Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 2268: Three Sacred Seals of the Heart Ape

Chapter 2268: Three Sacred Seals of the Heart Ape

Qin Nan gathered his attention and looked behind him.

Three figures had appeared out of nowhere twenty zhang away from him.

The person leading them in the middle was a middle-aged man in a white robe. He was holding a bamboo fan in his hand with a smile. He was giving off a gentle and educated temperament.

However, Qin Nan could sense the formidable power of the Rules inside the middle-aged man's body. He would bring great destruction upon the place if he unleashed it.

The man was a peak Ruler of Dao!

Beside the middle-aged man stood an old man in a long robe drawn with the Eight Trigrams whose white hair was tied up and face was full of wrinkles, but eyes were oddly energetic. The other was also a middle-aged man with a square face who was playing with two orbs on his left hand.

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts. He withdrew the power of the Ownerless Heavenly Pattern and revealed himself.

The three had discovered his existence, but they were not in a rush to attack him. He might be able to come to an agreement with them.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Xu Ze, with the title Ruler Fenghun. I used to be a Patriarch of the Xu Clan, but I'm now one the elders."

Ruler Fenghun said, "These two with me are Cultivator Shangguan Zheng, and Cultivator Shangguan Hou. Cultivator Shangguan Zheng was the last Patriarch of the Dao Apes Tribe, and Shangguan Hou is the current Patriarch."

Shangguan Zheng and Shangguan Hou brought their fists together at Qin Nan.

Their behaviors clearly indicated they were not hostile toward Qin Nan.

Qin Nan bowed in response. He told Shangguan Zheng and Shangguan Hou, "Fellow cultivators, I had no choice to sneak into your territory. I hope you won't mind."

Shangguan Zheng waved his hand expressionlessly and said, "Cultivator Qin, it's not a big deal. The fact that you were able to sneak in shows how capable you are."

Shangguan Hou smiled, "Brother Qin Nan, we have roughly guessed you have come here for the sake of the cultivator called Tang Qingshan."

Qin Nan nodded and said sincerely, "Tang Qingshan is my Senior Brother. I can't just watch him turn into Cang's subordinate. I must awaken his will."

Shangguan Zheng forced a smile and said, "I'm impressed by how dearly you are treating the people around you. It's rare to see someone like you in this world. We..."

Before he could finish, Shangguan Hou interrupted, "Brother Qin Nan, it's true that our tribe might have a way to help your Senior Brother, but we'll have to follow Senior Fenghun's advice."

Qin Nan already knew Ruler Fenghun was the one making the calls. He looked at the Ruler of Dao.

Ruler Fenghun smiled and said, "Cultivator Qin Nan, you are a wise man, so there's no need to talk to you in circles. Our Xu Clan has already formed an alliance around three hundred years ago."

"You should have recognized these three altars. Ever since the ancient battle, our Xu Clan and the Mumen Sect have tried to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm through this method, but we have never succeeded."

Qin Nan said after a brief ponder, "Tell me whatever condition you have. I'll try my best to fulfill them."

The smile on Ruler Fenghun's face widened, "Cultivator Qin Nan is a straightforward man. I'll make it straight then. Next month, when we follow Ye Zhaoxian to the Blue Heavens, I need Empress Feiyue, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others to do us a favor."

"Besides, the Dao Apes Tribe will surely offend Cang once it helped you, so I would like the younger generation of the Dao Apes Tribe and the Xu Clan to move to the Undying Cycle Mountain and cultivate there."

"Finally, we also need three drops of your blood essence!"

Qin Nan frowned and transmitted his thoughts, "Seniors, is it going to be a problem if I give him my blood essence?"

Jiaye shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be a problem. Even Cang and Ye Zhaoxian won't be able to harm your soul or mind through your blood essence, let alone them!"

With the Nine Dragons Seal protecting soul and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern and Undying Cycle Mountain around, who could possibly harm him?

Qin Nan said, "What assistance do you require in the Blue Heavens? It won't be a problem for your disciples to move to the Undying Cycle Mountain too, but they will have to stay there for some time and will have to swear a series of oaths."

Shangguan Hou blurted out in joy, "That's not a problem!"

Ruler Fenghun said, "Our clan has two goals when we go to the Blue Heavens. The first goal is to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm with our own plan! However, we are also planning to compete with the limited spots provided by Ye Zhaoxian as a safety precaution..." 

Qin Nan and Ruler Fenghun discussed the details for half an hour. Both sides took turns to compromise before they finally came to an agreement.

Qin Nan immediately notified Empress Feiyue, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others regarding the situation.

"I'll leave the rest in your hands. I won't be taking part in it," Ruler Fenghun said before flying to the altars.

"Brother Qin Nan, please come with me," Shangguan Hou invited Qin Nan with a gesture. The three of them flew further into the distance.

"Brother Qin Nan, to be honest with you, even if Senior Brother and I try to help Cultivator Tang Qingshan, we can only weaken Heaven Highness Wuwang's will by two-tenths. It won't change the outcome," Shangguan Hou said.

"Before you came here, we have already agreed to teach you our tribe's greatest secret. Once you mastered it, we will give you our heirloom artifact, the Dao Ape Bell. You should be able to weaken Heaven Highness Wuwang's will by half if you are the one doing it," Shangguan Zheng said.

"You want me to learn the secret art of your tribe?"

Qin Nan was startled, but he immediately figured out the reason. The Dao Apes Tribe was willing to teach him their greatest secret because they were afraid to bear the responsibilities of failing to rescue Tang Qingshan. They were scared that Qin Nan might vent his frustrations on the Dao Apes Tribe.

Second, they were trying their best to avoid leaving a bad impression in Cang's heart so Cang would not hold a grudge against the Dao Apes Tribe.

They could swear some oaths to state things clearly, but the Dao Apes Tribe did not dare to take the risk. They had no idea whether the oaths had any effects on the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses.

"Fine, I'll do as you say," Qin Nan nodded without any hesitation.

Half an hour later, Qin Nan followed the two to a forbidden area of the Dao Apes Tribe.

"Brother Qin Nan, the greatest art of our tribe is called the Three Sacred Seals of the Heart Ape. It's different from an Art of Dao Seeking or a Dao Art. Normally, it would take you at least a year to master it."

"Knowing you don't have much time to spare, we have already activated the Heart Mind Formation to speed up your progress by three times!"

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