Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 2266: Tribe of the Dao Apes

Chapter 2266: Tribe of the Dao Apes

Before Jiaye could speak, Zhou Xundao said, "Jiaye and I won't be able to give you any suggestion on how to achieve the Ruler Realm. You will have to make the decision yourself. As for recovering your Senior Brother's will, didn't Ye Zhaoxian give you a scroll before, maybe it's time to open it?"

Qin Nan nodded and said, "Senior Zhou is right."

Wasn't now a suitable time to open the scroll now that Jiaye was awakened?

Qin Nan poured his Master Force into the scroll to erase the forbidding aura on it. Ancient words soon appeared in lines on the scroll.

"During the battle in the past, Heaven Highness Yiming had been reincarnated earlier prior to his fall. You will achieve your goal if you find his reincarnation. Seniors, who is this Heaven Highness Yiming?"

Qin Nan took a glance at the scroll and asked.

"Ye Zhaoxian is not lying to you, although it's going to be a little tricky."

Jiaye nodded and said, "In the past, there were two people who had achieved great height with their will and mind. They were Heaven Highness Xinruo and Heaven Highness Yiming."

"The former, in particular, possessed a strong will that even the will of a Supreme Highness posed no threat to him. His disciple was once devoured by a Heaven Highness and had his mind controlled, but Heaven Highness Xinruo was able to erase the Heaven Highness' existence forcibly so his disciple could become himself again."

"He also erased the past memories and will of many Heaven Highnesses and Ruler of Dao on behalf of their reincarnations. Heaven Highness Yiming was slightly weaker in comparison to him."

Qin Nan frowned and said, "If I find Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation, can he really erase Heaven Highness Wuwang's memories and will?"

No matter how powerful a cultivator was, the memories he could pass down to his reincarnation were limited.

Did Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation possess Heaven Highness Yiming's capabilities?

Jiaye said after a slight ponder, "It depends on his cultivation and how much of Heaven Highness Yiming's succession he inherited. If he achieved the Heaven Highness Realm and has inherited all the successions, he could at least weaken Heaven Highness Wuwang's will and memories by half."

"After all, your Senior Brother's cultivation level isn't that high either."

"If the above criteria aren't fulfilled, it would be a lot less effective to weaken Heaven Highness Wuwang's will and memories. However, if Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation has achieved the Ruler Realm and inherited all his successions, he should be able to erase Heaven Highness Wuwang completely."

Qin Nan frowned even further.

The situation was a lot trickier than he thought.

Judging from the current circumstances, it was unlikely Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation had achieved the Master Realm. Otherwise, there would be rumors about him in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Leaving his cultivation level aside, how was Qin Nan supposed to find Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation in the vast Nine Heavens Immortal Realm?

What if Heaven Highness Yiming's reincarnation had yet to awaken the memories of his past life?

"My master, you can forget Ye Zhaoxian's suggestion. There's another way."

Jiaye said with a smile, "When the Heavens and Earth formed at first, certain people are blessed by the Heavens with unique abilities. These people eventually formed the ancient tribes."

"Among them, the Heart Connect Tribe, the Dao Apes Tribe, and the Hollow Spirit Tribe are known for their expertise in the will and mind. They have their unique secret techniques."

"If we can obtain their support, we should be able to weaken Heaven Highness Wuwang's will significantly too. Your Senior Brother have a high chance of reclaiming his will."

Qin Nan was startled.

"Unfortunately, my master, I remember the Heart Connect Tribe was wiped out during the ancient battle. I have no idea whether the Hollow Spirit Tribe and the Dao Apes Tribe are still around. You should look into them first," Jiaye quickly added.


Qin Nan swiftly transmitted his thoughts to Supreme Chang Xiao, Progenitor Mingchu and the others.

Sometime later, the authorities responded to his message. Qin Nan quickly looked at them.

His expression shifted at first before he let out a relieved sigh.

According to them, the Hollow Spirit Tribe had provoked the Li Clan, one of the seven Heaven Highness Clans around ten thousand years ago. As a result, their tribe had been massacred.

The good news was, the Dao Apes Tribe did not provoke any formidable faction, but they did not have many talents all these years, nor did they have a Ruler of Dao leading them. They were ranked at the bottom among the tribes.

"My master, Cang definitely knows these information too, so you should visit the Dao Apes Tribe as soon as possible to convince them to join your side before Cang targets them!" Jiaye said.

"I'll go right now!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered. He asked for a map and went into the rift.

With his current cultivation, he still needed some time to travel to the Second Small Immortal Realm from the Tenth Small Immortal Realm. Jiaye took the opportunity to explain the power of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern to Qin Nan.

"My master, you've used the Ownerless Heaven Pattern before, so you should know its ability to absorb cultivators into it and obtain their Arts of Seeking Dao without them knowing.

"It's actually one of the nine formations in the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, the Dao Stealing Formation!"

"The Dao Stealing Formation only works on cultivators below the Ruler Realm and ordinary Arts of Dao Seeking. You won't be able to steal the extraordinary ones. However, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern can also steal a cultivator's artifacts and resources."

"The strongest formation in the Ownerless Heaven Pattern is called the Great Superfluous Formation!" 

"Zhou Di invented it specifically to improve the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. Unfortunately, your current cultivation can only utilize three-tenths of its power. You will be able to operate it fully once you achieved the Ruler Realm." 

"The second strongest formation is the Emperor Slaying Formation. Cang has claimed himself to be the Heavenly Emperor, thus the formation was designed specifically to eliminate the Origin Force!"

"There are also..."

Jiaye explained the formations one by one.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern was exceptionally powerful. It was beyond the level of a Dao Seeking Weapon!

The only pity was, similar to the Undying Cycle Mountain, he could only utilize a portion of its power prior to achieving the Ruler Realm.

Time gradually passed. Half a day later, Qin Nan arrived in the Second Small Immortal Realm.

He took a look at the map and withdrew his aura to move in the darkness like a phantom.

Unlike the Tenth Small Immortal Realm, many ancient tribes were stationed in this Small Immortal Realm, including some authorities in the Ruler Realm. 

An hour later, Qin Nan arrived at the base of the Dao Apes Tribe. It was established on an ancient land.

Sixty-seven huge mountains were ahead of Qin Nan and were hovering upside down in the sky. Below them was a vast faint-purple sea. There were also glowing runes floating in the air.

Qin Nan took a quick glance and noticed the place was filled with shocking forbidding formations. They were sending a shiver down Qin Nan's spine despite his cultivation.

He could not afford to underestimate the resources of an ancient tribe.

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