Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Taking everyone with me in the morning, we went out shopping .

「Aegir-sama, since you have become a noble, you must possess things fitting for your status! A house, clothes, furniture, and then servants! There are many things that are required!」

And then, the one that was most enthusiastic was Nonna .

「The house being big is fine, but wouldn’t it be alright if the rest was just whatever? More importantly, let’s go eat something tasty~ . 」

「You be silent! With that sort of thing, we would be buying the snickers of the people of the town . Are you fine with Aegir-sama becoming a laughing stock!? ……Fortunately, we have an abundance of money . Now then, let’s go . 」

「I don’t know about the furniture and the clothing, but even if we don’t have servants, I can do the housework, you know?」

Even when Maria was at the inn, she never failed to clean the rooms .

She apparently couldn’t calm down if she didn’t do the cooking, the laundry, and kitchen work

「First is the clothing and the house . It’ll be fine if we gather the rest gradually later . 」

Nonna is probably picturing her perfected noble house back at her home, but I am a newly formed half noble, so there’s probably no need to think about it so exaggeratedly .

「Well then, first off, let’s go buy clothes . Carla! Since you are technically going to be a beloved concubine, vulgar clothes are no good! That especially goes for you, Melissa-san . You are revealing your body too much . That sort of thing is plenty enough at, um, night . 」

Everyone, including me, were a bit weary by the enthusiastic Nonna .

Carla muttered 「She’s like an annoying aunt」, but since the sharp eared Nonna heard that and wouldn’t let it go, she smacked her ass .


Since it seemed that the spanking had a good effect, the peaceful shopping trip was protected . Nonna and Maria seemed to be used to shopping so they soon led us to a shop .

What we entered wasn’t a gaudy high-class shop but a shop that tailored clothes for affluent commoners and low to mid-class nobles . The displayed clothes were of fairly good quality and they seemed to be quite skilled .

As expected, it seems that a woman’s eye towards clothing is harsh .

「First is getting full dresses for everyone and formal wear, outdoor wear, and indoor wear for Aegir-sama’s clothes, I want three sets of each」

「The formal wear aside, is there really a need for the outdoor and indoor wear to be brand new?」

「There is . If we were to be invited by a close noble, would we go in full dresses and casual clothing? The same goes for when that person comes to the house . At the very least, three sets . If we don’t increase the variety, they will think that we only wear the same clothes!」

In the beginning, it was Nonna’s field where no one challenged her, but since it seemed that the female camp originally had an interest in clothes, they got roused up .

As they went about choosing to go with either this or that, they naturally chose their own clothes, but they also started to choose my clothes . And everything was decided while I left it up to them since it was a pain .

The female group had two sets of full dresses and indoor wear for each of them, and then I had four sets of formal wear, outdoor wear, indoor wear, and some spares, making it all a huge purchase .

「Thank you very much! We shall tailor them as fast as possible, but due to the quantity being as it is, it will take a bit of time……」

「In that case, please start from Aegir-sama’s share . The women’s goods can be done in turn starting with the full dresses」

「Then I shall do just that . Hardlett-sama, was it? I imagine that you would like to have the completed goods delivered but . . 」

「No, I will come to pick them up」

Of course that’s how it’ll be, we don’t have a house yet after all .

「Is, is that so? Well then, with all due respect, the cost will be……50 gold coins, but shall we make it so that the payment is made when the goods are exchanged?」

「No, I’ll pay now . 」

When I handed over the gold coins, he started counting with a courteous look .

「Hey, how is it that it costs 50 gold coins for the clothing? The prices weren’t written anywhere . 」

「Once it turns into a fairly well-known shop, it becomes dependent on the tailoring, so there won’t be a price tag like on ready-made goods . 」

「I’m a bit scared, it’s an incredible price . 」

「Yeah……I wonder if we got carried away and made Aegir-san mad . 」

「S-since I’m small and use less cloth, mine are much better off!」

A majority of the price probably comes from my formal wear and Nonna’s dress . In contrast with the other clothes that use hemp and wool, Nonna and my things were to be made with silk .

I was able to see her scheming side .

Speaking of 50 gold coins, even in here, the royal capital, it was an amount that a commoner family living an average lifestyle could live more than five years off of .

As long as it wasn’t a shop that did business with higher ranking nobles, it wasn’t an amount that anyone would lay their eyes on anytime soon .

