Peerless Genius System

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Female Dominated Major

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Xiao Luo agreed to Chu Yunxiong’s request when he had no more questions. Putting aside the fact that he would be paid 140 grand for this transaction, more importantly, the skills he had obtained from the system – the Constitution of: King of Mercenaries – seemed more than sufficient to ensure Chuye’s safety.

Moreover, he needed the money. Whether it was for his family or his future career, this first bucket of gold was a necessity.

After he signed the contract, 70 grand was immediately deposited into his bank account. This was the first payment. The balance would be paid after he had completed the task of protecting Chuyue.

Xiao Luo felt immeasurably self-satisfied and went to the bank to transfer all the money to his father’s account. Then he called home to share the good news. “Dad, I transferred some money to your account. Check it when you’re free. ”

Silence. Suddenly his mom’s voice rang out.

“Son, your dad is busy. He didn’t take his mobile with him. You just said that you transferred some money? How much?”

Xiao Luo was not surprised. A farm was a huge responsibility and had to be adequately managed. Of course, Dad was busy. He laughed and said, “Seventy thousand. Get Dad to check it out at the credit union when he’s free.”

“Seventy thousand? Son, why do you have so much money, you…. did you rob a bank?” his mom exclaimed in surprise.

Xiao Luo was lost for words. “No, I didn’t. I won the lottery.”

“Won the lottery? When did that happen?” Mom smiled.

“A few days ago. I redeemed the prize today. By the way, don’t make this public knowledge; others will be jealous.”

“I know. Your mother’s not stupid.” Excitement and joy were shining through her words.

“He Ying, who called?” A man’s steady voice came through the phone.

Xiao Luo knew it was his father’s voice. He was probably returning from his farm chores.

“It’s our son. He bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot. He just transferred us 70,000 dollars. Hurry, go to the credit union above the dike. It’s so much money and can’t be swallowed up by the credit union,” said Mom, burning with anxiety.

“Look how happy you are! Give me that phone. I want to say something to Xiao Luo.”

Mom passed the phone to Dad. An old-fashioned voice said, “Xiao Luo, is it true what your mom said? You bought a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot?”

“Dad, you’ll know when you check your account at the bank.” Xiao Luo chuckled gleefully.

“Even if you won 70,000, why remit the money? Isn’t it good to keep it and use it for your career? Men should have a career and work hard in it forever.”

“Dad, I see you and Mom working hard. I also know that you owe the bank a loan of 57,000 dollars. This money can help alleviate your burden. I’m still young. I can slowly build my career.”

“Yes, that’s right. Our son is dutiful, so why are you reprimanding him? Can’t you praise his good points?” Mom said in Xiao Luo’s defense.

Dad’s tone changed. “You’re a woman. What do you know? You’re short-sighted, getting all smug because of 70,000 dollars. This will rub off on your son, and he’ll become easily satisfied. Men should not feel satisfied but should be as greedy as a wolf. When he has earned a 100,000, he should have the desire to make a million, and when he’s made a million, he should want to make 10 million. Do you understand? ”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. Everything you’re saying makes sense. I’m short-sighted.” Mom didn’t want to argue.

Feeling a bit awkward, Xiao Luo raised his brows and said, “Dad, I still have something left. Both of you need to take care of yourselves. Say hello to Grandpa and Grandma for me.”

He finished talking and quickly hung up the phone; he was in no mood to listen to his dad’s nagging.

Xiao Luo exhaled a long breath. Calling home always filled him with trepidation. He couldn’t remember getting any decent praise from his dad while growing up. Like the time he was among the quota of students with the second-highest batch of results in the college entrance exam. And what was Dad’s reaction? “Don’t be full of yourself. This achievement is nothing.”


Early the next day, Xiao Luo dressed like a poser. Oh no, it should be said that he was dressed smartly and looked energetic. He brought his luggage along and took the subway to Huaye University.

Since he was entrusted with a task, he vowed to do his best to do it to the best of his ability. What’s more, he was being paid royally for his services and was very enthusiastic about this mission.

Of course, Chu Yunxiong had also made it clear that in addition to him, there were a few other professionally trained bodyguards on campus who were covertly protecting Chu Yue. Arranging for him to go into the school was just an additional layer of security for Chu Yue.

He changed subway lines several times and traveled more than two hours. At last, he took a taxi for another fifteen minutes before finally arriving at the gates of Huaye University.

As a world-class academy, even the front gates of the university gave off an air of majesty. Standing below them made one feel very small.

Xiao Luo took out his mobile phone and dialed the number Chu Yunxiong had given him.

Not long after, a woman wearing glasses for myopia and who looked to be around the same age as him came out. She was wearing a short pink off-shoulder dress, the bow cinching at her tiny waist sentimental and cute. Layers of lace embellished the beautiful dress, complementing the wavy hair draped gracefully over her shoulders.

She was not exactly pretty. The acne scars that marred her face were the main detracting factor. Other than that, her facial features were quite well-proportioned and lovely.

“Xiao Luo?” The woman approached Xiao Luo and asked out loud.

Xiao Luo nodded, “Yes, that’s me.”

“We just spoke on the phone. I am Qin Nanyu, a counselor with the English Department.” The woman introduced herself effusively.

“Hello, Teacher Qin!” Xiao Luo smiled politely.

A counselor wasn’t considered a real teacher; he or she could only be regarded as a nanny in the life of college students. When Xiao Luo addressed her as “Teacher,” Qin Nanyu’s smile immediately brightened; she also became more enthusiastic. “Let’s go. I’ll take you over so you can meet your classmates. It’s almost time for class to end so everyone will be present.”

“Thanks for your hard work!” Xiao Luo smiled lightly.

He followed Qin Nanyu as they walked on the long main road. They passed by a beautiful artificial lake before going through a rockery and finally a teaching block. It just so happened that the bell was ringing, signaling the end of class. University students brimming with energy and vitality walked out of the classroom in groups. The entire building became noisy.

“Wait here; you can come in when I call for you!”

Qin Nanyu urged Xiao Luo and then entered the classroom in front of them.

She clapped her palms several times to signal the English language sophomores who were preparing to leave to sit down again, “Students, don’t leave yet. I’ll be introducing your new classmate.”

“New classmate? Counselor, are you sure you spoke correctly? This is a university, not a middle or high school. How could a transfer student be coming in halfway through the term?”

“An Huanhuan, you don’t understand. If one’s course credits in the previous year are seriously lacking, a student would have to repeat a year. It doesn’t only include the transfer students that you’ve mentioned.”

“Yes, there is also another situation where this is applicable: those who change majors!”

Qin Nanyu kept them in suspense. “Don’t make blind guesses. It’s better to let the student introduce himself.”

After speaking, she threw a look at Xiao Luo, who was at the door of the classroom.

After getting the signal, Xiao Luo took a deep breath and stepped in. When he stood at the podium and looked down, he was dumbfounded. The class was all girls. Only two boys sat in the most inconspicuous corner of the back row.

He had long heard that majors like English Language were female-dominated with a few males, but this was too crazy. Only two boys?

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