Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800

[Defying the Natural Order]

[Rating: Only One

Durability: Infinite Attack Power: 41,508~???

★ The attack skill usage speed will increase by 65%.

★ The power of attack skills will increase by 460%.

★ The absolute hit rate will increase by 50%.

★ There is a high probability of causing ‘blindness’ or ‘burning’ to the target with every attack.

★ Every time you defend against an attack with the weapon, there is a high probability of causing ‘charm’ or ‘stiffness’ to the target, and a low probability of causing ‘Flames of the Fire Dragon.’

★ There is an 85% chance of neutralizing the target’s defense skills, magic, and powers.

★ Additional attack power is applied against Great Demons, Archangels, Gods, and Dragons.

★ In dark places, the attack power of the weapon is increased by 80%.

★ The weapon is always hidden. The target has a high probability of failing to recognize the attack.

★ When attacking, there is a certain probability of casting the great magic, Disintegrate.

★ When attacking, there is a certain probability of casting the great magic, Meteor.

★ Divine Sword Unity is always activated. However, it only applies when the user is Grid.

A sword made through the Trinity of Only One God Grid, the Blacksmith God Hexetia, and the Legendary Blacksmith Khan, and through the unity of their mental worlds.

It uses the bones and scales of Trauka that still contain his intent, as well as Greed imbued with Braham’s magic as materials. Then it was tempered with the flames of Hexetia and the Red Phoenix.

This sword, which keeps the honor of the Only One God, will exist alone even if the world goes through billions of deaths and births.

Wearing Conditions: Grid, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Knight.

Weight: 2,500~???]

[Flames of the Fire Dragon]

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[The heat of the Red Phoenix rekindles the flames of the Fire Dragon Trauka.

If attacking while covered in flames, the target’s fire resistance and magic resistance are greatly reduced. It will also apply reflection damage proportional to magic power, the willpower stat, and the weapons’ attack power.]

[Divine Sword Unity]

[Through the integration of intent and the sword, the sword and the body have become one.

It is different from a swordsman’s Divine Sword Unity. The form of Defying the Natural Order will change in real time according to the sword trajectory you use.

Immediately after the shape transformation, the weapon damage and power of the swordsmanship are further increased.

If the shape changes more than five times in a row, ‘Maelstrom of Intent’ will occur.]

[Maelstrom of Intent]

[Your thoughts resonate with the sword and are expressed outwardly. One special thing will happen.

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.]

The new divine sword inherited the beauty of Twilight. Unlike Twilight, which looked like it was wrapped in orange divinity, the new sword’s appearance was relatively distinct due to the red flames flowing up and down the blade. They were the flames of Fire Dragon Trauka that remained as remnants, or to be precise, the ‘flames of intent’ stimulated by the heat of Red Phoenix. They didn’t go out and quietly fluctuated.

Due to this, the appearance of Defying the Natural Order was clear, but it was difficult to tell whether it was a sword or fire. In addition, the shape changed in real time so it was judged to be ‘hidden.’

[The target has received 599,910 damage.]

[The target has received 2,705,830 damage.]

[The target has received 840.600 damage.]

[The target has received 4,887,520 damage.]

‘Look at this.’’

The fluctuating range of Defying the Natural Order’s attack power was difficult for even Grid to fathom. For example, he cut the target with Pinnacle and then stabbed with Kill. The blade of Defying the Natural Order, which had bent like a crescent moon, became straight and amplified the power of Kill by several times.

It also happened vice versa. This meant that the power of the fusion sword dance had naturally increased. Even simply using single sword dances alternatively could give damage like the existing fusion sword dances. In fact, Metatron’s health gauge was jumping strangely. It would decrease by centimeters and then suddenly decrease by tens of centimeters. This was the case even though Grid only used the single sword dances. It was right to call it strange.

‘I don’t think they can get used to it.’