It seems that this shop wasn’t like that, so not only the shopkeeper, all of the employees bowed their heads and saw us off .

「I don’t believe that there were any abnormally over priced items in the goods that we bought, but it is rare for someone to buy dozens of sets of clothes after all……」

This was Nonna’s take on it .

「I’m sure that you’ve understood from this matter, but it looks like there will be a lot of inconveniences if we don’t decide on a house first」

A homeless noble going shopping, what kind of comedy is that?

「That’s true, I guess we should start looking for a house . 」

Though we say buying a house, there are various ways such as building one or buying a used one, but this time, we don’t have the time to build one from scratch . In that case, we have no choice but to search for a used, good property .

「Even I do not know much about houses so……」

Not just Nonna, no one among us had any experience in buying a house .

In that case, we should go with the typical method .

「Hello and welcome . I am one that does dealing in houses and plots of land in the Royal Capital, going by the name of [Milder] . It is a pleasure to be doing business with you . 」

「Name’s Hardlett . I want to buy a used residence . One as big as possible would be good . 」

I tried conveying my various wishes such as wanting a stable that could fit several animals and a bath in addition to it .

「I see, and what about your budget?」

「Let’s see, in gold coins, a thou—」「It’s 800 gold coins!」

Nonna cut in .

Come to think of it, she did say something about buying furniture .

「With 800 pieces, it’s a bit lacking for a large-scale mansion but……」

I was about to say that it can’t be helped if it was no good, but Milder cut me off .

「But, Hardlett-sama, you are someone that had military exploits in that insurrection turmoil! Why don’t I present you a specially discounted property!」

As expected of a merchant, he gets information fast . Asking us to first take a look at the property, we ended up heading towards the location as if he were pushing my back . The place was close to the heart of the city, and was in a district lined up with houses of mid-to-low nobles and affluent merchants .

「Uwah! It’s so spacious~ . Even the kitchen is more spacious than my family’s inn!」

「This really is incredible! I can’t believe that we’d actually be able to live in a place like this . 」

The normally calm and collected Maria and Melissa were getting excited, which was quite rare . It looked like Melissa was more fixated on the house than the others, so something might have happened in the past . If I have the chance, maybe I’ll ask her about it, even if it’s on the bed .

「The stable also has a pretty good size . With that, it looks like at least two more can fit in alongside Schwarz . 」

「Since the inside of the house is spacious as well, it looks like we can put in some proper furniture」

「The outer walls are tall and strongly built . It looks like security will be easy . 」

It looks like everyone is pretty pleased with it . But we still haven’t seen the most crucial part .

「So, how is the bath?」

「Yes, of course, since that is this building’s greatest selling point, it is quite substantial」

The bath that we were guided to certainly was wide . The bath itself was big enough to be a room by itself, and it looked like the bathtub was able to fit around five people in it .

「A bathtub of this size is rare even in the mansions of nobles you see……」

Bathtubs were a luxury item, and there was no guarantee that even a noble’s mansion would have one . Not to mention that when it came to a bathtub that can fit several people, it could be said to be extremely rare .

「This bathtub draws water from an external water well and brings it to this furnace~」

In short, water from a well is temporarily drawn into a large furnace located outside and is heated . And once it reaches a moderate temperature, a stopper is unplugged from the inside and enters the bathtub .

If I were to do it myself, far from just taking up time, I would have to go in and out of the house, so I guess hiring a servant is a prerequisite .

「With it being this spacious, along with its structure, outer wall, and sturdiness, and even having such a large-scale bath attached to it, I believe that 800 gold coins is by a wide margin comparatively cheap」

While everyone was agreeing to that, only Celia silently looked at Milder .

「Now then, since these documents will be used as the contract, if I could get you to sign it, I will immediately transfer the title deed to you」

Wondering why he was in such a rush and feeling a bit of unease in his attitude that resembled impatience, I checked through the contract, but the price and the residence location were accurately written . Feeling that there weren’t any deceptions with this, I was going to sign it, but Celia grabbed my hand .

「Aegir-sama, this man is strange . 」

Getting close to my ear, she said that with a low voice .

「He is a bit suspicious in some places, but it doesn’t look like there is anything peculiar with the contract」

「No, he is definitely lying . I don’t know anything about contracts for houses, but I do know about humans that are making lies . Please believe me, I am not mistaken . 」

Since she went that far in saying it, I placed the contract on the table that was in front of everyone, and slowly checked through it . Milder feigned calmness, but he was clearly flustered .

