Overlord, Love Me Tender

Chapter 656 - Activate the training model

Chapter 656: Activate the training model

“Mn, after you complete your freshman orientation training, we will also take part in the training.”

All of them had to attend the interclass competitions.

Even if they were confident about their own abilities.

But after all, there would always be someone who would be better than them.

They knew how to conceal their abilities and had hidden themselves for several years so there would be someone else who did the same, just waiting for the last moment to explode.


There was still the Class of Gods, that mysterious and unfathomable class.

They absolutely cannot lose in this round’s interclass competitions.

So whatever elements which might affect them had to be considered fully, coming out with a solution first.

Even the class committee wanted to take part in the training, that went to show just how tough this interclass competition was, perhaps even much more than they could imagine.

The students straightened their backs and stood upright, bearing a solemn expression as they looked at Ye Qing Luo and the rest.

“Alright then, your attendance will make them even more serious.”

The following next few days were the busiest days which the entire Devil class had ever been through.

They had been undergoing training for the entire day and night.

Especially when Ye Qing Luo came up with a point reward system which blended in the academy’s regulations in order to reward and stimulate the students.

For example, completing double of the pre-arranged training would be awarded one point.

For example, picking lots and gaining victory with that team battle would be awarded one point.

Moreover, for the team battle, Long Yun Zhan and the rest…. Would also take part in picking lots.

What made the students most devastated was…. they were not allowed to admit defeat just because they couldn’t defeat the other part, or if they had not seriously faced the battle.

This was disrespect towards the opponent.

If they were found out that they had not tried their best, then they would be deducted one point.

These points…

Were the proof of qualification that these students could take part in the mercenary group missions in each month’s three days of holiday.

Those who accumulated fewer than fifty points were not allowed to take part in the mercenary group missions.

These students had noticed an obvious increase in their abilities during that last three days of experience learning while completing missions.

All of them wanted to take part in the mercenary group missions and wanted to set off on a mission with Ye Qing Luo and the others.

Because of these, when the point reward system was out, the students attitude towards training had an obvious increase.

Most importantly…..

Because of Long Yun Zhan and the other’s attendance, all the training operations had increased by more than two times.

Initially the students felt a strain but over time, their bodies started to be tortured to a state where they had exceedingly strong acceptance.

By the third day, the students were able to cope with Long Yun Zhan and the others’ training.


When Ye Qing Luo brought along more gravity belts, adding on a total of fifty kilograms on their bodies to continue training.

The students suffered unspeakable misery and just wanted to die.

All of them were so tired that they were on the verge of spitting out blood.

However, Ye Qing Luo totally didn’t feel sorry for them at all.

She even got her own war pet Xi Jue out.

She made Xi Jue sit by the side to supervise them. If any students were to stop before they completed their training, Xi Jue would not hesitate in acting out…

A show of a cat chasing after a mouse.

It was guaranteed to be exciting!

Whereas for the past few days, Ye Qing Luo had been….

Doing her freshman training in the crack of dawn, then upon completion heading to the pill refining room to accept Ghost Doctor’s guidance and to refine pills.

After leaving the pill refining room, she rushed over to Devil’s class to train together with the students from Devil’s class.

When the training ended, she would follow Long Yun Zhan to the ectoplasm treasured place and enter the Azure Dew Bracelet to proceed for training with Old Man Cang.

Ye Qing Luo was filled with enthusiasm towards the second level of purgatory.

But Old Man Cang didn’t agree to her entering the second level.

Although Ye Qing Luo had already reached the Mystic Profound eighth grade realm.

But this kind of consecutive promotion of four grades resulted in an instant lift in her power.

It was impossible for Ye Qing Luo to immediately digest this power, merging into one with it.

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