Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801

[The 7th ranked Archangel, ‘Metatron,’ has been defeated in an imperfect state.]

[Metatron’s soul has resisted the divinity of Saintess Ruby and has escaped extinction.]

[Metatron’s soul is giving a warning.]

-Don’t deal with Chiyou. There must be a reason why the Goddess turned away from him and sent him away. He might harm your hierarchy.

[A ‘Fragment of the Wings of Contract’ has been acquired.]

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[A ‘Fragment of the Wings of Rule’ has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen by 5.]

“Eh? It can’t be extinguished...?”

Grid’s speed when acting had been trained repeatedly and it was very fast. He delivered the final blow to Metatron and used Knights Summoning to summon his sister, Ruby, to his side. It was to prevent Metatron’s reincarnation, but he failed.

Ruby was flustered. “It says it is a target whose soul can’t be extinguished. It feels like the system has blocked it.”

“Yes.” Grid reacted like it wasn’t important. It was because he expected it.

Their name, alignment, appearance, and power—Metatron was completely different from the other archangels. Grid thought that there was still a hidden story to Metatron. It was similar to Eve. It was too early for them to disappear.

‘They were strong. If they had appeared three hours earlier...’

He wouldn’t have won so easily. Grid looked down at Defying the Natural Order in his hand and his consciousness gradually sank into the past. It was quite deep. It reached the point where he remembered the first time he made an item.

‘I made a promise at that time.’

I will make the strongest weapon one day.

It was a dream he was able to have because he was ignorant. It was a dream that he realized was futile the more time that passed. Nevertheless, he had been trying. It was to the extent that he ended up making Twilight.

Twilight—it would shine as the twilight that declared an end to the enemy, and the dawn of hope for allies.

The sword was as beautiful as its name and it was Grid’s irreplaceable pride. When attacking enemies, he would see the falling spears of light and the meteorites and think, ‘Yes, this is enough.’ He thought he couldn’t wish for more. He believed his dream finally came true. But this wasn’t the case.

The absurd dream of a novice blacksmith who knew nothing came true at only this moment. It was in the form of Defying the Natural Order.

‘I’m glad I didn’t give up.’

To be precise, he couldn’t give up. Grid couldn’t stop trying because of those around him. The traces in Defying the Natural Order showed Grid’s position.

Grid was able to obtain Trauka’s arms with the help of Marie Rose and the tower members, and he was able to melt Trauka’s arms because he had the help of Hexetia, Khan, and the Red Phoenix. The reason why Hexetia and Khan were by Grid’s side was thanks to the Great Robber of the Red Night and Raiders. Without Idan, he wouldn’t have gained Raiders’ favor. If he went into more detail here, the Overgeared members would also have to be mentioned one by one. Thanks to the materials and designs they had provided over the years, Grid was able to build up his current skills.

‘It was also thanks to my colleagues that I collected pavranium easily. I can’t forget the help of Braham, who forged Greed with magic. In addition...’

There was no limit. Yes, Defying the Natural Order, Grid’s dream, was the result of all his connections.

‘It is like everything else.’

Gratitude—a huge emotion swirled in one side of Grid’s mind. A tremendous sense of exhilaration filled him uncontrollably.



Grid was unable to overcome his emotional turbulence and cheered. It was while hugging his sister, who was surprised by the sudden cry. He was so happy that he felt like crying. The realization that he regained Khan and made the strongest weapon and armor was thrilling him.


Braham, who was dazed for a while, came to his senses from the commotion.

Grid and Ruby—he stared at the two people, who got along very well unlike his own siblings, and asked cautiously, “The dragon weapons you will make in the future... will it all be like this?”

“Um...? If you are asking if it will be a sword that changes in response to the user’s will, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It is something I can’t make often and in the first place, I am the only one who can handle it.”


Braham almost lost ten years of his life. It would be difficult for him to become a swordsman now.

That’s right. It was such a great weapon that it made the God of Magic and Wisdom think of a new path. If the apostles were to use the same sword as Grid’s as a weapon, Braham would’ve sincerely tried to become a swordsman. It was in order to not fall behind.

“More than that, Braham, what did you do?”

The relieved Braham started frowning at these words. He thought he was about to hear the word ‘troll’ again and his anger soared. Still, what could he do? It was self-inflicted. He couldn’t say anything and started trembling. Then Grid grabbed his hands. His eyes were shining like stars.

“How far did you read ahead to prepare such a gift?”

“If you are going to nag me...”

I am already reflecting, so do it in moderation.

Braham, who was about to speak humbly with this intention, suddenly shut up. It was because Grid showed an unexpected reaction.

“These wings are Raphael’s wings right? How did you find out that Raphael was in prison?”


“It’s fine. You don’t have to say it. You have been upset... no, I was wondering what you have been doing because you haven’t been around lately, but you must’ve been watching over me as usual.”


“I just didn’t expect that you would ascend to heaven alone without the help of the Great Robber of the Red Night and Raiders. Sariel... taking the risk for your companion to acquire Raphael’s wings...”

“It wasn’t for anything like that...”

“I feel even more respect for you.”

“...Bah, I am the only one you can respect.”

From where did the misunderstanding start? Braham was curious but decided not to dig deeper. He judged that it would be beneficial to leave it as it was.

