Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1704 - Adding More Geniuses

“Feng Hua, you…”

Envoy Rong Wang’s face immediately darkened.

The Peerless Rulers and authorities of the Supreme Daoism factions were wearing twisted expressions too.

The South World Immortal Emperor and Long Xuanling, in particular, felt their hearts sinking. They never thought Envoy Feng Hua would be so eager to protect Qin Nan.

The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew, Qiu Hong, and the others were relieved.

It was unlikely that Envoy Rong Wang and the Peerless Rulers of the other Supreme Daoism factions could execute Qin Nan on the spot after hearing what Envoy Feng Hua just said.

After all, they were within the territories of the Sky Taihuang Sect. In some way, the words of Envoy Feng Hua were representing the attitude of the Patriarch of the Sky Taihuang Sect.

“Feng Hua, you’ve done great!”

Envoy Rong Wang forcibly withheld the anger in his heart and said coldly,” I will tell my Patriarch everything that happened here. I shall see if you’re still going to stand your ground by then!”

The other Peerless Rulers did not say a word, yet the fury in their eyes had said it all.

Envoy Feng Hua let out a hollow laugh upon seeing this.

Tell your Patriarch everything?

If any of you knew that it was the peerless woman who was looking after Qin Nan, perhaps even your Patriarch wouldn’t even dare to make a single noise.

“HAHA, why do we even bother drawing our swords and bending our bows now? The Battle of the Strongest Immortal this time is really something. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of its details.”

Envoy Feng Hua burst out laughing. His imperious aura dissipated as he reclaimed his gentle temperament.

Envoy Rong Wang, the Peerless Rulers, and authorities of the Supreme Daoism factions harrumphed coldly in their hearts and focused their attention on the dojo.

Currently, the immortal light that Qin Nan was emitting had grown even brighter. It was full of an indescribable obscureness. The two groups of cultivators flanking him from both sides seemed to be covered by a layer of ash as they had lost their brilliance.

The enormous clouds in the sky were shrinking while shocking purple rays of lightning flickered.

It was quite obvious that the Tribulation was about to take place, meaning that Qin Nan would soon ascend fully as an immortal.

“Wu Huisheng, I don’t care what you do, you have to stop Qin Nan from ascending at all costs!” the Peerless Ruler of the Dao Execution Gate snapped.

“Yan Qingyan, where’s the talisman I gave you? Why aren’t you using it?”

“Sima Xunbei…”

The Peerless Rulers of the other Supreme Daoism factions quickly gave their orders. Their voices sounded a lot more demanding than before.

Left with no choice, they could only rely on their Peerless Geniuses to stop Qin Nan from ascending. It would be best if they managed to inflict serious damage on Qin Nan.

The South World Immortal Emperor frowned. The pace of him tapping on the jade chair gradually increased.

For some reason, he had a strong feeling that if Qin Nan managed to ascend as an immortal successfully, the man would soon pose a great threat to him.

“Brother Rong Wang, sorry about that, I didn’t know Envoy Feng Hua would be backing Qin Nan up. If I knew, I wouldn’t ask you to pick on him, since it’s unnecessary to offend Feng Hua for Qin Nan.”

Long Xuanling’s eyes glittered as he transmitted the thought. He sounded apologetic, but he was actually trying to provoke the man with the words.

“Feng Hua is just a dog threatening us with his master’s name, there’s no need for us to be scared of him! I wouldn’t believe that I, an Envoy, couldn’t do anything to a mere Human Immortal!”

Envoy Rong Wang said coldly. His eyes flickered as he suddenly caught a glimpse of something in the corner of his eye, “I have an idea!”

He quickly transmitted his thoughts secretly.

A few moments later, nine auras immediately rose from the spacious dojo, each charging at Qin Nan with a strong murderous intent.

There were seventy-three Peerless Geniuses that were taking part in the Battle of the Strongest Immortal in total. Yan Qingyan and Zhao Kuo had defeated five of them at the beginning, thus there was still sixty-eight left.

Among them, forty were battling against Qin Nan. The remaining twenty-eight Peerless Geniuses were from some other factions.

These Peerless Geniuses were initially standing in the distance while watching the battle since they knew they had no chance of competing for the title of the Strongest Immortal.

However, Envoy Rong Wang had just promised them incredible benefits if they were willing to help the others to take Qin Nan down. Nineteen of them decisively joined the battle after a slight hesitation.

The Peerless Rulers and the authorities were startled upon seeing this. However, they quickly realized something after glancing at Envoy Rong Wang. They began to feel a lot better.

Envoy Feng Hua squinted without saying anything.

“Nineteen Peerless Geniuses have joined the battle too?”

“That’s a total of fifty-nine Peerless Geniuses! Qin Nan has not ascended yet, will he be able to take them all on?”

“Sigh, even though Envoy Feng Hua has high hopes on him, he had offended too many factions. Even Envoy Feng Hua wouldn’t be able to help him any further. I can’t really tell if he’s actually going to ascend successfully…”

The majority among the crowd let out a sigh. Somehow, they were feeling uneasy and nervous.

They had no ill-feeling toward Qin Nan. They were utterly impressed by the talents and strength that Qin Nan had displayed. They were hoping that Qin Nan could ascend successfully.

Unfortunately, judging from the situation, the man was going to have a hard time ascending.

“Qin Nan!”

The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew, Qiu Hong and the others, even Wan Xiao who seemed to have forgotten his bet with Qin Nan clenched their fists nervously.

“Battle Dao Destruction Zone!”

A formidable black light suddenly burst out of Qin Nan’s body, knocking the illusionary gate and the attacks that Wu Huisheng and the others had executed back.

Qin Nan was fully utilizing the power of his eyes. Using the Unstoppable Step, he weaved through the Peerless Geniuses like an immortal dragon.

“Battle Desolate Destruction Saber Art!”

Qin Nan’s blood hair drifted in the wind as he struck at lightning speed. All he could do was fight.


Wu Huisheng, Zhao Lijian, Yan Qingyan, Sima Xunbei, Zhao Lijian, and the rest of the Peerless Geniuses moved again. Their attacks surged forward like powerful tides.


A series of explosions immediately took place across the dojo.

All kinds of Immortal Arts and intents clashed fiercely with one another.

Even though Qin Nan continued to stand out in the battle, his aura was obviously suppressed by the attacks of the Peerless Geniuses. His imperious armor began to have cracks on it.


Meanwhile, the stormy clouds and the lightning accumulated and combined into an ancient pattern too.

The ancient pattern was unlike the Immortal Pattern Tribulation from before. It was hollow and empty.

However, as the battle continued to take place, it was as if an invisible brush was drawing on the ancient pattern.

Mountains and rivers, ancient beasts, ordinary folks, and immortals began to appear on it.

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