Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 2267: Xu Clan's Conspiracy

Chapter 2267: Xu Clan's Conspiracy

Qin Nan unleashed the power of his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle to observe the forbidding auras.

He eventually fixed his eyes on a mountain emitting a red glow.

The mountain was the entrance!

Qin Nan flew toward the mountain. As he went closer, the mountain's light grew several times stronger. An illusionary boulder appeared in the air with huge words on it.

The tribe would be sealed off for nine months. No visitors are allowed during this period!


Qin Nan frowned.

It was rare for a formidable faction to seal off their clans or tribes in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

They would have to activate every forbidding aura too, meaning they would have no way of finding what was going on in the outside world.

A faction would only seal itself off under special circumstances!

Normally, a faction would only be sealed for three months at most, but it was unusual how the Dao Apes Tribe had decided to seal itself off for nine months.

"My master, force your way in. We can't afford to wait for nine months!" Jiaye said with a fierce voice.

"You're right!"

The flames in Qin Nan's eyes surged wildly.

A shocking aura burst out of his body and soared into the clouds. It immediately triggered the forbidding auras nearby.


The whole place changed tremendously with lightning flickers and heavy rain pouring down.

A destructive aura surged like a great storm.

"Dao Concealing Formation!"

Qin Nan activated the Ownerless Heaven Pattern. The whole pattern flew out of his soul and engulfed him. The symbols on it transformed into mysterious runes with great power.


Qin Nan and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern vanished into thin air before the forbidding auras unleashed their attacks.

The destructive aura froze briefly as the forbidding auras were in confusion.

Where did the intruder go?

The Dao Concealing Formation was one of the nine formations possessed by the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, which specialized in hiding one's presence. Qin Nan could only use three-tenths of its full power, but ordinary peak Rulers of Dao would struggle to notice him.

"Dao Opening Formation!"

Qin Nan made his move again.

The runes on the pattern immediately spread into the surroundings and blossomed into ancient flowers.

A huge power burst out of the formation. The man and the formation slashed at the ancient boulder like an invisible sword and forcibly entered the world inside it.

The boulder could not react at all!

The scene before Qin Nan was completely different.

Three suns hanging in the sky were lighting up the ground. Ancient cities and palaces were floating in the air. They were bustling with noises. Meanwhile, rare phenomena were occurring in the distance in the east, west, and south.

Qin Nan's Divine Sense and power of his eyes loomed over the place like a huge net.

"The Dao Apes Tribe has a lot of people."


Qin Nan's eyes flickered. No one noticed him as he flew across the sky.

None of the people in these palaces and ancient cities were in the Master Realm!

No matter how much the Dao Apes Clan had declined, it would still have a few Masters of Dao at least.

Qin Nan traveled at a shocking speed. He had flown half the world in less than half the duration of an incense stick.

He had seen many Blessed Immortal Lands and areas with treasure filled with danger which were designed for the people of the tribe to train themselves.


A moment later, Qin Nan came to a stop.

Despite the light emitted by the three suns, the sky and ground ahead of him were dull and gray.

Every inch of the space was imbued with an ancient will. Most importantly, Qin Nan was able to inspect the area with his Divine Sense, like it had been blocked off.

Qin Nan slowed down and approached the area slowly.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan's eyes widened.

He noticed a barren desert in the distance. It had three altars built with some kind of ancient mineral. The altars were ninety thousand zhang long and fifty thousand zhang wide. They were covered in ancient drawings, runes, symbols, and were emitting a strange aura.

Above the altars were some crimson-red existences with a strong presence of blood, like they were constantly washed with fresh blood. There were corpses of varied sizes and colors too.

Each corpse was fully intact and was emitting a strange aura.

Qin Nan discovered seven of the corpses used to be Rulers of Dao while the remaining thirty-three were all Masters of Dao.

"Elder you think it looks similar to Heaven Highness Jiling's work?" Jiaye asked doubtfully.

"Indeed, the three altars are representing Human, Earth, and Heaven. The drawings on them are depicting the reincarnation, the Naihe Bridge, Hell, and souls of the deceased," Zhou Xundao nodded.

"Seniors, who is Heaven Highness Jiling? Was he a Heaven Highness from the Dao Apes Tribe?" Qin Nan asked.

"No, Heaven Highness Jiling was from one of the Heaven Highness Clans, the Xu Clan. He also had a formidable status in the Xu Clan as he was from the same generation as the Xu Clan's ancestor," Jiaye said.

"Xu Clan?"

Qin Nan immediately thought of Xu Ruchen.

"Heaven Highness Jiling was experimenting on the Dao of Death, similar to the Mumen Sect. He also attempted to break through to the Supreme Highness Realm, but he failed miserably."

"After his failed attempt, he disappeared for a long time. When he returned, he declared that he had mastered another way of achieving the Supreme Highness Realm."

"Old Bai went to investigate him. Heaven Highness Jiling's different approach involved collecting corpses of Supreme Highnesses in the Blue Heavens and combining them into a new flesh with the Origin Force." 

"He would then extract the soul, will, mind, and rules of the corpses to merge with the new flesh and use a law-defying method to insert life into the body."

Jiaye said with a smile, "Even though it doesn't straight away make a person a real Supreme Highness, but it does give a person a taste of the strength of the Supreme Highness Realm, allowing them to comprehend the new power. The person is considered half a Supreme Highness, and will have a greater chance of breaking through to the Supreme Highness Realm successfully."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He must say that Heaven Highness Jiling was impressive to come up with such bold thoughts.

"If the altar is here, does that mean..."

A thought crossed Qin Nan's mind.

"As expected of the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses, the Dao Apes Tribe has already been sealed off, but you still managed to sneak into here. How impressive!"

A voice suddenly spoke.

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