’t understand the situation on the battle field .

“Ah! AAAA! Aaahhhhh!”

Hmm, Celia begins to hold my hand and press it inside .

But, the air changes .

I pull out my spear to confirm something .

“Eeeeh!? Why did you stop now? You’re cruel . ”

The scout isn’t saying anything, and the black dots aren’t collapsing or anything . They should be okay, right?

“Just a bit more . I want to feel good ……”

A movement from the scouts .

“Uuu… . fine I’ll do it myself . ”

“Right-wing is in chaos! The enemy numbers are too many! Retreat!”

Blueno and I hear the scout’s shouts .

“Celia, stop your masturbation, we need to go . ”

“Wha! Please don’t say it in such a loud voice!”

We charge down the hill with 10 other people from the cavalry unit .

I see, there are about 100 goblins there, we’ll be in trouble if we only arrive with 20 people .

But, the goblins only have crude knives and hatchets, their physique is like a childs . They wont be able to stop the charge from the cavalry .

We, the cavalry unit, charge with our spears pointed in front of our horses, then we thrust from the side to kill the goblins that are running after the infantry .

We heard countless goblins cry, as we continue to stab their small physique with our spears and as they get stomped under our horse’s hooves .

Schwarz has no problem with something like goblins . When I see a crownd of goblins, I too, wield my spear leaving many corpses behind .

The battle situation changes completely .

The goblins scatter and the infantry comeback to continue hunting them .

“This much is enough . We’ll head back to HQ . ”

I said to Celia and Mark .

Celia killed 3 goblins, while Mark killed 5 .

“We’ll have to do it again after arriving back at the HQ . I hope you get a promotion next time . ”

Celia makes the horse run fast back to the HQ .

After that, we had to head down several more times, and Celia’s frustration grew higher . Suddenly the scout says that the big ones are coming . [PR: Can’t think of any other words beside ‘big ones’ . ] (tl: it should be the orc . And maybe the author wants to introduce more big monster in the next chapter)

“Left wing! A big one is coming! There are 3 orcs!”

“Aegir! GO . But, don’t get yourself wounded . ”

Blueno-taicho is unreasonable to say that I shouldn’t get wounded .

We run down from the small hill, until now, the circumstances were the same . But now it is slightly different, as we arrive on an actual battle field .

There’s so many infantry heads rolling this time, each of the cavalry are smashed by the clubs .

The orc commander in the middle has a height of almost 3 metres, it holds a big log as its club in its hand .

We would usually surround them with the archer units if we feel secure, unfortunately this unit has no archer or bowgun users .

“Celia, follow behind my back . ”

Schwarz runs straight into the orc .

I repel its club with my spear, and then I hit its abdomen . Combined with the strength of a rushing horse, I was able to rip its abdomen to shreds .

After that, Celia rushes in to hit its abdomen again, furthermore she follows through with a cut to its hand .

Though our blows hit its abdomen, it’s still not enough as it has thick fat and muscles .

But with its severe wounds, Mark hit the-staggering orc’s head with his warhammer .

After which the orc finally falls down, everyone shouts in joy .

But, that was only 1 orc, there are still 2 more . An orc chasing a running soldier while swinging its club . (tl: this is (maybe) a typo from the author . I edit this so the story flows is better . Raw said that Aegir is the one who notice late and the orc is the one who swings the weapon)

After it notices me, it’s already too late .

My bardiche slashes the thick orc’s neck and the blood spurts out like a fountain .

When I move my line of sight to the last one, Celia is swinging her knife towards the orc’s eyes . When the last orc’s eyes had been pierced, it fell down on its knees .

After that, all the allied soldiers’ spears stab it repeatedly, until it dies .

Celia’s appearance is strange on the way back to HQ . I always stopped teasing her just before we had to fight in a battle, now her eyes have turned bloodshot . I’m worried when she sees my lower body she’ll try to attack me .

Poor Celia, now I have no time to comfort her, I’ll have to make her wait until this is finished .

“A huge orc has appeared! It must be the boss of this monster horde!”

Celia points her knife towards my nether region, she finally can’t hold herseld after hearing the scouts shouts .

