Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Two weeks after a series of disturbances and large battle in front of the royal palace . The kingdom announced the rebellion of Duke Ditrit Alens and the death of the First and Crown Prince Beltrius . Other than that, the next in line for the throne inheritance is Eldio . 1 At that time, Duke Alens started a rebellion, his cooperator was arrested and was executed . Some of the rebels which testified that Crown Prince Beltrius was still in good health was actually part of Duke’s Alens faction that were acting as rebel imposters .

The fact that there are so many noble siblings that served as imperial guards who supported the rebellion shocked the whole kingdom . But, the one who ascended to the throne was Alexandro, he’s ruling the royal capital and royal palace so there’s no one who voiced their dissatisfaction, they have no other choice except to support him .

Moreover, the rebellion is planned by the Prime minister and his trusted friend, the imperial guards are deceived by him . Therefore, even though they were killed when they tried to steal the throne, their relatives don’t get any punishment . The surviving guards know that the one who rebelling is Alexandro, but they don’t voice their complaints, if they do, they’ll be charged with treason . Beltrius has no child too, so no matter how much they complain, no one can replace the current king . The one who voice their complaints will get appointed as a ruler in some remote region and never again will they be able to meddle in the kingdom’s politics .

And then, 2 weeks after, the battle clean up almost finished, finally, Alexandro will be crowned as Goldenia’s King . Originally, the coronation ceremony needed to be attended by the noble and the priest, but Wing of Dawn will be recognized as the group who helped to quash the rebellion . But…… Well, it seems that we’re quite hated . The “original” nobles who were kicked from their own territories glare at each of us, Wing of Dawn . In their eyes, we’re no more than hoodlums . Eli too said that it’s better if we don’t create other unnecessary troubles . When the coronation ceremony ended, Eldio is…… Alexandro is performing his speech after raising his hand to silence the commotion .

“Ladies and Gentleman who are gathered together in this place, first my condolences about our deceased father and unnatural death of our brother”

I take a beef jerky without letting the surrounding people know and eat it secretly . After that, I ‘pretend’ to feel sad when the angry Alexandro talk about Prime Minister . Before I almost nod off to sleep, suddenly his tone changed .

“But! I’ll be changing my father’s policy! Our kingdom is the largest kingdom in Central Plain, but even with that we can’t do anything! We even need to beg to a small country like Arcland to obtain peace!”

The listeners are making a commotion . First of all, there’s no way the new king will criticize the late king .

“I don’t want to obtain peace by kneeling my own feet! A peace can only be obtained by negotiation and our sword”

“Alexandro clearly denied the late king’s policy about peace”

“As for the sword, we need to increase the army . For our country, Goldenia’s prosperity, we need to cooperate together”

The commotion become larger . He wants to increase the nation army by requesting the help from every feudal lord . In the first place, for Goldenia’s country scale, it’s army force is too small . Due to late king’s passivity in building an army, Goldenia was only prepared to defend itself against common robbers and weak monsters, However, there is no war potential to stand against another nation . So, Goldenia’s was always forced to choose the path of negotiation in order to settle the cross-national problem with other nation .

“With a powerful royal army we shall become powerful! Now, we won’t have to stoop as low as to negotiate a humiliating diplomacy anymore . Every nation will realize that the strong kingdom of Goldenia is back! And then those cold-blooded fools that oppose us will be shaking in fear! I’ll personally raise the guillotine to make us feared!”

The higher nobles have a doubtful look in their eyes, but the young nobles begin to listen attentively . If you talk about being a noble, they are the type of people that won’t feel good if they bow their heads down to the lower-ranked noble in the same country . The noble who has a territory will think about their own interest and the responsibility, but for the young noble and the noble who has no territory, Alexandro’s speech is filled with patriotism .

“But, I don’t plan to mobilize the farmer as a meat shield . For our kingdom prosperity, we need a highly practiced and capable person to lead army soldiers . According to that, we want to choose from one of you to lead this troops . If you have a patriotic feeling inside your heart, I want you to answer my call”

The noble eyes change . This position among the army is the same as star . 2 Especially for the poor and low ranked nobility, this position is the only way to rise high in the noble world .

