Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 840 - Difficulty

Chapter 840: Difficulty

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Tianzhou was one of the most mysterious continents out of the nine continents in the Taoism community.

Not only was it separated from the rest of the world, but it also didn’t interact with the other continents. There wasn’t even much circulation of information.

However, its powerfulness was something that was commonly agreed upon. It was just that nobody knew how strong that continent was.

Everyone only knew that this piece of land was extremely large – larger than the combination of three other continents. The continent is filled with powerful forces and groups and they are all considered to be top tier heroes.

Heaven’s Favorites were limitless in number. The quality of them also surpasses other continents.

If one ranks the different continent, then Yunzhou can only be the lowest-ranked. Yuezhou would be in the middle. Tianzhou, on the other hand, would be the highest-ranked continent.

There, talents walk all over the land and every single one of them is outstanding. If Heaven’s Favorites from other continents are placed in Tianzhou, they would only be considered mediocre. From this, it becomes obvious just how highly talented the Tianzhou cultivators are.

Therefore, everyone who has the intention and courage to become someone powerful ends up going to Tianzhou for a fight. They would run into other powerhouses and challenge Heaven’s Favorites from all of the different kinds. Only Heaven’s Favorites who win against others and defeat heroes of the other continents have the right to snatch the only ruler seat in the world.

Ling Xian was no exception.

A very long time ago, he had the thought of going to Tianzhou and meeting some of their best. After all, the line that is drawn that separates normal cultivators and geniuses is very strict in Tianzhou. Those who get the title of Heaven’s Favorites normally would be considered the number 1 genius of each force on other continents.

In other words, Heaven’s Favorites there are extremely valuable.

For example, those at the undefeatable realm of the meditational level in Yunzhou are named Heaven’s Favorites. In Tianzhou however, they would at most be considered a genius.

Though it was simply a difference in name, they have fundamentally different meanings.

Therefore, why wouldn’t Ling Xian yearn to come?

Don’t forget, he has vowed to walk an undefeatable path. Of course, he has to defeat all the notable figures in the world and suppress all the Heaven’s Favorites!

However, before, he was extremely busy and didn’t get the chance to visit Tianzhou. Today, not only did he acquire the opportunity, but he also had a goal. Of course, he had to enter Tianzhou to check out this mysterious continent for himself.

After about half a year of traveling and many obstacles, Ling Xian finally arrived at the line that divides Tianzhou from the other continents. When he arrived, however, he ran into a difficulty.

He couldn’t enter.

Tianzhou was at the most northern piece of land. The saying that this continent isolates itself from the rest of the world wasn’t exactly an exaggeration. It actually was relatively separated.

The entire continent was engulfed by a holy barrier. This array could identify the aura from the living being and judge if the incomer is from Tianzhou or not. Anyone who is not from Tianzhou and who do not have the aura, are disallowed from entering.

Currently, the sun was heading to the west – night was coming.

Inside a dense forest, Ling Xian was feeling that layer of invisible barrier with a helpless face.

He has been here for a long time but he has been stopped outside. No matter how much he attacks, that barrier remained unmoving.

This made him realize how his journey here was a little hasty. He didn’t even ask around before arriving here and naturally, he didn’t feel too smart now.

The result of such irrational actions was that he was limited to the area he was at now. He could not retreat, nor could he enter.

“No wonder so little news gets circulated around Tianzhou. It’s like a whole different world. It actually rejects anyone who’s not from Tianzhou.”

Ling Xian grinned helplessly and proceeded to close his eyes. He used his own soul to search around this barrier and see if he can find any flaw from this array.

Sadly, after much investigation, he couldn’t find any areas that were cracked. After thinking about it for a while, however, he understood.

This array was a godly level array and was created by several hundred grandmasters from Tianzhou. He was merely one array master… even if one grandmaster was here now, he or she would not be able to discover its flaw.

Ling Xian also realized that even if he does find its flaw and even if he successfully enters, it would all be meaningless. Because the moment the keeper of this array finds out that he entered Tianzhou by breaking the array, he would have to face the pursuit of all the powerhouses in Tianzhou.

Therefore, why wouldn’t he feel helpless?

As much as he was helpless, he also couldn’t understand. He was certain that many people from the other continents have entered Tianzhou. Then how did those people enter?

“I cannot figure this out.”

Ling Xian softly sighed and smiled helplessly, “Oh well, this doesn’t make sense to me so I might as well not think about it.”

Then, he hopped up and landed on a giant tree. He closed his eyes to rest.

Of course, from the outside, it looked like he was resting. However, he was actually thinking. After all, Tianzhou was a place he must visit, why should he give up halfway and return fruitlessly?

But after much pondering, he still didn’t have the slightest idea.

Just as Ling Xian was starting to become hopeless, he heard a singing voice from afar. The tone of the voice was moving and mimicked fairies.

The lyrics, however, was nowhere near as graceful. The basic meaning of it was to praise a hero. But no matter how Ling Xian listened to it, it sounded like a joke.

“There once was a hero with proud bones as well as some sorrow. There once was a hero who was once extremely powerful as well as stupid. There once was a hero who was my pride, but also a moron.”

The singing came scattered and came from afar. Ling Xian froze a little at it but after sensing its familiarity, he abruptly opened his eyes and scanned around.

From a place not too far away, appeared a young woman wearing a yellow dress. Her visage was beautiful and her figure was thin and small. She hummed that strange song and hopped towards his direction.

Her outgoing and bright exterior made her seem like a little fairy – lively and cheerful, sunny and cute.

This startled Ling Xian, but quickly he began to shake his head and laugh.

Because he recognized this woman. It was the one whom he hadn’t been apart from for too long.

“Interesting to run into her here.”

Ling Xian laughed while shaking his head. Remembering the song she was singing, he couldn’t help but realize that the lyrics were written about him. This made him pinch his own nose and mumble to himself, “I am… too dumb?”

Then, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He couldn’t believe that to Ru Yu, he was a stupid one.

Like a bunny standing behind a tree and peeking its head out, she couldn’t help but tilt her head and ask cautiously, “Who is there?”

“I cannot believe we would see each other so soon.” Ling Xian softly smiled and descended. He arrived before the young girl.

“It’s you.” The nervous and anxious look in her eyes was replaced with excitement. But quickly, she began to pout and said in dissatisfaction, “So it is you, you crazy moron.”

“How am a moron?” Ling Xian was provoked to laugh.

“Hmmph, how dare you ask.”

Ru Yu coldly hissed and mumbled, “I wonder who it was that just crisply left after leaving behind one statement.”

“Oh, that’s what you are talking about. But what else?”

Ling Xian shook his head. “I should’ve eaten the last meal with you?”

“Hmmph, just know that you are a [email protected]

Ru Yu’s heart was full of whining. She murmured, “Back then you said to never try and find you again. It’s only been a year and I’ve already found you again.”

“What can we do. We somehow both ended u at the barrier.

Ling Xian shrugged then asked, “Right, what are you doing here?”

“What a dumb question.” Ru Yu pouted and said rationally, “Obvious I am here to enter Tianzhou.”

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