「Is……Is there something you are displeased with?」

「It’s nothing like that, but it’s normal to check through it before signing, isn’t it?」

Even I could tell that something was suspicious . Maybe because everyone else felt something was wrong as well, they put their faces out beside me and looked through the contract . And then finally, Melissa discovered something .

「This! It says that the rent for the plot of land is 100 gold coins every month!」

Everyone raised a small scream, and Milder’s face cramped up .

「So the house is 800 pieces, and the plot of land is 100 pieces per month……That’s quite the expensive rent . 」

「Th-that is, since a house like this is being sold at such a low price, that is only natural!!」

「I see, well then, mind if we go around to ask if there are others in the same profession that have this sort of sales plan?」

Milder glared at me .

「Do as you like! However, I’ve heard that there are many that bear grudges towards new nobles . Wouldn’t it be better to refrain from careless outings?」

It was a cheap provocation, but I dared to go along with it .

「Thanks for the concern, but in the battle that made me into that new noble, I cut down about twenty Imperial Guards . Will outlaws greater than that be coming out, I wonder?」

The steel sword on Celia’s waist shined . If he made an untactful reply, his head would probably fly in a second .

「I-I haven’t done anything illegal! Even in regards to the conditions, it’s written in the contract!」

「That’s right, and I didn’t say that you did anything wrong . However, since I am someone from the countryside, I am unfamiliar with how trade works in the city, you see . So I intend on making this a topic of conversation with His Majesty the next time I have an audience with him . That……buying a house in the city is difficult . 」

I have no plans on meeting with His Majesty, and he probably doesn’t have time to idly have a deep talk with me . But if he knows that I am one of the new nobles that His Majesty has his eyes on, there should be some effect .

Presently, Milder had become ghastly pale and was trembling . But I don’t really have any intentions of punishing or reforming this villainous realtor .

「Since the matter about the rent on the land is probably an entry mistake, please correct it, and then please put this house in a term of service . If you put in a bit of maintenance, I won’t have any objections to buying it for 80「700!」 ……700 gold coins」

Milder had no alternatives .

But even for him, with 700 gold coins, even with repair expenses put in, it probably wasn’t much of a loss .

As compensation for trying to swindle someone, this was too light . Also, I had thought that Nonna was the type that wasn’t too concerned with money, but through this matter, my impression of her has changed quite a bit .

Her blood of a high class noble wouldn’t start up and make her in to a spendthrift in the future, would it?

With a face that I couldn’t tell if it looked like he looked disheartened or relieved, Milder amended the contract, and Nonna, Melissa, and Maria, who could all read letters, checked through it several times and signed it .

「This has turned into some inexpensive shopping, hasn’t it . 」

「We almost had our money taken from us, you know!」

「That was scary . 」

「……I might have been sold just like that ……」

「If I could read letters……Even I could……」

Since repair work was included, it would take a bit of time before we could move in, but with this, we’ve secured a house . All that’s left is furniture and such, but since Nonna’s eyes are fired up, it should be fine to leave it to her .

After all, to me, there isn’t much difference between a sofa that a craftsman made and a stump .

In the end, while I was having a short rest with tea and teacakes at a furniture artisan’s shop together with Celia, Nonna and the others were buying various furniture that was worth 50 gold coins .

Nonna tried to get a high class dining table that was worth 100 gold coins, but she was suppressed by Carla and Maria .

「Possessing good furniture shows the status of an outstanding noble . There is no such thing as being too expensive……」

「Aren’t you just being stupid! Something like a 100 gold coin table, there is something wrong with your head! Even just a 5 gold coin sofa is something I don’t understand . 」

「Even I think that’s a bit strange . I believe that it’s sufficient as long as it’s a properly made item . 」

「A table that cost the same amount as me huh……Since it was 10 pieces when I was sold there, I’m the same as this dresser huh……Haha……」

Receiving a concentrated attack from everyone and not just from Carla, it looked like even Nonna had to give in .

Since all of the furniture was going to be made by the artisan, it would take a certain amount of time . When I asked him to have them delivered to match with the house’s repairs, Nonna regained her motivation .

「Next is tableware . It’s tableware that denotes a noble’s status, I won’t allow any compromise on this!」

I think that it can’t be helped if the house of a newly appointed Knight and a Count house with long-standing tradition are put together though . She fell from a noble to the lowest class of being a slave, so she probably has various bitter feelings .