They say that the unusual monsters who have higher strength and intelligence can command the other monsters .

And sometimes, they find the same type of monsters as the boss has, have higher strength .

That explains why there’re intelligent orcs that can lead so many monsters in the capitals outskirts .

“There are finally archer and bowgun users here . Do you still want to come with me?”

I know it’s unnecessary to inform them, but I respect their boss .

I take Celia who almost reached her groin and place her on top of Schwarz .

“Surround them! Don’t approach carelessly! Kill them . ”


Its height is higher by 1 meter when compared with the normal orcs, its arm and leg thickness has increased too .

It’s holding a club as big as a mansion’s pillar .

There were many corpses around its body, it beat horses and humans equally .

But, its life was going to end .

It was surrounded by 2 spearman and there were dozens of arrow wounds, it was being gangraped by so many people . (tl: LOL, the raw said “it must be done by serveral people” . I had to xD)

There’re so many low groan surrounding it .

Pitiful .

That’s what I thought .

Soldier is a frail human being who gang something to kill it, and yet they’re still get injured .

When I noticed this, I came down from Schwarz and rush to help them .

“Oi, don’t approach it! You’ll be killed . ”

“No problem . Don’t stop me from killing it . Oi, surround it!”

I face the orc and ready my spear to kill it .

“Come! I’ll honour you with your last breath . ”

Is it aiming at me? Despite the many other people surrounding it, it still only looked at me .

The orc swings its big-as-a-pillar club downward, everyone knows how strong that blow would be .

But, I receive that blow with my spear . [PR: the hell Aegir, you ain’t superman]

Though it’s big, my spear still fractures it, it was only a wooden club after all . [PR: more like a tree]

The people around me gasp in shock when they saw that .

But, I’m still not dead . I won’t get killed from a blow only with this kind of strength .

The orc takes a step back in surprise when its club can’t even shake me .

The people around me have mouths dropped in shock . [PR: says gasped in shock, but they already gasped so I changed . Hope you all don’t mind XD]

Now, it’s my turn to attack .

The orc receives my swing, but unlike my usual swing, this one had my full power behind it .

1 hit, 2 hits, as it retreats I keep swinging my spear .

At the sixth swing, its club broke in the middle .

I brandish my spear and the orc takes up his shortened club, and we clash .

Its broken club grazes my face and a little blood splatters .

My spear pierces its abdomen and it tears its fat and muscle .

Its stomach matter splatter on the ground, while it kneels .

Usually, Orc’s don’t have a sense of pain due to its body thickness, unless it’s a fatal wound, it will still continue to fight .

Even if its abdomen has been cut, it’ll not stop immediately .

But, this orc looks at me dumbly, and then it’s a abdomen .

Has it realised it will die in a minute, or maybe it doesn’t want to be kiled by the surrounding soldiers?

I don’t know, but I guess it wants us to stop .

I ready my spear .

“Bye . ”

I thrust my spear .

My spear pierces its skull until it pierces out the back of its head, it convulses once and then collapses .

I swing my spear so the blood is removed from the blade part, and then I look at the surrounding soldiers around me .

“What will you do with these bodies?”

A cheer instantly exploded .


“After we exterminated the crowd of monster, as well as the boss . The fleeing monster were also exterminated . Therefore the whole region is restoring nicely . ”

Eli announces that the mission was a success after arriving back to the captial .

“I heard about your great service in this mission . I also hear that you solo’d the last boss . ”

Come to think of it, he said that I must not get injured . [PR: dammit Aegir you got a scratch, a damn scratch on your face . ]

“It that all you did? You have raised your military results, that’s a fact . ”

He passes me the monetary reward .

This mercenary troupe gives nice pay .

Now I know why so many gather here .

“The truth is that you didn’t only do just that right? In this mission, you easily did more work than 30 horsemen combined…by yourself . Also you killed that boss class orc as well . ”

“Wasn’t that your command?”

