Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The Assault unit had many talented individuals that surpass the strength of normal soldiers . Even though there were some troubles before, this unit will be finally created again .

This assault unit is different from the other units, it doesn’t need a formal captain because it only has 30 people . Maybe they’ll be thankful that I’m the one who will be the leader .

At first there were some defiant men, but in the name of ‘training’ I made them obedient .

The role of the assault unit is to ransack the enemies’ valuable locations, in the Wing of Dawn, these men were the ones who have the most daring personalities and they’ve become really famous due to their valor . [PR: Suicide Squad]

In the Wing of Dawn, the assault unit’s position was always unshakable . And now, this unit was being recreated even stronger .

“The King, His Majesty Hubel II is dead!!!”

While the commanding officers were having a meal in the bigger tent together, a messenger from capital disturbed our small talk .

All the people in the tent stood up .

“The time has finally come”

“Order all members to prepare for war!”

“Load all the arrows and bolts into the transport units, we don’t need a food supply!”

When Eli shouted, Blueno and all the other captains dashed out at once .

Because my unit is only 30 people strong and we always bring our equipment with ourselves, we don’t need that much time compared to the other units .

Eli gave me a direct command to check the situation in the other units .

As expected, he’s truly an outstanding commander .

“What will we do after this?”

“Aegir…… We will stand by for now, we’ll move when his direct command comes”

He, in other words, is 2nd command to the crown prince .

“He’s coming here as we speak . As expected of the 2nd prince, he’s sly and not an idiot, so he is heading here immediately . If he doesn’t, he will never know what could happen to him . ”

“Will we attack the capital immediately when the 2nd prince arrives?”

Eli didn’t know .

“If we attack without a reason, we’ll be labeled as a rebel army . Compared with the Goldenia army, just in numbers alone, we will be crushed helplessly . In the end, this is always an inheritance squabble”

“In the end, we still need to wait for the 2nd prince”

“Yes, we’re his sword after all but, we don’t even know about scheme within the nobility”

“So, if we were ordered to burn down the entire city……”

All the ladies are in the capital, they can’t escape if the entire city was burned to the ground .

“Maybe . After all, it depends on his wishes”

Our conversation was interrupted by the sound of galloping horses .

“It seems we need to put this conversation on hold for now . Let’s continue it with the person himself”

A enormous wagon arrived, escorted by several knights .

All of the members in the tent, Eli included, kneeled .

As if arriving to a party for dinner, a man stepped down from the wagon .

The man was dressed luxuriously, he looked around with a sharp glint in his eyes and gently raised his hand to the crowd .

The Wing of Dawn founder, the 2nd prince, Eldio, for the first time met with his Sword . (tl: sword = Wing of Dawn)

“Long time no see, Eli”

“It has been a long time, Your Highness”

Eli answered while still kneeling with his head bowed down .

“You don’t need to be like this right now . Raise your head Eli, and everybody else”

The 2nd prince was around 30 years old, he had a cold look born from his pride as royalty but his sharp eyes were filled with ambition .

“Ladies and gentlemen! My respect and condolences for the death of His Majesty!” [PR: He is sacrastically saying he is mournful over his fathers death, when he is actually joyful]

He was already beginning to reveal his real purpose .

But, when the 2nd Prince said that the King was dead, he seemed to have been shaken and perplexed .

“And, my brother, the Crown Prince, has also left this world!”

This was my first time hearing about this, as expected the whole army was noisy, there’s no way that a father and child died together because of an illness .

Eli saw this, and lightly closed his eyes .

I see, so this was just a scheme?

“Of course, it’ was not an illness! As the official who announced the notice about the King’s death, the Prime Minister Duke Arens was drowning in his ambition! That person also schemed to usurp the throne and my inheritance outright, furthermore, that person also tried to harm us!” (tl: sometimes, royal families use plural when addressing him/herself) (ed: its called the royal we or us)

All the people present listened to the 2nd prince words .

Is it because he has great charisma?

“But, we escaped with the help of our brave knights . The cowardly Prime Minister’s evil influence can’t send me to Hades . This is the gods’ divine purpose, the path of righteousness to us, the royalty!”

In addition, he used derogartory and inflammatory speech continuously . [PR: He basically continued to call out the Prime Minister with bad words and nasty comments, we’re going to censor it so this book remains family friendly XD]

“Moreover! If that cursed Prime Minister learns that we escaped, he’ll use my older brothers reputation and a body double to swindle the imperial guards and declare us as the traitors . We need the power of those who don’t fear to do what is right, even if it is necessary to seek vengeance against this villain!”

All people present took interest in his speech, in the end, they’re just a group of mercenaries, their patriotism is still lacking compared with national soldier .

It would be difficult to take control of the whole army with just a righteous speech .

It requires something more crucial to do it .

