Overlord, Love Me Tender

Chapter 655 - They don’t have much time left

Chapter 655: They don’t have much time left

She wasn’t like Ye Qing Luo.

This point, Tong Zi Qing knew clearly.

She was unable to surpass Ye Qing Luo, and unable to become that kind of woman in Long Yun Zhan’s heart.

She… would not be able to get Long Yun Zhan’s feelings.

“Sister Zi Qing…..” Looking at Tong Zi Qing’s usually cold and arrogant eyes giving off a pitiful gaze like a little pet, Ni Ruo Pan’s heart was touched viciously.

She grabbed Tong Zi Qing’s hand tightly as she gently hugged Tong Zi Qing around her shoulder.

“You can relax, I’ve already acknowledged Ye Qing Luo’s status in Devil’s class and will not, for any reason, treat her as an outsider.” Tong Zi Qing frowned, she didn’t like to receive this kind of charitable sympathy.

“No.” Ni Ruo Pan shook her head, “I am just feeling my heart ache for you, concerned for you.”

Tong Zi Qing’s petite body stiffened.

Staring at Ni Ruo Pan for a long time and looking at her sincere eyes, a certain part of her heart started to soften.

Look, this was Ye Qing Luo’s magical power.

This student who was seen as Devil class’s trashiest and most timid student actually dared to look her straight in the eyes now.

Ye Qing Luo had not just changed a person, she had changed the person’s heart and soul.

Tong Zi Qing made a “pffft” sound as she giggled.

“What are you guys chatting about, all of you look so happy.”

Suddenly a clear distinct voice rang from outside the classroom.

Following that a slender figure walked right in.

The students clamouring instantly hit a stop button as they went silent immediately.

Very soon, the students were revealing joyful expressions.

“Madam Qing Luo!”

Ye Qing Luo was smiling as she walked to her own seat. She took a look at Qiao Jin and the rest who were sitting in a circle indulging in idle talk as her slender brows raised slightly, “The first day after the holidays ended and you’re all lazing around. This class committee is really not doing your work properly.”

“Being squeezed by someone for the past three days and finally escaping that kind of extraction, of course we need to have a good rest.” Qiao Jin intentionally shot a glance towards Ye Qing Luo.

“Still has the energy to complain, looks like you’re not extracted enough at all.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t~ my grandaunt, I’m wrong, I’m wrong…. I’m wrong alright!” Qiao Jin immediately begged for mercy.

Yan Xiao Yi raised her elbow and jabbed Qiao Jin viciously, as she shot him a dirty look.

Turning her head around, she looked at Ye Qing Luo with a face filled with worries, “Why did you come over so late, I heard that you met… Ye Qing Qian at the entrance of the academy?”

The expressions on some of them instantly congealed.

After they entered Devil’s class, they had been staying inside the class.

They had not heard about the matter where Ye Qing Qian came to the academy.

“Why did she still come to the academy? Hasn’t…. she left with Leng Feng Hua to the feudal lands?”

“Small matter, just a dancing ant. It’s nothing important so no need to worry.” Ye Qing Luo shook her hand as she really didn’t even bother about Ye Qing Qian in her eyes.

Legn Feng Ying was an intelligent person.

Even if Ye Qign Qian wanted to use Leng Feng Ying’s power against her, Leng Feng Ying would still consider things carefully.

Moreover if Ye Qing Qian went overboard.

Leng Feng Ying would measure between Ye Qing Qian and her, on who was the one who mattered more.

Losing Leng Feng Ying’s shelter, unless Ye Qing Qian killed the West Continent’s Monarch and replaced him, otherwise….

She could only return to the feudal lands to be her Duchess Ping.

“Don’t forget the main motive for the past three days of holidays. You don’t have much time to idle around.” Ye Qing Luo stood up, “Eight months later in the interclass competitions, you all promised me that you will gain victory.”

The original relaxed class instantly turned grave.

“Another five days more and my freshman orientation will come to an end. After this, I will join in your morning training.” Ye Qing Luo swiftly arranged the schedule for later.

Thinking to gain victory over everyone, they… didn’t have much time left.

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