Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802

[Fire Dragon’s Armor]

[Rating: Only One

Durability: Infinite Defense: 5,001

A set item.

★ Injury immunity.

★ The stamina stat is increased by 1,000.

★ Strength and agility is increased by 500.

★ 100% increase in health recovery speed.

★ Immunity to instant death and assassination skills.

★ Maintain the optimal body temperature at all times.

★ Immunity to Ten Thousand Poisons

★ Defense will increase in proportion to the number of party members and the increased defense is shared with all party members.

★ Defense is increased by 20 and health by 10 with every hit taken. There is no increase limit. However, the duration of the added defense and health is limited to 3 seconds each.

★ The ‘Shock Mitigation’ effect is always active.

★ The skill ‘Regression’ is created.

★ The skill ‘Absolute Defense’ is created.

★ The skill ‘Another Tomb’ is created.

When equipped with a dragon weapon, the weapon’s attack power and this armor’s defense will increase by 30% each.

An armor made through the Trinity of Only One God Grid, the Blacksmith God Hexetia, and the Legendary Blacksmith Khan, and through the unity of their mental worlds.

It uses the bones and scales of Trauka that still contain his intent, as well as Greed imbued with Braham’s magic as materials. Then it was tempered with the flames of Hexetia and the Red Phoenix.

Made from splitting Trauka’s scales into 159,994 pieces and woven into a framework, this red armor looks like a silk uniform at first glance. It has a structure that absorbs and mitigates all types of shocks.

Additionally, it contains the will of the Legendary Blacksmith Khan, who prays for the safety of Only One God Grid. It can exercise miracles that have never been seen before.

★ Dragon armor set effect: Every time additional armor made of dragon scales is equipped, defense will increase.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 8,700]

[Shock Mitigation]

[Significantly reduces all types of damage.

Always activated.]


[It reproduces the will of Fire Dragon Trauka and regresses to the state before taking damage.

Skill Cooldown Time: 48 hours.]

[Absolute Defense]

[Recreate the power of a dragon to absorb all types of damage. However, it doesn’t have the full effect in the face of techniques or attacks that neutralize the absolute defense.

50,000 mana is consumed per second when activating the skill.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.]

[Another Tomb]

[Recreates the Tomb of the Gods and inflicts a massive bombardment in the surrounding area.

The type of bombardment and the damage depends on the amount of damage received in the 20 seconds before the skill is activated.

Skill Resources Consumed: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.]

The Fire Dragon’s Armor was very different from Defying the Natural Order. It was mainly made by Hexetia, not Grid. Grid had relatively little experience in making armor, while this armor contained the essence of techniques that were difficult to implement. Khan also helped greatly due to his experience with Moving Fortress.


Could Braham see the item information? His jade-like red eyes shook several times as he examined Defying the Natural Order and Fire Dragon’s Armor, which Grid had taken off.

Khan stared at him and said politely, “Thank you for taking care of Grid in the meantime.”

Even before he regained his physical ability, Braham had been of great help to Grid several times. Who knew how much more help he would’ve given after he regained his body?

The magic contained in Greed represented Braham’s heart. Khan could see how much Braham valued Grid.

“...Thanking me for what happened in the meantime? Hmph, it sounds like I won’t need to do it in the future.”

Braham’s reaction was quite cold. Braham was annoyed by Khan’s attitude of talking as if he was Grid’s protector. Braham felt competitive. To be honest, if someone was to claim themselves as Grid’s protector, then wasn’t he better than Khan?

Khan spoke to Braham, who was feeling proud as he looked back on his years spent with Grid, “How can that be? Braham, you will continue to stand by Grid forever.”

Eternity was a privilege for archangels with backup bodies. Khan was an angel and he would one day perish. His position was completely different from Braham, who had overcome death. Khan spoke with this in mind, but Braham’s reaction was even colder.

“You are gloomy. It seems that you are always aware of death due to your experience of having already died once. You can’t die as long as I am here.”

Braham never wanted to see Grid grieving again. It was a matter of pride. Not giving him a perfect life even when Braham was around? It proved his incompetence. It was unacceptable.

“...Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

The more I know you, the kinder you are.

Khan smiled happily as he realized again why Grid trusted and relied on Braham. Meanwhile, Braham frowned again. It seemed like he was about to become angry right away. Grid felt that there would be no end to this if left to the two of them and intervened.

“Come, let’s keep talking about what we were discussing earlier. You said you wanted to make a staff in the mental world, right?”

“Yes,” Braham answered immediately. He was deeply fascinated by Grid’s divine sword that responded to will and wanted a similar weapon for himself. He said it was worth challenging even after hearing that Grid’s Intent Production had several restrictions.

“Um... What do you think, Hexetia?”

“It isn’t even worth discussing. Intent Production is about infusing the creator’s intent in the mental world of the creator. The client’s mental world can’t exert any influence on Intent Production.”

“Wasn’t this armor actually made by you? It was also in Grid’s mental world? In fact, it feels like Khan’s intent is infused more strongly than Grid’s.”

“It is possible because we are in a Trinity. It isn’t like you, who is treated as separate.”


The fact that Grid was getting married to Marie Rose might’ve dealt a big blow to Braham’s mentality. Grid glanced at Braham, who frowned whenever anyone said anything, and read the skill description of Intent Production again.

[Intent Production]

[Proceed with ‘Item Production’ in the mental world.

You can add or enhance attributes and functions by imbuing materials with intent.

The changes will follow your wishes.

Skill Usage Condition: Opening the Sanctuary of Metal.

Skill Resources Consumed: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.]