“If you all help me, not only will you gain honor for restoring justice to the land, you’ll also receive some money . And through some military merits, you could become a noble”

When the men heard that, they praised and cheered for the 2nd prince .

While they shouted ‘Long live the Crown Prince! Justice in the capital!’, the leaders entered the big tent .

Inside the tent only me, the captains, commander, supply corps and some important figures convened .

“…… Are the ones here people that you can trust?”

The 2nd prince changed completely from his cheerful self into someone who is calm and had an unconcerned face .

“Yes! Everyone here is someone I trust”

“Okay then . Just now, we sent a messenger to the national army telling them the message about the King’s death had come and that the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince rebelled at this time too”

Certainly, if the report that the Prime Minister is the ringleader of a rebellion that murdered the Crown Prince and is using his body double to usurp the crown . Then the army will believe that the Prime Minister and Crown Prince are rebelling against the rightful successor Prince Eldio .

If there was anyone who did not believe Prince Eldio, it’s impossible to move until they knew the truth .

And if they’re too busy confirming the truth, we’ll be finished with our rebellion .

This must have been Prince Eldio’s plan all along .

“We’re ready . We can sortie anytime with your order”

“Even though there’s a law forbidding a group of cavalry going inside the capital?”

“Good, this is an emergency . We will allow the march on the capital to execute the rebels and restore order”

With Eldio’s command, the Wing of Dawn starts to march toward the capital with iron clanking and dull thud of horses’ hooves .


I and the assault unit are on the way to the capital, it’s the usual squad but Eli and Eldio are riding in the middle of our squad . In other word, we’re escorting Eli and Eldio to the palace now .

As expected, Eli and Eldio didn’t come to war riding in that sparkly carriage, so they have changed to horses instead . [PR: Carriage would stand out too much and thus be targeted]

“Are you Aegir?”

Someone all of a sudden calls for me, for the time being I’ll answer .

“I’ve heard about you . You’re a miracle horsemen with a lance . ” (tl:raw said “surprising horsemen”)

“I’m just breaking through to find a way” (tl: here comes jap’s honorific language . I’m bad at this . _ . ) (ED: I am just good at creating opportunities . )

Eldio smiles slightly .

“Opportunity is it, thats also good . Our country has been forced to eat bitter experiences too many times”

His facial expression changed very fast from that of smiles to an indifferent face .

“We’re in this state because of my father’s weak attitude towards a small country like Arcland . Originally we could of won easily against that kind of opponent…… Also, Older Brother was not taking an interest to improve this country of our Goldenia . He ignored our military strength completely . Imagine the bird’s sorrow having to divide its courtyard with another”

After that, Eldio didn’t say anything and then sped up, I and Eli followed suit to protect him .

After a while, the capital wall appeared in front of our eyes .

“Y-you fool! What are you doing!! Didn’t you know that mercenary troupees are prohibited to enter the capital”

A gate soldier shouted with a trembling voice .

Because Wing of Dawn came in full force with around 1000 people, you couldn’t even resist it even if you were really going to war .

After that, they closed the gate immediately

“They have my permission”

Half of the soldiers were bewildered by Eldio’s proclamation .

Not many resident of Goldenia have seen its royalty .

Even the King or the Crown Prince are rarely seen, much less Eldio .

Not long after, a commander class person came and kneeled in front of Eldio .

“Y-your Highness! What business do you need to have this many men for!?” (tl: yep, I’m weak in the honorific language . _ . ED&PR, ganbatte ^^a)

“You must already know, the Prime Minister removed my brother and plans to usurp the throne”

“But, we got a report that you had departed along with the king ……”

“Who is it? Who said that?”

“…… It’s from the Crown Prince Beltrius”

“My brother is already dead . It must be the body double that the Prime Minister made! If you stop me again, I’ll consider you as the Prime Minister’s dog!”

The guard captains and his soldiers looked at each other .

When a commoner commits high treason, all their family members will get the capital punishment . As for nobles, their direct family member will get capital punishment and their house will be crushed, but their extended family will be marked as a disgrace .

“I don’t need you all to come together with me . Just let me pass . After that, just go about your usual duties”


The captains commanded the soldiers to scatter to various places .

The wall defense soldiers ignored us .

Nevertheless, Eldio’s charisma and abilities are quite good, the soldiers are looking at us like wooden dolls .

When we entered the city and the citizens noticed that we were not the regular army, they started screaming and hiding in their houses .

But, Eldio speech to the people made them confused and afraid of whether this was a mercenary’s or a royalty’s speech .

