Overlord, Love Me Tender

Chapter 657 - Taking turns to challenge

Chapter 657: Taking turns to challenge

These few days, the freshmen orientation started to come to a countdown and both instructors’ training became even more torturous and more and more difficult.

After experiencing the two instructors’ brutal training, these freshmen’s tempers had long been smoothed out and towards any missions which the instructors set out, they completed it without any hesitation.

The freshmen also noticed the changes in their bodies after the training.

Because of this, no matter how tiring the training was, they no longer put up their Young Master or Young Missy tempers.

Very soon, it was the last day of the freshmen orientation.

Ye Qing Luo had reached the freshmen training grounds very early and was jogging around the training grounds twice before the freshmen started to come in batches.

When Liu Xiao Yu arrived, she followed Ye Qing Luo as she started jogging as well while asking, “Qing Luo, after the freshmen training is completed, we will have much less time to meet up.”

They were freshmen and the teachers were stricter on them than any other students.

Every day they had work which couldn’t be completed waiting for them, not even able to squeeze a little bit of time to have a leisure chat or so.

Moreover, ever since they came back from the holidays, Ye Qing Luo became even busier than before.

“Learning is important and when we have enough abilities, teachers will naturally not keep a close eye on us.” Ye Qing Luo’s pink lips curled upwards, “You have to raise your own ability in the intermediate profound class. When this month’s holidays come, I’ll bring you for experience learning.”

Liu Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.

Ye Qing Luo leading a group of Imperial Castle’s disciples, establishing a mercenary group and going up against the group of high profound class students – towards Liu Xiao Yu who had been paying attention to Ye Qing Luo; she had naturally heard of it.

Hearing that Ye Qing Luo had gone around on experience learning with her group mates during the holidays, proceeding with actual combat training.

Liu Xiao Yu’s blood was boiling!

The minute she heard that Ye Qing Luo wanted to bring her along for experience training, Liu Xiao Yu kept on nodding, “You promised me this. When it’s the holidays, I’ll keep pestering you!”

The instructors arrived while they were jogging.

The freshmen all lined up and awaited for the instructor’s commands.

“One month of freshman training has gone by and today is the last day.” Instructor Ho’s booming voice read out these without any expression, “From tomorrow onwards, you need not come to the freshmen training grounds for training anymore.”

None of the freshmen applauded or cheered jubilantly.

They remained silent in the same spot, not giving off a single sound.

“After today’s training has ended, you will all become Heavenly Academy’s official students and what awaits you will be more miserable learning and training which is worse than this one month.”

“We hope that all students will continue with your daily training after the freshmen training is completed.”


The two instructors added on sentences, mutually giving out the speech which they would normally give every single time.

Soon, they entered the main topic.

“On the last day of freshman orientation training, I have discussed with Instructor Ho that we will cancel today’s training. Instead we will use a different kind of method to end off the freshmen training.”

Instructor Chu’s eyes curled up slightly as his gaze swept past all the freshmen.

His gaze faintly discernible fixated onto Ye Qing Luo.

“Freshmen shall enter a cycle challenge, each one of you will challenge either me or Instructor Ho in cycles. As long as your challenge is successful, today’s training will end completely but if the challenge fails… you may also leave the training grounds directly.”

Instructor Chu’s words left the students so dumbfounded as their eyes turned into full moons.

Challenge the two instructors?

How could they possibly….. challenge them successfully?

They were extremely strong abled instructors!

Instructor Chu and Instructor Ho had already raised up their hands, indicating for the students to spread out, leaving a space out from the training grounds.

The instructors were serious…

The freshmen were all left disorientated in the wind as all of them were trembling in fear and trepidation.

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