So far, it was perfect. It was a skill that could be triggered by simply opening the Sanctuary of Metal. However, there was one tricky condition.

[★Warning ★

There is a limit to the capacity that the mental world can digest.

You can’t produce more than two items of the same area from a single material.]

In other words—

It meant the ‘weapons’ and ‘armor’ made from Trauka’s bones and scales could no longer be the target of intent. If Grid wanted to make one more weapon like Defying the Natural Order, he needed scales and bones from other old dragons, not Trauka.

‘It is virtually impossible to gain the scales and bones of another Old Dragon, so Defying the Natural Order is an endgame item.’

Grid thought about it and opened his mouth, “Braham, you were formerly the Duke of Wisdom, and you are now the God of Wisdom. You wouldn’t make an unreasonable claim. Is there a solution?”

“I told you in the past. Anything made in the mental world can’t be taken out.”

“Yes, you said it is impossible to make intent exist in reality. Um...?”

Grid’s head cocked as he recalled Braham’s mental world that he had once seen. An infinite library and a huge laboratory—it was filled with the tens of millions of books and items made and used by Braham.

“Don’t tell me?”

“Yes, ‘making’ it is possible for me too. I just don’t have a way to make it exist, but I think it will be possible if I cooperate with you.”

To put the concept of Intent Production into perspective, it was ‘bringing items made in the mental world into reality.’ Now Grid had lost the right to make weapons with Trauka’s scales. On the other hand, he still had the right to take the created item into reality.

“Hexetia said that the reason he was able to create this armor in Grid’s mental world is because of the Trinity with Grid. However, I guess it isn’t the Trinity, but the impact of the unity of the mental worlds.”

Braham spoke meaningfully and stared directly into Grid’s eyes.

“There is no way that the relationship between you and I is worse than your relationship with Hexetia. We can also combine our mental worlds.”

In the merged mental worlds—

“I will hand over the authority to create things to you.”

“You are talking sophistry.”

Hexetia, who had been silently listening to Braham’s plan, clicked his tongue.

“To put it simply, Intent Production is consuming mental power. The reason why Grid can no longer make weapons out of Trauka’s scales and bones is because the Sanctuary of Metal’s capabilities can’t handle it. All the ideas are exhausted to create again and again. Trying to replace it with your mental world is extremely arrogant and impossible...”

“Shut up.”


“I’m not something you can define. Neither is Grid.”

Braham lightly dismissed it and summoned his mental world. It was a mental world divided into three sections. Braham’s mental world came as a great shock to Hexetia, a celestial god.

‘This… it isn’t just a mental world. Did he add dimensions to the mental world?’

“I have studied magic to perform miracles and even overcame the curse of a God of the Beginning. In the end, discussing the impossible with me, who even broke Trauka’s fighting spirit, is nothing more than a demonstration of ignorance.”

Braham snapped his fingers and the books in the library rose into the air. Every book, every chapter, and every letter was Braham’s knowledge and memory

“Let’s try it first.”

Braham’s repeated suggestions shook off Grid’s hesitation.

‘There is nothing to lose.’

There was also a vague belief that Braham would be able to do something.

‘His title is the God of Wisdom.’

Braham was the only one who could think of a way around the rules created by the system. Grid gulped and opened the Sanctuary of Metal. It was only when the mental world unity occurred that he could try out Braham’s plan. Could two mental worlds merge without colliding? Grid had no choice but to worry.

[Braham’s mental world (First Boundary: Knowledge Room) is looking for the methods and means to assimilate with the Sanctuary of Metal.]

[Braham’s mental world (Second Boundary: Exploration Room) is digging into the Sanctuary of Metal.]

[Braham’s mental world (Third Boundary: Experimentation Room) is simulating the assimilation over and over again.]

Braham continued the experiment in the hope of creating a method that didn’t exist. He seemed to take it for granted that the impossible could be made possible. This arrogance was what made Braham who he was today.

Then it ended.

“It’s done.”

A big smile appeared on Braham’s face as he raised his chin.

[The ‘Sanctuary of Metal’ has assimilated with Braham’s mental world ‘Center of the World.’]

[’Intent Production’ is activated.]

[Due to the intervention of Braham, God of Magic and Wisdom, some of the restrictions related to ‘Intent Production’ have been lifted.]

“Now you shouldn’t be caught by these flimsy constraints. Grid, you have a hierarchy where you must naturally achieve what you mean.”

It was Braham, not Grid, who wanted a staff that responded to intent. His attitude of saying that Grid was hoping for it was quite shameless.


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Grid normally would’ve refuted it, but now he was quiet. He was overwhelmed with emotion.

Intent Production—a skill that gave the creator’s intent to an item. The items that Grid created with Intent Production were originally supposed to be optimized for Grid. This was both a huge advantage and limitation. For example, if Hayate or Biban used Defying the Natural Order. They couldn’t activate the ‘form transformation’ effect that was the biggest strength of Defying the Natural Order.

At this moment, Braham hinted at a new possibility.

[The subject of the currently assimilated mental world is Braham. Braham’s intent, not yours, will dwell in the items you create with ‘Intent Production.’]

‘If the client has a mental world and the ability to assimilate that mental world with my mental world...’

They could also become the owner of an item made with Item Production. It meant that better items could be spread more widely.

Grid imagined the faces of the apostles and tower members who all possessed ‘exclusive weapons’ on the level of Defying the Natural Order and started the production. This time, he used his own hammer and anvil rather than Hexetia’s hammer and anvil. With the help of the flames created by Braham, Trauka’s scales and bones were smelted.

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