“Lastly, because of the other day’s unpleasant disturbance, it’s hard for me but I disband the imperial guards . I won’t permit any army movement that is likely to weaken the overall kingdom strength . Therefore, I’ll organize and task the mercenary group that suppressed the rebellion to become our regular army . Other than that, I will grant peerage to those who have shown their abilities to me in this battle, especially to the commander”

From mercenary to regular army, the plebian that got peerage, as expected the nobles are all protesting and wish that the Alexandro reconsider it .

“I’m different from the late king, I won’t put peace and harmony as our extreme priority! We don’t want to fight useless wars, but I will slay everyone who dares to disturb our kingdoms prosperity! Even if that means that we will create some chaos along the way!”

The noble’s voices all quieted down . Everyone who heard this speech felt that the new era is coming . And, that new era is not a gentle era .

“For the time being, you lot will be staying in this inn . So in the time when His Highness…… His Majesty calls, you all can arrive faster”

Eli’s facial expression is brightened, Wing of Dawn has been assigned to be a regular army, and the supreme commander will get a high status”

He has the skill, so there’s no reason to not confer him a peerage .

“Because I have my own group, I’ll go to the Hard Boiled Pavilion”

“You being remembered by His Majesty is a good thing . Next time we meet, maybe we’ll be able to call each other by our family names”

With the disband of Wing of Dawn, I’ll get my share depending on my position, and once again I’m a jobless .


“Since when did you get that position?”

As I arrived at the Hard-boiled Pavilion, Maria and Melissa jump at me . When I returned to the room with Celia clinging to me like dango…… Inside I see Carla and Nonna strip each other . Are they in the middle of doing it?

“I’m sorry that I leave you, but doing yuri is not productive you know” 3

“Wrong!” “You’re wrong!!”

When I see it again, they tear each other clothes, and there’re so many bruise on their bodies . Is doing yuri similar like a fight?

“So, what is the reason?”

“This woman ate my bread!” “She tore off my clothes!”

I see, it was just a stupid reason anyway . In the first place, they’re just on bad term with each other .

“Enough . Whose woman are you?”


“We are your women”

“The one who injured my women will get a punishment”

I pull Carla’s hand to the other room .

“Ahn♪ please don’t punish me”

“No…… Why only Carla……”

Carla delightedly held my arm, while Nonna glared jealously and scowled at us . Their imagination is not wrong; this is really a punishment . After I close the door, I put Carla on the bed .

“Hehe, After all you still like me more than that cow udder right? That woman only has big breast and has no other ……”

“Shut up”


Carla is surprised by my stern voice; did she think that I will do sweet things with her?

“Listen, Nonna is my woman . I’ll punish anyone who injure her”

“No, that was because that woman!”

I don’t say anything else and rip her underwear, I touch her vagina with my hand smeared with saliva .

“Do you want to play rough? I don’t mind you know~ … . Hey wait! That’s wrong place!?”

I insert my hand inside her butt hole, I insert my 2 finger and Carla’s face begin to warp . After that, I take out my penis and aim at her butt hole .

“Wait! At least let me prepare more! It’s no good no matter the circumtances!!”

“I said that…… this is a punishment!”

I spread her butt with my both hands, and then jam my penis in her butt hole at once . Because I insert my penis without foreplay, she screamed as she arched her back like a shrimp .

“It huu—-rt!! It’s impossible, impossible impossible impossible! You’ll tear itttt!!”

“How is it? Do you want to reflect?”

“I’ll die! Forgive meee, hiiii”

I steeled my heart and punish Carla, cold sweat ran down because I finally pull out my penis . For a while she falls to the ground prostrating herself to me and crying on the bed, and then unsteadily gets up . She wipes her ass with a towel and there’re some blood on it . It seems that her butt hole has been cut by the insertion .

“Enough, rest for today, after that smear the cut with medicine”


I see Carla exit with unsteady walk while holding the wet towel . Because we don’t prepare anything, the room got dirty . After this, if I want to do this to Nonna it will make her pitiful . After that, I catch Nonna and throw her on the bed . Because she already heard Carla’s scream and saw her teary-face, Nonna became frightened . But, I must not be lenient to only one person . I can’t just see my woman get hurt . I must give a lesson to them firmly . After I heard all Nonna’s excuse, I tear her underwear and make her stand on all fours . Her small butt hole closed tightly, and I can say that her butt is plump .