Fortunately, we still have money, so I guess I’ll let her do as she likes .

Feeling that they should restrain the rampaging Nonna, Carla and Maria chase after her . Since the two of them that possess a commoner’s sense for money are there, she probably won’t be able to be too excessive in her purchases .

「The problem is employees . 」

Celia raised her voice .

It’s just as she said . It’s fine if it’s just buying things, but people are the most difficult . Fortunately, other than me, it’s a female household, and since we have the housework-loving Maria, there’s no problem with the cleaning, laundry, and cooking . But even I would feel awkward to make her draw the water for the bath and heating it up, and Nonna probably wouldn’t agree to the absence of servants .

When it comes to physical work that the girls can’t do, that means it would need to be done by a man . But having a man live together with us, if he were to ever lay a hand on the girls, it would lead to unnecessary blood being shed . It wouldn’t be good to let someone that we couldn’t trust into the house in the first place .

「How do you hire a servant when you need one?」

I tried asking that to Nonna who had been going around and making a fuss over silver tableware .

「I’m terribly sorry . I’m not all that knowledgeable about that either……」

I guess that’s about right . There’s no way the young daughter of a noble would know about how to hire servants .

「But, I think the steward that we had was the second son of a house we were close to……Erm, the butler was a Knight-peerage house’s……」

It can’t be helped that I’m hearing about high class servants of noble house origins, but with Nonna’s position, she might have not have had the chance to hold a conversation with an average servant .

「Aren’t things like relationships with houses that you have intimacy with normally just like that?」

Melissa softly cut into the conversation .

「We also weren’t that big of a house, but as we did business, we got several people like that……I don’t know about how the houses of nobles do things though」

That was enough . In any case, it’s fine as long as it is a person we can trust . However, even if we’re talking about connections, the people I know of are pretty much Bruno and Captain Eli and then Andre . If I were to hire all of my acquaintances from the assault troops, I’d probably be better off just calling for a bandit group .

「And so, you came to my place . 」

We streamed in and visited Bruno’s house .

He was currently renting a house, and seemed to be searching for a house in a much calmer manner than us .

「Aegir……No, would it be better for me to call you Lord Hardlett now?」

Since every captain including Bruno was given Knight Peerage, it seemed that he planned on setting up a residence within the royal capital as a new noble just like me . His surname was Leinster, and he said that it was the name of a place that he lived in before .

「That’s unneeded when in private, Lord Leinster 」

When I made fun of his name, he waved his hand asking me to stop .

「Nonetheless, Eli……Lord Eli has received the peerage of Baronet, which is higher than us . Moreover, since he is running about in order to augment the national armed forces, this probably isn’t the time to have talks about servants with him . 」

「With that being the case, I really looks like I have no choice but to ask you about it」

As in to say “unfortunately”, Bruno raised his hand .

「I also came here just one year ago, you know? Moreover, I pretty much devoted myself to the mercenary group, so I have almost no acquaintances that I can trust . I barely……」

From behind him, a woman of around twenty years of age appeared, and while she wasn’t an amazingly beautiful woman, I could feel a gentle and calming atmosphere from her .

Above all, her stomach was greatly sticking out from carrying a child .

「This is Mary . She and her family are the ones I can trust . That’s why if I were buy a house, I was thinking of having her younger sister and brother assist me . 」

Bruno tenderly caressed Mary, and Mary leaned her body on him . When they ended up speaking fondly to each other, I thought about thrusting my hand in between Carla’s thighs in opposition, but since I would be a disaster if she were to get sexually excited and jump at me, I decided not to .

「I can’t be of help this time, but we are both new nobles that have very few allies . I will be as much help to you as I can, so please consult me for anything . 」

I have no objections to that . He’s a pretty good guy, and he definitely is strong . But with things like this, looks like I have no choice but to meet with Andre……the Loli-con Dandy .

「Servants huh……That certainly is difficult . I’ve had employees that I hired run away with the money in my place as well after all」

As standard whenever I talked with Andre, we were across the counter and talking while drinking alcohol together .

「I’m not interested but your house is full of dressed-up beautiful women . It’d be dangerous to hire men . But I’m not interested though . 」

「I don’t want to shed unnecessary blood after all . 」

With a ‘hmm’, Andre made a slight smile . In the shadow of the pillar, the usual female employees were blushing and watching us .

