Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1707 - The Supreme Flowers Blossom

Meanwhile, at the top of the mountain in the Realm of the Sky…

“He has achieved the third-layer Earth Immortal Realm!”

“He is already in the third-layer Earth Immortal Realm when he has just ascended! I’m afraid he’s the only person that has achieved such a feat in a Tide of Ascension over tens of thousand years!”

“Third-layer Earth Immortal Realm? Who could possibly stop him? The expression of ‘no other one was worthy to be called the Strongest Immortal since the empress five thousand years go’ is going down in history today!”

“Yeah, Qin Nan is even comparable to the empress back in the day. He’s clearly the Strongest Immortal!”

The cultivators were absolutely astounded. The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew were overjoyed too.

Even though the Peerless Rulers and the authorities of the Supreme Daoism factions held a grudge against Qin Nan, they could not help but admit that Qin Nan had risen abruptly. After the battle came to an end, his reputation was surely going to spread across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Everyone would know who he was.

The South World Immortal Emperor wore a strong murderous look. Envoy Rong Wang and Long Xuanling were wearing dark faces too.

The latter, in particular, was clenching his fists tightly with blue veins surfacing on his forehead.

Qin Nan had now achieved the third-layer Earth Immortal Realm. He was not far away from achieving the peak Heaven Immortal Realm.

Once Qin Nan achieved the peak Heaven Immortal Realm and became a Peerless Ruler, with the outstanding talents and strength that Qin Nan had displayed, the man would clearly pose a great threat to him.

“Damn it, he actually ascended as an immortal, what am I supposed to do now…”

Among the crowd, Wan Xiao seemed to be panicking. He had promised Qin Nan to be his mount if he managed to ascend as an immortal successfully.

His father was going to skin him alive if he knew about it.

“Wu Huisheng! What the hell are you doing?”

The Peerless Ruler of the Dao Execution Gate snapped thunderously upon collecting his thoughts.

The Peerless Ruler had high hopes in Wu Huisheng since he joined the Dao Execution Gate. He had given Wu Huisheng lots of assistance and help, but he never thought Wu Huisheng would withdraw his attack in the last second despite the perfect opportunity.

Had he completely forgotten about the Path of Dao Execution?

“Uncle Chen, please calm down. There’s no way I will attack him, as I will definitely regret for the rest of my life if I did.”

Wu Huisheng straightened his figure and looked at Qin Nan passionately, “Only if he ascends successfully will he be my true rival! I’m going to defeat him one day!”

The Peerless Ruler was even more infuriated, “You…”

“Well said! Old Chen, it seems like your Dao Execution Gate has lots of great talents. You’re making me quite jealous.”

The sound of a middle-aged man appeared from the distance in the sky. A middle-aged man in a long, purple robe shrouded by wisps of immortal Qi, whose eyes were like mystical fire was strutting toward them.

Behind him were more than ten Supreme Elders and over thirty Heaven Immortal authorities.

“Greetings, Vice Patriarch Hua Yu!”

Envoy Feng Hua, Envoy Rong Wang, and Envoy Yue Jue were startled. The Peerless Rulers and authorities of the Supreme Daoism factions were stunned too. They quickly rose to their feet and brought their fists together.

“What? Vice Patriarch Hua Yu?”

The cultivators were astounded.

The name Hua Yu was well-known in the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm.

Every Supreme Daoism faction would normally have two to three Vice Patriarchs. When it was time for the Patriarch to step down, the Vice Patriarchs would compete for the role of the Patriarch.

However, the Sky Taihuang Sect only had one Vice Patriarch, meaning that he would be the Patriarch of the Sky Taihuang Sect once Chang Xiao stepped down!

On top of that, there were rumors circulating that Hua Yu had already achieved the half-Supreme Realm for a few thousand years. He would soon become a Nine Heavens Supreme, making him one of the great authorities of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

“Even he has come in person, could it be that he’s here because of Qin Nan too?”

The same thought crossed the cultivators’ mind. Their eyes flickered with envy. They could imagine how Qin Nan was going to soar into the sky after the battle came to an end.


Before Vice Patriarch Hua Yu could speak, a huge gap was torn apart deep in the sky. Rays of Dao Glow shone upon the top of the mountain.

Following it, colorful light blossomed in the rift, turning into flowers of different shapes and colors.

The cultivators found themselves in an ocean of flowers, surrounded by a unique fragrance.

“It’s…the Supreme Flowers!”

A Heaven God blurted out in excitement.

Everyone knew that the title Peerless Genius was referring to the talented cultivators that had a chance of becoming a Peerless Ruler, while an Exceptional Genius meant the person had a chance of becoming a Nine Heavens Supreme.

Qin Nan was obviously an Exceptional Genius, but not every Exceptional Genius was able to trigger the blossoming of the Supreme Flowers.

The Heaven God had learned from a book that whoever that triggered the blossoming of Supreme Flowers clearly implied that the cultivator had obtained the approval of the Great Dao of the Heavens and Earth. The man was surely going to become a Nine Heavens Supreme if he was not met with a mishap.

He initially struggled to believe it, but it turned out that the book was telling the truth.

Vice Patriarch Hua Yu nodded slightly. He glanced at Qin Nan with an admiring look, “Not bad, being able to trigger the blossoming of the Supreme Flowers when you have just ascended as an immortal. Only less than ten people in the entire Nine Heavens Immortal Realm have such talents.”

The man had already decided that he would recruit Qin Nan into the Sky Taihuang Sect at all costs after the battle came to an end, even if it meant asking the Patriarch to invite the man in person.

“Damn it! He can still trigger the blossoming of the Supreme Flowers despite the talents he has already shown? I have to find a way to kill him before he joins the Sky Taihuang Sect…”

Long Xuanling’s forehead was covered in blue veins. Countless vicious plans flickered past in his mind.


Suddenly, a thunderous explosion took place on the mountain as if it had just received a tremendous blow. The rift in the surroundings collapsed instantly, producing strong gusts of wind.

A man in a gray robe with an immortal sword in his hand slowly walked out from the gap with a burst of deep-sounding laughter.

The atmosphere of the place intensified. Even the Sky Immortal Mountain began to emit immortal rays as it sensed something.

“Who’s there?”

“How bold of you to break into the Realm of the Sky!”

Vice Patriarch Hua Yu, Envoy Feng Hua, the Peerless Rulers, Supreme Elders, and Elders immediately reacted and fixed their eyes on the man in a gray robe. They snapped furiously while unleashing their auras.

“Someone has broken into the Realm of the Sky with force?”

The Peerless Rulers and the authorities of the other Supreme Daoism factions, and the cultivators were dumbfounded.

Breaking into a Supreme Daoism faction would be treated as declaring war against the Supreme Daoism faction. Even some of the Nine Heavens Supremes would not dare to commit such a bold act.

What exactly did the man in a gray robe want?

“Qin Nan, die!”

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