‘As a result, everything has worked out.’

In fact, a chill had gone down his spine when he was chased by Metatron. He thought the surface would receive a lot of damage while dealing with this monster. Yet contrary to expectations, Metatron was easily defeated.

Grid caused the astonishment of his comrade, as usual, but he didn’t take it seriously.

‘He is good at everything except magic, politics, and naming. He also isn’t good at making babies.’

Surprisingly, he wasn’t good at everything. However, this wasn’t Grid’s fault. Grid recognized his own deficiencies and always tried to improve them. It was qualitatively different from the arrogant celestial gods.

‘Damn bastards.’

Braham gritted his teeth in shame as he recalled some of the gods who stayed on the sidelines despite clearly noticing that he had infiltrated Asgard. It was close to hating one’s own kind.

Grid’s barrage of questions poured out. “By the way, how did you catch them off guard? It isn’t normal for both Zeratul and Raphael to be hit.”

“Everyone is humble before me.”

“Ah, yes...” It wasn’t a good enough answer. However, Grid didn’t dig deeper. He learned from experience that it was difficult to get the answers he wanted when Braham came out like this.

‘In any case, it is obvious. They must’ve been so preoccupied with fighting that they left Braham alone.’

In any case, it was done well. It was regrettable that he missed Gabriel’s group because he couldn’t look away from Metatron, but it was enough to learn about Metatron’s existence. Moreover, he got Metatron’s wings and Raphael’s wings.

‘Unlike the Wings of Slaughter, the owners of these wings are still alive, but they will be of some help to Sariel.’

The reason why the Wings of Slaughter were transplanted to Sariel was because Michael was extinguished. This meant it was impossible to transplant the Wings of Contract and Wings of Rule to Sariel. However, the fact that it was a gift from Braham’s heart was of great value alone. It would be a great encouragement to Sariel who, unlike the other apostles, was unable to take free action and was living with the heart of a sinner.

‘It is quite touching when you find out that your cold-hearted colleague is actually worried about you. Maybe this is... can a mixed blood of an archangel and direct descendant vampire be born?’

No, Sariel has a body of both genders, so conception might not be possible...

In the first place, Braham didn’t seem to have any sexual desire... perhaps? This...

Grid’s expression changed from moment to moment, from anticipation to disappointment and regret. Braham was somehow filled with displeasure and changed the subject.

“How is the condition of your friend?”

“Which friend? I have more than one or two friends... I can’t understand if you just speak like this.”

I have a lot of friends.

Grid could now say this confidently.

Braham’s pupils shook. It was a rare look of agitation. It was the same reaction as a frog hit by a thoughtlessly thrown stone.

“I’m sorry...”

Everyone had heartaches. This was what relationships were like for Braham. He was betrayed by Pagma and betrayed by his disciples. Braham’s deep wounds and regrets were brought out by Grid. It caused a backlash of magic power.

Grid was just about to apologize again when Braham told Grid, “That person with a big belly that you care quite a bit about.”

“Ah, Khan? He is adjusting well. I am glad.”

“...There isn’t something wrong with his health?”

“Yes, he is perfectly fine. There was originally a problem because we couldn’t achieve the Trinity, but we solved it well... Uh? You know? The reason you ascended to heaven wasn’t because of Sariel, but because you were worried about Khan...?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Right? I wondered if you were trying to kidnap an angel, so a chill went down my spine for a moment. You aren’t the old Biban. You can’t be so senile.”

“...Let’s go back. We need to tell Sariel about Metatron. Hasn’t Sariel been hiding important information from us? You should be mindful that you might have to punish her.”

“Don’t think so crookedly. You know that Sariel isn’t intact because she has lost her memories so many times.”

Grid thought this worked out just right. The next dragon weapon he wanted to make was Braham’s staff. There was no doubt that a great work would be created if he added the help of Hexetia and Braham to the experience of creating Tribute.

‘By the way, now I’ve caught up with Braham’s level.’

Braham was unique among the apostles.

Once when he killed the Hydra and became part of a great myth, once when he got his blood back from Marie Rose and regained the body of a direct descendant vampire, and once when he became a god—it was the aftermath of three awakening events.

Of course, he performed countless other acts as well. He was super named, which boasted fraudulent growth, and had continued to grow explosively. Therefore, he soon exploded past level 800. Now Grid had caught up.

Level 840.

It felt like he was approaching the end of something. He had been thinking that level 999 might be the players’ maximum level.

‘There must be a level limit. It is the easier way to preserve the dignity of the enemies while maintaining the balance.’

Basically, Satisfy wasn’t friendly to players. They didn’t try to give a situation where the players had a higher level than named NPCs. The evidence was that the average level of the players and the level of named NPCs that rose rapidly depending on time and events. It was a forced penalty. It was very natural to assume that there was a limit to the players’ level. Of course, Grid was the only one who could reach the limit at the moment.

Grid didn’t know. The fact that other players didn’t care about the dignity of the enemies or the balance of the game at all. There were still enemies scattered everywhere that players other than Grid couldn’t overcome. They were always in the position of a challenger. They couldn’t afford to worry about the balance of the game.

“Let’s go back.”

It was only after Grid’s permission was granted—Braham’s Teleport was activated.

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