「Is the work heavy labor?」

「It’s drawing water from a water well for bath use and heating a furnace . Other than that, cleaning and laundry I guess」

Maria was eager to do the housework but it’s better if there’s someone to help her .

「Something like drawing water wouldn’t be considered heavy labor……Let’s see, I have someone in mind . Follow me . 」

The place that Andre headed towards was a building made of stone, and its size was big but it was fairly damaged, so it probably wasn’t the home of a noble or a rich person . Andre called out to the woman that was cleaning the entrance .

「Orelia, are you doing well?」

「Andre-san! Thank you very much as always!」

The black haired woman called Orelia lightly bowed her head . She probably wasn’t at the age that she could be called a little girl, but she had a very small height and her body was also slender . Everyone’s gazes, including mine, stuck into Andre .

Previously, Andre’s sexual preferences had been conveyed to everyone .

「What kind of business do you have today?」

「There’s something I wanted to talk about for a bit . Is Dorothea around?」

「Yes . I think mom is in the courtyard right now . ……Will the people behind you be joining?」

「Yeah, they’re fine . They’re my acquaintances, you see . 」

Maybe because the young lady was being cautious against us, she dropped the broom and got closer to Andre . That attitude seemed like something used towards a gentle father rather than towards a man .

The courtyard……wasn’t a yard being used in its original role of being for aesthetic purposes, but had become something like a simple field for growing various things . At the center of it, there was a woman tending to it, and many small children gathered around her .

「Ara, Andre . What brings you here today? You’ve brought quite a crowd of people . 」


The children gathered around Andre all at once . The woman was probably around 40 years old, and her physique wasn’t small but her skinny hands and thin cheeks left quite the impression . Nonna saw her thinning body and placed her hand at her mouth, looking surprised .

「Dorothea, you’re not sufficiently eating again, are you?」

「Fufu, it’s fine as long as the children don’t starve . Besides, the potatoes will be ready to be harvested soon, so it’s alright . 」

Andre pulled a sweet potato that he got from the bar, out from his pocket, but Dorothea handed it over to a neighboring child .

「Aegir……This place is……」

Even I noticed it . This place was an orphanage that took charge of and raised children with no relatives and abandoned children .

「We’ve been talking while standing . Everyone, please come this way . Kids, go and play, but don’t step on the field!」

The children, even while expressing their interest in us, seemed to have started playing tag . We were guided to a table inside the building . It was really tattered, so they probably had inconveniences even when eating their meals .

「This place was originally the residence of a ruined merchant that was cheaply sold to me, but as you can see, I couldn’t have any repairs made . 」

Dorothea, who made a smile that said sorry for the worn out house, looked happy contrary to her thinning face . She was originally the daughter of a merchant, but being unable to just watch the starving children in the city, she left her home and created this orphanage . It seemed that Andre assisted by doing things like frequently bringing food to the orphanage .

「Now then, about what I wanted to talk about, this guy is a new noble that was given peerage from the recent King’s demise」

「Oh my! So you were a noble-sama, please excuse my impoliteness」

「He says that sort of etiquette is unnecessary . Continuing on, because of that, he seems to have bought a house in the royal capital, you see, and was looking for some servants, but since he has few acquaintances and no connections, it seems he had no way of searching for anyone」

「And so……you suggest my children?」

Dorothea’s eyes narrowed a bit .

「Yeah, if they become servants, they’ll be live-ins and be able to eat food . And I thought that it would make things a bit easier for you as well, you see」

「Although my children are good kids, I haven’t taught them the manners to work in a noble’s residence, you know?」

「That isn’t a problem . I also don’t know much about manners . The one that would be bothered by it would be Nonna……The one that has nothing but big breasts over there」


「Ara, well then……Could you please tell me the contents of the work?」

「Drawing water and heating it up, and then helping out with housework I guess」

Dorothea didn’t seem to be all that positive about it . She might be worried that the children sent out for apprenticeship would be sold off or turned into playthings .

「Dorothea, I haven’t had a long association with this guy, but I do know that he isn’t a bad guy . The things that you’re worrying about won’t happen . 」

「Andre, if you say so……」

「Besides, take a look . Do the women that this guy brought along look unhappy?」

「I’m happy~」「Me too」「At night, his fat di–」「Shut up, pervert!」「I am his follower!」

Dorothea recovered her smile .