The reason why the winner was decided so quickly in a battle between Absolutes was because they were forced to ‘allow’ each other’s attacks. They moved at high speed and used extreme techniques, so it was difficult to obtain one-sided advantages. In order to take the other person’s flesh, they had to give up their flesh themselves.

Grid had felt it desperately after fighting Baal dozens of times. Baal had mastered all the skills of the dead and had several means to neutralize Freely Move. In order to hit Baal, Grid had to allow himself to be hit as well. He needed a trick to allow as weak an attack as possible. It was only when thoroughly evaluating the opponent that the chances of survival increased.

In this sense, Defying the Natural Order was the strongest weapon. It was because it was hard to determine the power from the opponent’s perspective.

Of course, this didn’t mean Defying the Natural Order was a perfect weapon. It also had its downsides. The most fatal drawback was that it wasn’t a growth-type weapon. He received the judgment that it had the ‘Only One’ rating, but Grid felt disappointed rather than happy. It was because the advantages of a growth-type weapon were too great.

How envious had he been when he saw Kraugel’s White Tiger Sword? Growth-type weapons evolved in the direction that maximized the owner’s specialties and strengths. Special effects that couldn’t be obtained through other paths were created or insufficient stats were supplemented, so they had a far superior performance than weapons of the same rating. It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe them as a ‘perfect match.’

‘Of course, Defying the Natural Order is a perfect match.’

It was a sword that responded to Grid’s will. Was there any other weapon that was more perfectly matched with him? Even if Twilight grew to the ‘Only One’ rating one day, it wouldn’t be as perfect as Defying the Natural Order, although it could have advantages that Defying the Natural Order didn’t have.

‘There is something else to regret about Defying the Natural Order.’

Another disadvantage of Defying the Natural Order was that it was impossible to use Item Combination on it. To be precise, it was possible. However, when combined with other swords, the Divine Sword Unity effect was changed to a random activation rather than always being activated. Therefore, the benefits were small.

Defying the Natural Order was a sword that was linked to Grid’s intent. The moment other swords were combined with Defying the Natural Order, it was judged that impurities were mixed in and the linkage became incomplete.

‘...Still, it is okay.’

Grid once again soothed his disappointment. It was because the expected damage value of Defying the Natural Order was higher than Twilight combined with another divine sword. No matter how much he listed the shortcomings, it didn’t change the fact that Defying the Natural Order was the strongest weapon.

Metatron was also feeling it.

“”Did you deliberately arrange something like Divine Sword Unity...? You used sheer force to reach a level that others barely reached by building up the years like a tower… what a selfish and unreasonable being. You aren’t bound to a contract like me and you ignore the laws...”

Metatron understood why they had mistaken Grid as Chiyou for a moment. A being who ignored the laws of the world—Grid resembled Chiyou.

On the contrary, he felt more noble. Unlike Chiyou, who became an Only One God simply because he was worshiped, Grid showed traces of desperate effort.

‘I signed the wrong contract.’

Metatron clicked their tongue and narrowly avoided Grid’s slash. They were initially helpless, but they gradually started to adjust.

‘Right now, Chiyou’s whereabouts aren’t worth much.’

The 10 wings he unfolded in exchange for hearing Chiyou’s whereabouts had lost their meaning. Metatron’s divinity and magic power quickly weakened.

Gabriel’s expression stiffened. “Are you going to break the contract?”

“”This isn’t my will, it is logic. The fault lies with you for paying unnecessary things in exchange for the contract.””

“Unnecessary things...?”

Metatron—like other archangels, they were driven by their instincts. They were unable to escape the essence of the ‘contract.’ They were different from Raphael and Gabriel, who could still think relatively freely.

Thus, Gabriel thought that Metatron was nothing more than a doll. She believed that she could fully control Metatron, even though they were believed to be one of the strongest in Asgard. Yet at this moment, her faith was broken. It was because the doll that had been obsessed with Chiyou gave up their obsession.

It was due to Grid.

“Don’t tell me you... do you really think he can replace Chiyou?”

