Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1703 - Biased

“What is going on?”

“Someone is ascending as an immortal?”

“It’s happening on the Sky Immortal Mountain? Impossible!”

The Supreme Elders stationed in the Realm of the Sky, and many Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals that were cultivating in seclusion were startled by the rare phenomenon.

Many immediately let out a brilliant immortal glow and flew into the distance.

Everyone knew that one would need a grand event and incredible fortunate encounters to ascend as an immortal.

Currently, the Battle of the Strongest Immortal was happening on the Sky Immortal Mountain. It was a grand event indeed, but there was no fortunate encounter there.

Besides, didn’t the Battle of the Strongest Immortal only allow Human Immortals to partake in it?

Why would a cultivator suddenly ascend as an immortal?

Meanwhile, at the peak of the Sky Immortal Mountain…


The Peerless Geniuses and the cultivators on the dojo, and the authorities and Peerless Rulers watching the battle were greatly astounded.

Even Meng Jiugong, Envoy Feng Hua, Envoy Rong, and Envoy Yue Jue shuddered and quickly rose to their feet. They could not believe their eyes.

What was that?

Didn’t Qin Nan already ascend as an immortal?

How did he trigger the Tribulation of the Human Immortal Realm again?

“Envoys, before Qin Nan participated in the battle, he does have a final wisp of god force that has yet to evolve into the immortal force, meaning that he hasn’t fully ascended as an immortal. He has no choice but to take part in the Battle of the Strongest Immortal so he could ascend.”

The Bliss Immortal Emperor’s eyes flickered with joy. He stood up and brought his fists together, “Qin Nan isn’t trying to trick you on purpose, but it’s extremely important to him since it will decide if he could ascend as an immortal or not. He has no choice but to do so.”

The cultivators, Peerless Geniuses, authorities, the Peerless Rulers, and the three Envoys immediately collected their thoughts. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

None of them had expected something like this to happen, since nothing like it had ever happened in any of the Battle of the Strongest Immortal that occurred in the past.

“No wonder he was being perfunctory when I asked him to choose two Blessed Immortal Lands after he won the bet!” Meng Jiugong realized something and clenched his teeth.

This Qin Nan had tricked him for so long!

“He’s already this strong before ascending as an immortal. If he truly ascends…”

A Heaven Immortal rogue cultivator gasped suddenly as he realized something.

The cultivators were shocked by his words too.

If Qin Nan fully ascended, wouldn’t he achieve the peak Human Immortal Realm, or even the Earth Immortal Realm straightaway?

How powerful would Qin Nan be by then?

“How bold is this Qin Nan, he has no respect for the rules! No matter what his reasons are, rules are rules, they shouldn’t be broken! Envoys, please give the order to kill this man right away!”

The South World Immortal Emperor quickly reacted and snapped coldly.

“Senior South World is right! Envoys, nothing can be accomplished without rules or standards. Qin Nan has to be executed. Otherwise, we will all be a laughing stock to the world.”

Long Xuanling stood up and brought his fists together.

“He’s right, the man must be executed!”

“This Qin Nan is too full of himself. He deserves to be punished!”

“Envoys, if we don’t execute Qin Nan today, it will be difficult to convince the others!”

The Peerless Rulers of the Supreme Daoism factions, including authorities such as Heaven Immortal Wuchun, the Snow-Brow Heaven Immortal, and the others wore a murderous look.

The rules of the Battle of the Strongest Immortal had stated that only those that had successfully ascended as an immortal in the Immortal Ancient Places during the Immortal Ascension War were allowed to participate in it.

Even though Qin Nan only had a wisp of god force that had yet to evolve into the immortal force, he still had not fully ascended as an immortal, meaning that he had broken the rules by partaking in the battle.

The rule did not really matter, but the strength and talents that Qin Nan had displayed were absolutely shocking. The South World Immortal Emperor, Long Xuanling, and the other Supreme Daoism factions felt a great chill running down their spine.

If they did not take him out now, he would eventually become a serious threat!

The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew were not too surprised by the reaction of the crowd. They took a deep breath while preparing to use their methods to overcome the situation.

At that instant, Envoy Rong Wang suddenly snapped coldly. Each of his words was like a clap of thunder.

“Qin Nan, how dare you take part in the Battle of the Strongest Immortal when you have not ascended still!? In the name of the Patriarch of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, I shall execute you right on the spot to set an example for the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!”

A formidable murderous intent soared into the sky, turning the mountain top into an icy kingdom. Even the stormy clouds of the Tribulation were greatly affected.

Long Xuanling had been close to him in the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect. The man insisted to kill Qin Nan. He had transmitted his thoughts to Envoy Rong Wang, telling him to do him the favor.

After all, Qin Nan had broken the rules in the first place. On top of that, many representatives of the Supreme Daoism factions were demanding to kill Qin Nan too. He could easily push the boat along with the current and do them all a favor.

The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew were astounded. They did not expect an Envoy to agree with Qin Nan’s execution.

The cultivators, Peerless Geniuses, and the authorities did not think Qin Nan would be in such a great danger all of a sudden.

“Envoy Rong Wang, why are you still so hot-headed?”

In the nick of time, Envoy Feng Hua let out a calm smile. He somehow nullified the murderous aura across the place.

“Feng Hua, what do you mean by that? Are you being biased toward him?”

Envoy Rong Wang snapped. He never had a good impression of Feng Hua as the man had always been stealing the limelight from him in the past.

“What do you mean I’m being biased to him? That sounds too harsh.”

Envoy Feng Hua shook his head and smilingly said, “Even though Qin Nan has yet to ascend fully, he has already achieved the ninth-layer Human Immortal Realm. He was able to take on forty Peerless Geniuses on his own. He is no doubt worthy to receive the title of the Strongest Immortal.”

“Rules are dead, but humans are alive. We must know how to accommodate to circumstances. Besides, the aim of the Battle of the Strongest Immortal is to see who’s the strongest cultivator in the younger generations.”

“If Qin Nan isn’t qualified for the battle, I believe the rest of the Peerless Geniuses would feel ashamed to even be called the Strongest Immortal.”

“Hence, Qin Nan isn’t guilty.”

The words sounded extremely reasonable. Many cultivators that were present nodded their heads in agreement.

“I agree with Envoy Feng Hua.”

Envoy Yue Jue who had been quiet all along slightly nodded.

“Envoy Yue Jue, Envoy Feng Hua, you…”

The Peerless Rulers and the authorities of the Supreme Daoism factions were astounded.

“Feng Hua, you are good at playing with words, I admit that, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has broken the rules. I will have to kill him today!”

Envoy Rong Wang’s expression twisted even further when he saw Envoy Yue Jue nodding in agreement. The murderous intent he was emitting grew slightly stronger.

“If you dare touch a single strand of his hair, I will consider that you are declaring war against our Sky Taihuang Sect!”

Envoy Feng Hua withdrew his smile. His aura shifted tremendously. He looked completely different from the indifferent gentleman he was before. His imperious aura soared into the sky, as if a terrifying beast had been awakened.

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