「That’s true . I thought I had a fairly good eye for people, but his women do look happy . Well then, about how many will you have in an apprenticeship?」

「For now, three people I suppose . Since drawing water will be somewhat heavy labor, I’ll be troubled if they are really small children . A place to sleep and their meals will be taken care of by me . 」

「In that case……Orelia, could you call [Krol], [Mity], and [Alma] over . 」

Before long, one young boy and two young girls timidly showed their faces .

「I’m Krol! 」

「I am called Mity, I am pleased to meet you」

「I am……Alma……Nice to meet you」

The young boy called Krol was acting tough but was trembling . Mity was the eldest and seemed to be composed . And then, the young girl that showed her face from Mity’s back was Alma, and she was the smallest among them and openly frightened .

「Krol is 12 years old, and though he does have a bit of a cheeky side, he does have physical strength . Mity is 14 years old, is everyone’s elder sister, and can skillfully do anything . Alma is 11 years old . She’s a bit of a coward but……Sewing is her strong point . 」

「Nice to meet you all . 」

I held my hand out for the sake of a handshake, but everyone except Mity couldn’t seem to get rid of their nervousness . As if to follow up, Andre raised his voice .

「You guys have been given food to eat by Dorothea up until now . You should work for a bit and let her take it easy . Especially you, Krol . You’re a man, right, so shape up」

「O-ou! Of course I am, I ain’t scared!」

Krol grasped my hand with all his strength . It’s better if he has a least this kind of energy . Alma also approached me while slightly trembling . When I gently brushed her head, she silently went back behind Mity .

「Although I say that you’ll be working at my place, it’s still within the royal capital after all . If you have a reason to, it’ll be easy to return here again . So don’t be too nervous about it 」

After being told that they could come back again, the children’s faces brightened up . It was only natural for them who were still children to yearn for their mother . That alone was proof that Dorothea was acting as a good mother .

「Well then, we’ll talk about the full details another day . Right now, the house is in the middle of being repaired, so I’ll come tell you once it’s completed」

I said that and then stood up from the seat .

「And also, master . Feed something to everyone with this . It feels like Dorothea would return to being a good woman if she properly ate」

When I stealthily handed over an amount that wasn’t small at all, Andre made a small nod without saying a word .

「Still, it did seem like you were quite adored, but to think that the master had a hobby of doing charity work……」

I ended up stopping what I was going to say . There’s no way it would be like that, he was deeply touched by the unfortunate children and the devoted women, so he helped them, that’s how it should be . Those noble intentions mustn’t be defiled by impure delusions . 1

「Little girls……No, children starving is something I couldn’t bear to watch, that’s simply all . 」

Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that .

「When I come here on occasion……They gather around me . The little girls……No, the children . 」

I can’t pretend not to hear it any more . Dorothea’s ability to discern people is also suspicious . She’s totally letting a dangerous person in and out of this place .

The retreating figures of me, who had dropped my shoulders, and Andre, who was thinly smiling, might have looked somewhat hard-boiled .

「Did you hear that? Those children’s food expenses, even though there are 30 of them, they don’t even have 10 copper coins for one meal」


「A 100 gold coin table」


「They said that there were chairs that were broken, so there were children that had no choice but to sit on broken barrels . Their bottoms must have hurt」


「A 5 gold coin sofa」


Behind the two men that walk one step ahead of them, Carla’s biting words pierced into Nonna . After this, Nonna learned to economize a bit more .


Name Aegir Hardlett

Status Goldenia Kingdom Knight Peerage, Member of Kingdom Army

Annual Salary 80 gold coins

Money 250 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)

Weapon Dual Carter (long sword), Large Bardiche (Lance)

Equipment High steel plate armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)

Companions Schwarz (Horse) Celia, Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla

Sexual Partners Count 28

Clothes cost of 50 gold coins Itemization If converted to Japanese yen, approximately 5,000,000

※The clothes cost was setup to be high priced compared to the other goods .

Aegir Formal wear 10 pieces

Outdoor use 2 pieces

Indoor use 2 pieces

Spares 2 pieces

Total gold coins 16 pieces

Carla, Maria, Melissa, Celia – Four people’s worth

(Silver coins) Dress 8 pieces

House use 2 pieces

Total gold coins 4 pieces

Nonna Dress 26 pieces

House use 4 pieces

Total gold coins 30 pieces

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