“No, the original command was to defeat the crowd of monsters . But the 2nd battalion’s command was to defeat the boss class monster . ”

He also added ‘don’t be my subordinate’ . [PR:I don’t get this bit????] (tl: Eli told Aegir to be a commander, too . His equal . Not his subordinate)

“In the war, organistaion capability and leadership is the most important . But, military prowess is also important . You’re the one who still doesn’t have any postion on the latter . ”

“To put it simply, you want me to be the one who will charge in first and go berserk?”

“Something like that . ”

Eli laughs .

“Of course you’ll get higher pay, also you get your own tent…You can do something with women more easily . ”

It seems that he knew that Celia was a woman .

Did my face seem like someone who was always horny? You give me too much credit .

I don’t have any reason to decline though .

“Okay, I’m in . ”

“Your new postion is lower that the usual captain, but higher than the commanders who command 10-20 people . I’ll omit the details, but don’t make any trouble . That’s all!”

We will enjoy our vacation in the capital to recover our damage .

I’ll have sex with another woman to make Celia accumulate her desire in agony .

Can she bear it or will she use her hands to satisfy herself?


Sequel of the ladies’ fight: Carla’s Scheme . [From Nonna’s Pov]

“Recently, the inn’s customers gazes were severe, does anyone know about this?”

Yes, recently the customers staying at the inn have been ogling at my breasts, like they’re disdaining something, but are too afraid to do it directly .

Perhaps, they found out that we are inexperienced, though they were wrong on that part .

Maria and Melissa seemed to be evasive about it, and I never heard anything from that pervert .

“Good morning . ”

“Hii! Go-good… . morning!”

Again… . A small girl runs away .

There’s nothing wrong even when I look at myself in the mirror .

When I’m eating my meal in the loby, I see hentai . (tl: Nonna called Carla hentai/pervert)

Usually I’ll get irritated but, I still need to greet her .

“Ara, good morning . ”

“Hii! I’m sorry! Excuse me!”

Carla escpaes after shouting sorry at me .

I must have been doing something wrong, it’s really irritating .

“It’s true, really!” “It’s a lie… . even though she is so beautiful…”

I hear the inn’s employee’s talking .

Is it because of my noble’s habit? My ability to listen to low voices is still good .

“I’m sorry to interupt but, can we talk about something?”

Even if they want to escape, I held one of them gently .

“I won’t get angry, so can you tell me what you were talking about just now? I promise I won’t get angry . ”

I dragged the employee to my room .

“Why is everyone seeming to look at me strangely? Even that liitle girl seems to be afraid of me… . ”

I urge the employee to talks because she is hesistant .

“That’s…Nonna-san… . No, Nonna-sama was always bullied Carla-san…”

Hmmm, if it’s only that, I already know about it, and I don’t know about the other girl though . But I have a bad feelig about this .

“What did I do to Carla-san in these rumours? Can you please enlighten me . ”

The girl’s face blushed .

“… . That you always strip others in public, you always talk dirty, and that you usually shame yourself by excreting in front of your lover… . ”

“Can that woman stop saying whatever she wants to say!!”

“Hii! I’m sorry!”

“Other than that? I know there is still more!”

“Ye-yes! You are unruly and are always insulting other men, you like to have sex with monsters and animals too . ”

What an unbelievable lie .

“W-who said that?”

“Carla-san herself! A few days ago, she explained that she was punished to pee outside the inn, if she didn’t do that, she would have gotten a much crueler punishment… . ”

She placed the blame on me when others found out about her hobby .

“Nonna-san! No matter how gentle he is, he will turn out to be your enemy . Even with the good behaviour of Carla-san, she turned out to be like this . In the end she is a pervert too . ”

That pervert! If this rumour reaches Aegir-sama’s ear… .

“I need to talk with Carla . ”

As I want to talk with Carla, the inn’s employee starts to cling to me .

“Stop! The horse is innocent! She’s breaking, she’ll break!”

“Release me! I need to punish that pervert!”

From outside the room, the other employee hears: “Stop,” “Horse,” “breaking,” “Pervert” and Punishment,” she cried at the images of cruelty her friend got .

The rumour that “Nonna trains her love rival Carla violently” is not going to disappear anytime soon .

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