“”Replace? No way. It is too noble to be treated as a replacement. Gabriel, you have been arrogant since birth. Do you not know the meaning of an Only One God?””


Gabriel didn’t bother finding words to refute it. There was no way she didn’t know the value of an Only One God. She had always felt how great Grid was. However, it was still questionable if he was comparable to Chiyou.

Gabriel remembered the scene of that day clearly. The power of Chiyou, who opened the path of retreat alone while defending Hanul, who had lost and was weakened, and the few gods who served him. There couldn’t be more than one such monster-like being in the world...

“Don’t bicker and hurry,” Uriel urged her.

There was still some time left before the contract with Metatron became completely useless. They had to run away in the gap when Metatron was stopping Grid. The archangels had countless reserve bodies that allowed them to resurrect again and again, but Grid had the Saintess. If they were killed, they couldn’t be resurrected, like Michael, and their soul would be extinguished.

A total of ten halos of light floated above Metatron’s face and moved around in a dizzying manner. Grid was conscious of the fleeing Gabriel but this forced him to focus.

““It is a worthless contract, but I am obligated to keep it until it is completely broken.””

Metatron’s gaze shifted to Grid’s armor. It was armor that appeared to be woven from thousands of finger-thick strips of red leather.

At first, they thought it was armor made from Trauka’s skin, but they were mistaken. It was scales, not leather. The hard scales were woven into pieces of leather. It was a form that couldn’t be done unless one was the Blacksmith God.

‘The scales of the Old Dragon are overlapped on top of each other.’

It had to be harder than Trauka’s main body.

‘However, there is nothing in the world that can’t be broken.’

Even an Old Dragon could be cut and pierced despite overlaying their absolute defense and Dragon Words over their scales. The rotating halos of light gathered into a single point and took on a certain shape. Soon, a huge axe formed in Metatron’s hands. It was a double-edged axe that seemed like chaos with the energy of divinity, magic power, and a God Killer mixed together.

“”It is similar in that it contains the principle of the end brought about by Yatan.””

“I haven’t understood what you’ve been saying since a while ago.”

Metatron kept talking about contracts before finally mentioning Chiyou and Yatan. They weren’t talking to Grid, they were talking to themselves. They made endless comments on their own. There was no reason for Grid to respect them. In the first place, weren’t they the one who harmed Grid?

‘I have to be careful.’

A target whose overall stats were hard to measure—they managed to resist the dimensional effects of the Overgeared World while withstanding Grid’s onslaught. Metatron was clearly formidable. It was clear that they were a special existence like Eve on the surface. The energy in the axe was also unusual.


Grid gradually erased the escaping Gabriel from his consciousness and focused on breathing.


The silent light flickered and shook the entire world. It was the aftermath of Metatron wielding the axe.

Grid calmly responded. He activated the absolute defense of his newly made armor while also raising his sword and taking a defensive stance. Just as the Old Dragons wrapped their absolute defense and Dragon Words over their scales, Grid was also surrounded by his absolute defense and walls.

The belated thunderous sound made Grid’s ears numb.

Defying the Natural Order had changed into the form of a greatsword and interlocked with the axe.

Grid gritted his teeth and twisted his wrist. He shook off the axe and used the three fusion sword dance Dragon Revolve Pinnacle. He dug into Metatron, deflecting the axe that approached him again and attacked. It was the moment when Defying the Natural Order, starting with the greatsword, changed its form four times.

“Transcended Linked Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave.”

Grid activated the six fusion sword dance.

[Maelstrom of Intent has occurred!]

It was truly a smooth linkage. Grid’s intent resonated with Defying the Natural Order, blurring the boundaries between his mental world and reality. The canyon of metal soared through the waves of the Red Sea, swaying with the waves of battle, creating a landscape of a mountain range half submerged in the sea.

Metatron’s axe, which had been digging into Grid’s neck, paused for a moment. It was only for a moment, but it was a fatal stiffness.

“”Dragon Words?””

Metatron reacted in disbelief as their huge body was cut and turned to ash.

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