“Nonna, had you ever tried it in the ass?”

“Ne-never try it . So, please forgive me…… It’ll be impossible if it’s your large tool……”

Hmm . As expected the if you force it in for the first time, it may never recover . Even I don’t want her to get injured while I am punishing her .

“Stay still……”

First I will make it larger with my finger . First it’ll be my little finger .

“Auuuu…… I’m okay”

My thumb .

“Guh! …… Somewhat okay”

Two fingers .

“it’s too tight! Please don’t moveee”

3 fingers .

“Hiiii!! It’s impossible, you’ll tear itttt!!”

My penis .

“Noooo!! It’ll tear my butt hole! It’s really impossible, nooo…… Kyaaa!!”

Even if Nonna screams, somehow the preparation’s effect seemed to work .

“Oooooooo… . . My butt, butt …… . My butt will breakkkk……”

When I hear sound door opening, I see Melissa with a bucket of hot water with towel . It’s Melissa but with a concerned voice .

“Is Carla okay?”

“Yea, but she’s bleeding so I told her to smear it with an ointment”

I’m thankful that Melissa always helps me like this . As for Maria, she’s bad with these kind of problems .

“Please forgive her . See, her eyes are all white and her skin is all pale, if you continue like this, you’ll really injure her”

Nonna is falls down to prostrate while my penis is still in her butt hole . She can’t hold on for another 10 minutes . Because I can’t ejaculate, I pull my penis out . After I pull my penis out, I see a big gaping hole in her butt hole .

“Uaaaaa…… Ah!? Who? Please…!”

Nonna desperately needs something . I don’t know what she wants but, it seems that Melissa know .

“Ah, this is bad . Aegir-san, your ear please”

Melissa holds the bucket and towel as Nonna moves . Though no one knows what will happen, but a man’s affection can’t be seen, heard or smelt . The completely exhausted Nonna helped by Melissa to exit the room, and I’m the only one left in the room with an erection . Although I called it punishment, it was only to have sex with the offender in her ass and cum inside . Though I already cum, I can’t sleep at all .

“Maria and Celia come here, I’ll give you some love .

“……P-please be merciful ……”

“I will endure whatever Aegir-sama does! Even if he wants to destroy my body, I won’t complain a single bit!”

I’ll wait for Melissa, who is putting Nonna to sleep, in order to make them a bit more relaxed . After that, act of love with the 3 of them is a bit obedient . In the middle of it, Melissa says something .

“You know, even if Nonna got that cut and can be cured with ointment, it was splendid . It should have hurt but…… She had such delightful face”

Not only Carla, but Nonna also stray from the right path . After that, Nonna and Carla always bring a towel to chew so they don’t scream in pain for a while, the two of them agree that they won’t quarrel ever again .


Next morning .

“So that’s why the mercenary can come inside the town”

Nonna nodded in agreement while she float her butt a bit .

“At that time, I thought that something will happen, also Aegir never said anything”

Carla continues, she also floats her butt a bit .

“Sorry, we’re moving immediately after the news of king’s death”

Melissa and Maria bring the dish and sake .

“I have no schedule for a while . I have no companion for a while now . Let’s eat and drink a lot” 4

To be honest, as we were only fed canned food and simple meals for the past two weeks in the royal palace, both Celia and I are the ones who miss eating good food the most . Lately I have been playing around with Celia a little too often, so in order to stop them from being jealous both Maria and Melissa was being embraced by me . Nonna and Carla feel discontent with their sore butt . As expected it’s too much, but because of my punishment they no longer try to fight with each other again . The two feed me with the delicious dish and sake keep on coming by mouth to mouth drink .

As they drink the sake, the ladies seem to be more frank .

On top of the sake, Melissa begin to dance in the middle of the room as a side entertainment . That’s not an ordinary dance, it’s a dance that maximized her sensational body, beside the dance, she takes off her already thin clothes one by one . This is a dance that would tempt every man . Even if she is almost nude, she still covers herself with her hand, a table and a chair .

