Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 839 - Legend of the Phoenix

Chapter 839: Legend of the Phoenix

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The Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes was extremely rare and it was a heavenly place that countless beings desire after.

To Ling Xian, in particular, not only was it important, but it was also his dream.

Though the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes wasn’t the only and sole way for him to transform, it was the only way he knew of for now.

Therefore, after the meeting ended, Ling Xian quickly headed towards the 10 Dynasties and nine Houses, and even the five clans to search for hints regarding the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes.

Though this was like looking for a needle in a haystack and the chances of it happening was basically minimal, it was the only method Ling Xian could think of right now. He could only search despite all his unwillingness.

Therefore, he took the time to read and read, and he was disappointed again and again. He could not find any clue what so ever.

Ling Xian was not surprised at that. After all, heaven and earth had changed and pure blood phoenixes were now more than rare. Where was he going to find a real phoenix?

Without a real phoenix, how can he find the nirvana fountain?

However, despite him not being surprised, he was still somewhat disappointed.

The Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes determined whether or not he can successfully transform. It was something he had to find no matter what. Without it, perhaps his spiritual energy will never awaken.

Therefore, why wouldn’t he feel disappointed?

Luckily, when he arrived at the last force’s territory, which was one of the five clans’ house, the Shui Clan’s, he heard a legend about real phoenixes.

Currently, inside the Shui Clan’s pavilion.

Shui Lian Yi was wearing all blue and was looking utterly beautiful. She was similar to a fairy and her temperament was even better than before.

Ling Xian wore a robe as white as snow and his eyes shone like the stars. He listened to Shui Lian Yi tell him all about this legend of a real phoenix.

“I heard from my ancestor that the Shui Clan was not originally from Yunzhou. We were originally from the most mysterious continent out of the nine continents – Tianzhou. However, because some things happened, my Clan had to relocate to Yunzhou.

Shui Lian Yi’s expression was indifferent. “That legend about the real phoenix happened in Tianzhou.”


Ling Xian’s ears perked up. He knew about Tianzhou. It was the strongest continent out of all nine continents and it was the most mysterious continent.

Even Yuezhou, a place full of powerhouses, cannot compare to Tianzhou. Tianzhou was like the king of everyone and peered down onto the Taoism community.

However, the continent was very lowkey and unusually mysterious. Very rarely do information about it circulate.

“In the mysterious and relatively unknown Tianzhou, maybe real phoenixes really do appear.”

Ling Xian softly nodded, “Okay, you continue.”

“Around 1,000 years ago, a real phoenix appeared in Tianzhou. Based on its composition of blood, it was definitely a real phoenix.”

Shui Lian Yi’s lips quivered, “As you know, real phoenixes are treasures in themselves. Even those in the fifth level get tempted by them. Therefore, when this real phoenix appeared, all the different forces in Tianzhou were notified and they went hunting for it.”

“That phoenix was extremely aggressive and powerful. However, it could not win against so many enemies and it died.”

Pausing, Shui Lian Yi continued, “However, just as it died, everything within a one hundred meter radius of it turned into a sea of fire and forced the group of people to escape and hide.”

“Sea of fire?”

Catching onto this keyword, Ling Xian’s eyes brightened, “Could it be… it was being reborn?”

“That’s right, it was being reborn.”

Shui Lian Yi nodded softly. “The strange thing was that after that group of people watched and guarded it for half a year, that sea of fire somehow disappeared. That real phoenix also vanished without a trace. It never reappeared ever again.”


Ling Xian frowned, “For the sea of fire to appear, it means the phoenix was definitely being reborn. Why would it vanish though? Could it be that it failed?”

“If it failed, then the corpse of the real phoenix definitely would’ve been left behind. It wouldn’t have disappeared.” Shui Lian Yi shook his head.

“That’s true. But if it succeeded, then everything within thousands of miles would become the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes.” Ling Xian frowned deeply. He pondered but couldn’t find an answer.

“That’s why it is so strange.”

Shui Lian Yi’s lips parted slightly, “Everyone in Tianzhou knows about it which is why it became a legend, as well as an unsolved mystery.”

“Whether that real phoenix succeeded or failed… this legend remains a clue. I have to go and check.”

Ling Xian made up his mind. He didn’t care whether or not this legend was real or false, he also didn’t care if the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes itself was real or false. This was the only hint he acquired, and he had to find out everything for himself.

After all, he was looking forward to learning more about the strange Tianzhou. Since everything in Yunzhou was taken care of, he might as well use this opportunity to experience Tianzhou’s culture.

“It’s good to go and see. Real phoenixes are far too rare. After heaven and earth changed, we can barely hear any news about it.”

Shui Lian Yi softly nodded, “It’s rare for us to even find out about this legend. We might as well just try our luck. Though I do not believe you can solve this thousand-year-long mystery.”

“I haven’t even started and you are already pouring cold water on me. We are at least, old friends.” Ling Xian shook his head and grinned.

He has known Shui Lian Yi for a long time. Though they were never close, they were considered old friends.

It was because of this, did the clan leader ask Shui Lian Yi to accompany him when he came to the Shui Clan. It was also because of this, did he tell this young woman the real reason why he was looking for the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes.

He never thought he would receive such an unexpected surprise.

Though everything was unknown, or even hopeless, it was a clue nonetheless. Even though there was only 1 out of 1000 chances, he had to work hard and try.

“I am surprised that you have not forgotten about me.”

Shui Lian Yi played with her bangs, her intention was unclear. “You have so many female friends and you never even forgot about me. That doesn’t happen often.”


Ling Xian was a little startled. He bitterly smiled, shook his head, and ignored her comment.

Shui Lian Yi smiled meaningfully at this. “Honestly, your speed of growth is shocking. I originally thought my speed of growth was fast, however, compared to you, it’s truly night and day. We cannot even stand shoulder to shoulder.”

“You aren’t bad yourself. You are already at the peak of the completion level. Before long, you will become an original leveled powerhouse,” Ling Xian complimented.

“That’s way ahead of me.”

Shui Lian Yi nodded gently and sighed. “I know you are busy so I will not ask you to stay. If you have the time, go visit Tang Thirteen.”

Hearing this, Ling Xian paused and paid his respect, “I know. Farewell for now.”

Then, in a flash, he disappeared.

Seven days later, he returned to the Wan Jian House and gave all the treasures the Supreme Headmasters gave him to An Qiu Shui. He only kept the Pearl of Emerald Blood.

After all, he has no use for those items. Those items were more useful to An Qiu Shui. Then, he went to say bye to Dao Wu Ji.

In the end, in front of this leader’s unwilling gaze, Ling Xian left the Wan Jian House. He headed towards the direction of Tianzhou.

The Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes was a big deal to him. Despite the narrow chances and low possibilities of him finding it, he had to try and dig deep.

After all, for thousands of years, that legend was the only legend related to real phoenixes. If he finds nothing in Tianzhou, then there wouldn’t be anything anywhere else.

Plus, Tianzhou was extremely mysterious and was full of strange powerhouses. It was a place he looked forward to visiting.

Since there was a reason he could not ignore right in front of him, of course, Ling Xian had to go check it out.

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