Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1702 - Exceptional Genius

“Battle Dao Dragon Immortal, Sky-Soaring Art!”

Dragon scales that were formed with intents of the Ancient Dragon Immortal and the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript surfaced on his body, granting him the imperious look of a dragon.

His visually striking dragon claws seemingly gathered the strength of the Heavens and Earth and slammed on the illusionary gate, producing deafening blasts.

Despite the extraordinary presence of the illusionary gate, it could not move any further, nor could it force Qin Nan to bend over and fall to his knees.

Everyone knew that only those that had achieved the Greater Success Stage of an Art of Dao Seeking could comprehend and execute its moves.

Those that had only comprehended the general outline, or certain parts of the Art of Dao Seeking could only merge its will with their Immortal Arts to strengthen them.

The same rule applied to the Dao Realm.

Those that had yet to master the Dao Realm and refine the Dao Crystal would not be able to utilize its full potential.

The people that had only probed the Dao Realm or achieved the Minor Success Stage could only merge the Dao Glow with their Immortal Arts to strengthen them or grant them other abilities.

However, Qin Nan had achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm. His Dao Glow had significantly surpassed that of the Minor Success Stage of the Dao Realm, thus the strength and abilities it would grant to his Immortal Arts were shocking too.

For example, the illusionary gate was able to suppress a first-layer Earth Immortal, yet Qin Nan had managed to resist it with a single move.

“Isn’t…isn’t that…”

“The Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm? Could it be the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm?”

“Impossible! Qin Nan has already achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm?”

The cultivators, the Peerless Geniuses, the authorities, and the Peerless Geniuses were greatly astounded.

Even the cultivators with relatively lower cultivation and less knowledgeable rose to their feet while trembling. They could not believe their eyes.

Those that had mastered the Four Extremities before ascending as an immortal were referred to a Peerless Genius.

On top of it, those that had achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm before becoming a Peerless Ruler were referred to as an Exceptional Genius.

How significant was an Exceptional Genius?

Only the core disciples of the Supreme Daoism factions, the successors of the Nine Heavens Supremes, and the most talented disciples of the ancient tribes across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm were able to achieve such astonishing feat.

It was extremely rare, as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns!

In simpler words, a Peerless Genius basically meant the person had a high chance of becoming a Peerless Ruler in the future.

Meanwhile, an Exceptional Genius was surely able to become a Nine Heavens Supreme eventually!

“He has already achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm when he has only ascended not long ago?”

Envoy Feng Hua, Envoy Rong Wang, Envoy Yue Jue, and Meng Jiugong were astounded too despite their experience and how knowledgeable they were.

There was basically no one that had done what Qin Nan did in the entire Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, including the three formidable factions they were from.

“No wonder…”

Envoy Feng Hua collected his thoughts. His eyes flickered with astonishment as he found the answer to the question that was bothering him.

He had been chasing after the peerless woman for more than a thousand years. He was extremely familiar with the person she was.

He was quite confused when the woman asked him to keep an eye on Qin Nan for her. Even though Qin Nan had come from the same place as she did, it still did not make any sense that she would take the initiative to ask someone for a favor.

But he now understood the reason behind it; not only did Qin Nan come from the same place as her, he too had superb talents just like her.

“Hehe, although you were asking me for a favor, you’ve actually given me a huge gift instead.”

Envoy Feng Hua’s eyes burned passionately.

Even the woman had yet to achieve the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm when she became the Strongest Immortal.

But Qin Nan had done it, and if he managed to win the battle, he would become the Strongest Immortal, his name would spread across the Nine Heavens.

The expression “no other one was worthy to be called the Strongest Immortal since the empress five thousand years ago” was about to dissipate like smoke and vanish like a cloud.

Most importantly, Qin Nan was still ‘factionless’. It would be nice if he could recruit him into the Sky Taihuang Sect.

Perhaps it was also the reason why his Senior Brother, the Patriarch had surprisingly added more reward to the battle, because he too had his eyes on Qin Nan.

“Wu Huisheng, do you still dare to fight me?”

Qin Nan suddenly spoke in a thunderous voice.

The hearts of Wu Huisheng, Zhao Kuo, Huangfu Hou, Yan Qingyan, and Sima Xunbei shuddered. They soon collected their thoughts.

“HAHA, Qin Nan, even if I were to die in the battle, I will die in glory!”

Wu Huisheng burst out laughing as an indescribable feeling rose in his chest. His blood was boiling like never before.

Zhao Kuo, Huangfu Hou, Yan Qingyan, Sima Xunbei, and the rest of the Peerless Geniuses were sharing the same feeling.


Nineteen figures sprang forward while unleashing their Immortal Arts.

Even though the nineteen cultivators had different traits and different reasons why they were fighting Qin Nan, they were still Peerless Geniuses!

Qin Nan’s overwhelming cultivation was like a mountain that they had never encountered before standing firmly before them. They began to feel the difference between their strength, and how minuscule they were.

However, it also served as a great motivation for them.

They were not willing to back away, even if they knew they might lose in the battle, they wanted to see the scenery above the mountain.

They wanted to become the same mountain when they still had the time.

“Bring it on!”

Qin Nan’s Battle Dantian trembled as his will skyrocketed.

The strength he had displayed had significantly surpassed every Peerless Genius, but he was still against forty Peerless Geniuses on his own. He was completely surrounded by his enemy, resulting in immense pressure.

However, the more pressured he was, the more pleased he was.

“Battle Desolate Destruction Saber Art!”

Qin Nan slashed forward.


A deafening explosion took place. Strong gusts of wind swept in all directions.

The spacious dojo began to crack apart.

Under the crowd’s gaze, Qin Nan nullified the attacks from Wu Huisheng and the other Peerless Geniuses on the left while enduring the illusionary gate that the twenty-one Peerless Geniuses had summoned on the right without taking a single step back.

He looked unbeatable as he swung his saber around!

Suddenly, it felt as if time had frozen.

A wisp of insignificant god force among the ocean of immortal force inside Qin Nan’s dantian underwent a mystical change.

Black clouds immediately gathered above the Sky Immortal Mountain. The area within a few hundred thousand li was covered in darkness.

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