Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1706 - The Will of the Previous Life

“What is going on?”

Qin Nan was startled. For some reason, a strong familiar feeling was rising in his soul and his heart, with a mix of discontentment, anger, coldness, and gratitude.


In his Divine Sense, it was as if a great saber glow had slashed open a pitch-black gap. Several light red ancient patterns with wisps of Dao intents flew out of it.

“Isn’t this the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm?”

Qin Nan was startled when he saw one of the ancient patterns. He soon realized that there were thirty-three ancient patterns that flew out of the gap in total.

Everyone knew the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was split into thirty-three Small Immortal Realms. Were these ancient patterns corresponding to the Small Immortal Realms?

However, more ancient patterns flew out of the gap. However, they were no longer light red in color, but purple-golden. The auras they were emitting were slightly stronger than the thirty-three ancient patterns that showed up first.

It lasted until seventy-two ancient patterns had flown out of the gap. The ancient patterns surprisingly combined into a purple crystal around the size of a palm.

The crystal was perfectly round and edgeless. It was densely covered in lines that were seemingly symbolizing the Great Dao. It also contained the abstruse secrets of the Heavens and Earth, including one that had been kept confidential for countless eras.

Qin Nan shuddered all of a sudden. He suddenly had a feeling that he had been missing something extremely important all along, and the thing was none other than the purple crystal in front of him.

“My master! I have been dragging this broken body while searching in the Primary Upper Realm and the Secondary Lower Realm alone for thousands of years! When I thought it’s all over as I’m only grasping onto my last breath, I finally found you! You are no longer the same…”

The imperious voice of the Divine God of Battle echoed in his mind. However, before the voice could finish, it was replaced by another murderous voice.

“Damn you! Your existence is forbidden from this world! You shall not return. Otherwise, even if it meant toppling everything, I will…”

The voice changed again. It was a deep murmur this time, as if it had come from a great distance away.

“You shouldn’t forget about that thing. You must not forget! You have to remember that you are…”

The voice disappeared again. This time, no one had spoken. There were endless groans and cries of agony, as if a terrifying war was taking place at an unknown place.


Qin Nan was extremely confused.


The purple crystal started to glow, allowing Qin Nan to gradually calm down. He subconsciously looked at it.

Meanwhile, his surroundings changed…

The dojo had disappeared. The Sky Immortal Mountain was no longer around too, so were the cultivators. He found himself standing at a strange place, like he was the only person left in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Qin Nan frowned. He lifted his gaze and was astounded.

The sky had vanished too. His eye-technique had suddenly reached an unimaginable state. He could see stars with different glimmers.

A few moments later, he discovered a great void toward the end.

Suddenly, countless rays burst out of the void and formed an indescribable imperious throne.

An ancient figure sat on the throne. Despite its blurry outline, Qin Nan could feel its eyes staring at him through the distance.

Meanwhile, a nameless place…

A glamorous figure was sitting with her legs crossed. The surroundings across a hundred thousand li from her were replaced by a great void with a hundred thousand different forces in it.

It also contained the faint will of a supreme.


The glamorous woman’s eyes suddenly sprang open with a slight frown.

She already expected that something might happen when Qin Nan ascended as an immortal, but she was currently in the middle of becoming a Nine Heavens Supreme, thus she could only take some precautions.

However, even those precautions were not able to protect Qin Nan?

A few moments later, she raised her hands and performed a hand seal to trigger the Red String of Three Lifetimes that was far away.

“What in the world…”

Her cold attractive face was filled with surprise following a glance.

“Why would the will of the previous life show up?”

She was utterly confused.

She had taught Qin Nan the Art of Three Lifetimes when he was still in the Canglan Continent. However, Qin Nan was unable to practice it since he had gone through the cycle of reincarnation ten times and had returned to the starting point.

If so, why did the will of his previous life appear?

Could it be the previous life of the Divine God of Battle?

Or could it be…

Currently, in the capital of the twenty-three ancient cities under the reign of the Sky Taihuang Sect, Yunluo Ancient City, in an inn…

The cultivator in a gray robe that had killed the Spirits of the World of Yin and Yang was seated at a table close to a window. He was taking sips from a jar of wine periodically.

The cultivators nearby would look at him curiously.

The person in a gray robe had been sitting there since a few hours ago, yet he did not speak a word, nor did he budge. He was just staring into a certain direction while drinking the wine. It felt extremely odd.

“Mm? He must have been awakened.”

The cultivator suddenly felt something. He murmured and placed the cup in his hand down and let out a sigh.

He clearly did not expect it would come down to this. He wondered what actually happened.

“You over there, give me the immortal sword you have. I’ll give you a manual for refining pills.”

The man turned around and looked at a handsome young man with a noble aura.


The young man was stunned.

“Old man, what are you thinking?”

“Young man, don’t bother listening to him. What pill-refining manual is as valuable as an immortal sword?”

The people nearby chuckled. Some gave their piece of advice to the young man as they could tell he had come from an extraordinary background.

Currently in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, things like pill-refining, talisman-refining, and formations could only earn some Immortal Stones at most. They were not highly regarded by others.

“Senior…what do you need the Immortal Sword for?”

The young man asked curiously upon collecting his thoughts. He had been watching the man for quite some time.

“To kill someone.”

The man said calmly. He vanished into thin air as soon as he finished the sentence.

The cultivators were astounded, same was the young man. The man was clearly no ordinary person being able to disappear just like that.

“Ah! My sword! Huh, this is…”

The young man exclaimed after some time.

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