“Your highness, it seemed that the citizens are quite frightened”

“It’s good that the citizens are terrified . Anyway, if you dispose of the Prime Minister and my brother, the Kingdom will be saved”

“By the way, the 3rd unit will go to the Prime Ministers and the Crown Princes private residences, the 2nd unit will head to royal palace as is . ”

“For now, evey single soldier is an enemy to us, my brother and Prime Minister have some private soldiers as well”

“I predict that royal palace may have around 500 imperial guards”

“Yeah . The Royal palace used to have 200 guards and 300 imperial knights, they worked for generations, but they wouldn’t have increased so easily”

“We have around 1 . 000 people without 3rd unit . We can fight equally if we launch a surprise attack”

“Umu (tl: royal way to say ‘yes’) . Besides, I don’t want to destroy the imperial guards . I just want their 2 heads…… But the imperial guards have been the protectors for generations, so they may be bit fanatical” (ED: Crown Prince and Prime ministers heads)

“At any rate, the royal place is a very troubling place . First, we need to destroy the outer wall quickly to enter”

Their line of sight gathers on me .

It can’t be helped, I’m the captain of the assault unit after all .

“I’ll return to my unit . When the preparations have been finished, I’ll inform you”

“Aegir, remember I will be counting on you”

I returned to my unit after bowing my head to Eldio, I announced to my members that we were going to attack the royal palace .

“Really?!” “We will be fighting with the imperial guards……”

“What of it? Goldenia hasn’t gone to war in 30 years . We don’t need to be afraid of the imperial gurads who are filled with Bocchamas” (tl: bocchama is way to call son of rich household, young master)

There’s a young lad who scolded our party member, who was noisy about the battle .

“We are monsters who have killed orcs . When they see us, they’ll just piss their pants and run to their mama’s bosom! Right, captain?”

If it’s goblin, I’ll just strike them down easily . (ED: I dont even know what this is Author-Sama)

“I’ve confidence If it’s about swordsmanship! I want to check how strong they are, with this battle!”

Carl who is from a poor family in Goldenia . He is the person who can get carried away easily, but he has considerable sword skills so he got assigned in the assault unit .

Originally, skills are valued higher in the status of mercenaries . Moreover, anyone who has confidence in their skills were gathered in the assault unit . Soon, the the ones who wanted to test their mettle with the bocchan knights began shouting loudly .

Among the voices, there was Celia who has always unconditionally followed me and Mark who wanted to test our strength .

When we came out from the town road and arrived at the royal palace’s plaza, there were imperial guards waiting .

They’re numbered about 300 people, all of them were apart of the imperial guards cavalry .

“I fear that it’s likely that the Prime Minister was prepared for us . Maybe, he already expected this to happen when my father passed away”

Eldio mutter ‘that useless oldmans instinct always…’ (ED: TL-sama please dont reference amazing Manga in your translation . )(tl: ican’t help it xD)

At any rate, this is a completely unsurprising surprise attack .

After this, I have no choice but to tear a hole in their defense .

Though Eldio is leading us legally, the imperial guards look ready to battle . They are not listening to his commands .

Of course they would be, their superior, the Crown Prince, is commanding them to do this, we’ll know when we see the real Crown Prince’s face if it really is a body double .

“Don’t say stupid things! The Crown Prince and the Prime Minister said that his Highness Eldio is a traitor and needs to be captured . The evidence is that he’s leading a mercenary troupe, so you don’t need to be afraid of anything!”

When the captain finished talking, Eldio retreated to the back, and gave charge to Eli and I from here on .

And now begins the battle .

“Archer units!”

The imperial guards didn’t have archer units .

In the first place, the royal palace’s guard duty is an honor, and all of their members are nobles . They consider the bow is a weapon only for those of low birth .

But, the beautiful thing is that there’s no such beliefs in war .

When this low birth weapon hits you, you’ll die .


There were 100 arrows instantly raining down on the imperial guards, they easily blocked it with their thick armor and shields but some still died because of bad luck .

They did not wait for our arrow volley to stop, they instead started to rush towards our troops .

So, from now on, this was our duty .

“All members, charge! Penetrate their defenses and go inside the royal palace . After that, kill everyone in sight!”

The assault unit, me included, didn’t know the Crown Prince and Prime Ministers faces .

So, we must kill everyone .

Eldio also said that it would have an easier task if they also killed some hot blooded people who were against the prince, in the process .

However, we were ordered to not kill court lady and her female attendants . [PR: Court Lady is someone like the head of the concubines, usually the wife or the one who gives birth to the first born boy]

We, the heavy cavalry and light cavalry, rushed the plaza while shouting .

We have the numbers advantage but not in the equipment . If we negated that, we just needed to compare our skills with the sword .

Not to mention the circumstances, each of us will be fighting while moving on a horse .

I lifted my spear thinking this will be a long battle .

Accompanied by Celia and Mark, our full unit rushed in .

This should be easy, That last battle in Arcland, I had no partner to accompany me .

Now, I have allies behind me, and partners at my side . If enemies are only in front of me, this should be easy .

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