Even if she’s tempting me, I won’t attack her while she’s dancing, it’ll be a kill-joy . In addition, I still accompany the other ladies, even Maria participating with the lewd dance . Even though she’s not as good as Melissa, she only has her small breast to keep away her sorrow .

“Nn! Celia??”

While I sit on the sofa with a blanket, Celia upper body come inside the blanket . After that, I feel that my thing is taken out from my trouser and then placed on her small mouth, and I feel her tongue . I don’t know if she feels embarrassed when she does it in front of the others because she never comes out from the blanket . It seems that Celia not only has talent in battle, but she also some other talents in other aspects . Though the other ladies notice Celia sucking me, because of the sake’s effect, they can only make complaints .

I’m entertained by the beauty naked dance, furthermore, I got my sake served by beauty too . Last but not least, my lust is sucked obediently by a small brave girl . This is exactly what debauchery is about, I wonder how many nobles can do something like this . Soon, Carla and Maria get tired from dancing, Nonna and Carla is sleeping from getting drunk . Celia is sleeping satisfied with her full belly .

I hope that the king doesn’t contact me too soon .


“Is Aegir-dono here?” 5

A messenger from the royal palace came in front of our room . I come out with women’s scent all over my body .

“I come to let you know that His Majesty Alexandro the First has summoned you to royal palace! Prepare yourself!”

“I receive His Majesty order”

When I come back to our room, except Celia, everyone is stunned . Come to think of it, they never know the story behind the king’s criticism .

“To think that you got summoned by His Majesty himself…… What on earth could they possibly want from you?!”

The most worried one is Nonna . Only she knows how strange a direct summon from king is .

“Don’t tell me that you made a move on king’s daughter or wife?!”

When I still try to wear my clothes, I strike Nonna’s butt . She screams “Uoooo” and holds her butt in agony .

“He can be accompanied by two people . Then, I’ll excuse myself”

At the end, the messenger dropped this bomb message and left . For a moment, the ladies were looking at each other . Celia immediately moves beside me, until now she always fights beside me . One more, but as for Celia, with her child body, she’s may not even be considered as my follower . Then, the other person beside me should look like a formal lady . As for Melissa, she’s taking a step back, so only Maria, Carla and Nonna glare at each other . Yesterday punishment made them not fight immediately . But, I have already decided on my partner .

“Nonna, will you?” 6

While Nonna immediately smiles, Carla and Maria frown .

“Because Celia and me don’t know about anything about etiquette after all . If Nonna is there, there shall be no problem”

I think I have been glared at them like the king in his coronation ceremony .

“Yes! Please leave it to me”

As for the pouting Carla and Maria, maybe I’ll take them to a date for a full day . Nonna chose the most beautiful clothes inside the room, after she chose the elegant yet daring dress, she stood up beside me . But, Celia’s and my clothes are like clothes for ordinary traveler .

“Though it’s not impolite for a commoner but……”

“Well, he’s my acquaintance so, he’s not going to mind much about my clothes”

The surprised Nonna is facing me .

“As expected you’re doing something!”


Though I want to spank her butt, as expected that her dress will get blood stain, so I’ll restrain myself for now . At glance, she seems so elegant with her narrow waist, but in reality, it’s to protect her butt from getting spanked . As we come inside the royal palace, the attendant guides us to king’s side . They had been fixing the royal palace really hard, there’s no trace of the battle at all . Celia says “what a waste” to the already changed carpet that before had been stained by a pool of blood . Only the wall that had a sword mark fixed in a simple way, look like it’s plastered by white plaster . After I wait in the waiting room, I get a permit to enter . When I want to see Nonna surprised, usually I need to wait more . And there’s no point to compare with the Olga Federation .

“You have come, Aegir”

Alexandro the First’s expression improves when welcoming me . It seems that the people surrounding the king is strict, but the king himself is not worried about such things .

“Long time no see, Your Majesty”

Nonna and Celia is kneeling behind me, is this really the right etiquette?

“Umu . Since a while ago, the young nobles only compliments me without real content . What a waste of my time”

As he comes near me, he gives me signal .

“I want to hear your detailed report, but I have no time because of that bunch of foolish conversations I had to attend . Though I’m talking simply with you, it doesn’t mean that I’m looking down on you”

“I know” 7

“Not only get through to the royal castle that occupied by rebel army, you killed the Duke Alens as well! Not only I’ll give you a peerage for this merit, I’ll also appoint you to be a commander”

Nonna is surprised . He might have heard this story from Eli .

“Thank you”

“When we talk without flattery everything sure is faster . About your wage, another will inform you about it”

The king won’t talk about small detail . That’s the work of financial bureaucrat .

“You have no house in Goldenia, right? After you got the medal, you can buy a house in the royal capital”

After that, the king eyes move to Nonna .

“I heard it from Eli . You’re such a big woman lover, is that woman one of yours as well? It’s not good to be surrounded by so many ladies, just buy a house and settle them down”

The king stands up and comes to me .

“Remember that I am relying on you . Originally, I want to give you a piece of land, but for now I don’t have land to give to you . Anyway, I’ll even get more land in the future, wait until that time comes”

After bowing lightly, I receive rewards from a retainer .

“The one who got a knight peerage will receive a sword and armor . I don’t know if the sword will be needed but I guess you’ll need a better armor . But, never think about my reward too much . I don’t need you all to honor my reward, but I do want you to work hard on the battle ground . For that reason, if you need it, please do use it to the fullest!”

After that, there’ll be another ceremony, but it’s not essential for me .

“After you got a knight peerage, you’ll need a family name . Choose one”

After I heard it, I think about two particular names, it was Lucy and Nonna’s family names . As expected to use the Federation traitor family name is NG, beside Nonna’s whereabouts will be exposed . 8 And, it’s boring to use Lucy’s family name, when the time I can get her, I can proudly call my name .


“I’ll choose Hardlett” . A long time ago, I heard a monster name in the Loreil town . I like the nuance of this name .

“Heh, you used a wolf name as your name…… It’s a showy name, but it may fit you well” 9

The king draws a sword and place the blade on my shoulder . I answer Nonna’s mutter behind me . Even if the king can hear Nonna voice, it seems that he does not mind it . After I finished the ceremony, we leave the royal castle . Because the king still remembers Celia, she is bestowed a steel sword

“Ufu……… Ufufu……… House of Hardlett…… At least you’ve become a noble! Even if it’s only half noble!” 10

On the way back, Nonna is in high spirits . Even though she’s not a woman who think highly about a reward and salary money, it’s odd to think that she’s this happy . Because a knight house will be treated as a half noble .

“This is our first step, the king already promised that we’ll be given a plot of land, and you can be a feudal lord”

But, she suddenly frowns, she turns around and spread her fingers to hold her butt .

“And then, I can marry Aegir-sama and give birth to your descendant ♪”

For some reasons, her delusions are getting wider . Well, I won’t destroy her happy dream, Nonna walks like she’s dancing while she’s pulling me to the inn . However, this reward box sure is heavy . I was told that they will send it to me at later date, but I was worried that there’ll be a mistake . 11

if there’s Schwarz here…

When I arrive at the inn, everyone is surprised, Andrei too . 12 it’s rare that a commoner turn into a noble . The way Andrei speaks to me changes too . 13

“Even I haven’t heard of such a thing happening before…… No, in fact I have never heard it before” 14

“Stop it, it doesn’t mean that I’m changed too, just talk to me normally . But, because I’ll buy a house with my reward, I’ll leave the inn before long”

“That’s true I suppose . But is this okay? It’s not strange when the noble has multiple mistresses, right? But just out of curiosity who will you choose as your favorite concubine?”

Andrei drops a bomb to the girls, I’m sure they will never drop this matter now…

Reward: 1000 gold coins .

Knight house allowance: 50 gold coins a year .

Salary: 30 gold coins a year .

I’m carrying a box filled with 1000 gold coins…… it should be heavy, but…… When I saw the hill of gold coins, it was really refreshing . But, when I return to my room, I’m amazed at Melissa .

“This is amazing . I’m surprised when you bought me for 100 gold coins in cash, but this is 10 times more than that”

“I want a good house, if possible one that has a bathroom”

“Ah! Me too! Drinking sake in the bathroom~ Isn’t it the best place to flirt all day long there?”

Melissa and I are talking about a new home, there was this weird tension between the three women . Celia gazes at her new sword, as the war comes to the end, a more peaceful time approaches .

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