Peerless Genius System

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Two Dormitory Roommates

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He couldn’t just stand there stupefied like an idiot; he had a job to do. Xiao Luo quickly calmed down and introduced himself, “Hello everyone. My name is Xiao Luo. I’ll be having lessons with you and learning together. Please take care of me!”

He gave a polite and humble bow after he finished speaking.

But his words received no response. All the girls looked at him as if they were admiring a cultural relic. This was called “whatever is scarcer is more precious.” When Xiao Luo, a guy who could be considered handsome, entered the classroom, this group of sophomore girls from the English Language Department stared at him fixedly.

Xiao Luo was a little embarrassed. Although he had attended some important events–he once hosted a product-development conference for 20 or 30 people–he was not entirely composed when being stared at by 40 or 50 girls.

“Ahem….What are you all waiting for? Please, welcome your new classmate!” Counselor Qin Nanyu reminded everyone with a cough.

The girls finally reacted and welcomed Xiao Luo with enthusiastic applause. Some even cheered and called him “classmate”; others called out “hey, handsome,” and a few called him “oppa,” Korean slang that meant “an older brother or friend.” They were not only enthusiastic and considerate but also much more emotional than when they had finished class just now.

“Welcome, handsome. My name’s An Huanhuan. I don’t have a boyfriend; can you give me your mobile number?” A sweet-looking girl with a petite and cute figure approached the podium. She took out her phone and asked Xiao Luo for his mobile number.

The class immediately booed…..

“An Huanhuan. Isn’t a big guy from the northeast enough to satisfy you? Don’t be a menace to our handsome Xiao Luo.”

“Yes, that’s right. You don’t believe we’ll hang you up and beat you to a pulp if you dare to get it on with two guys at the same time?”

“Now that we finally have a guy in class who’s fit to be seen with, he can be anyone’s boyfriend except yours, An Huanhuan. Hurry and get down from there.”

The girls in the class slammed her down in unison.

“Drop dead! This is pure jealousy on your part!”

The girl named An Huanhuan flattened her lips unhappily after saying this. Then she leaned close to Xiao Luo and gave a backhanded compliment, “Handsome, don’t listen to them. Be careful of them, because when they devour men, there’ll be no bones left to spit out.”

Xiao Luo squeezed out a smile with great effort. He didn’t feel that he had come to the English Language department. Instead, he felt as if he had fallen into a den of wolves, a den of she-wolves.

Without waiting for him to say anything, a large group of girls ran up and gathered around him, demanding his mobile number, WeChat, and QQ. They were enthusiastic and excited as if they were in the presence of a superstar.

But some girls remained indifferent, like the girl sitting on the left side of the front row.

She had a clean, sleek bob that fell just below her ears, her hair slightly concealing the enchanting face that blushed shyly. Her delicate and fresh features were intelligent and alluring.

The white off-the-shoulder dress fell just to her wrists; her chest displayed a natural curve. The pattern of lace followed her lithe waist until it reached the fluffy flared hem of the dress, which was covered with tulle and suffused with a pale gold tint. She looked like the archetypal pretty daughter from a humble family. Her figure was not exaggerated, but neither was she thin and small. Her beautiful shoulders and tender, lovely skin were sublime. Her voluptuous figure was full yet reserved with plump breasts and a perky butt.

She was like a lotus that had just emerged from clear waters: fresh, pure, elegant. But a lollipop in her rosy little mouth added a sense of playfulness and charm!

“Bai Ling, check his information. I suspect he’s another one sent by my loathsome dad,” she said to the girl sitting next to her. But her eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo, who was surrounded by a crowd.

The girl named Bai Ling immediately entered a series of codes on her laptop and infiltrated Huaye’s student management system. She quickly picked out Xiao Luo’s information. Bai Ling glanced at her and smiled, “Young Mistress Chu, you guessed wrong this time. Your dad didn’t send this guy. He really is a student of Huaye. He enlisted in the army two years ago while he was still in our school. He’s back to finish college after two years of military service; hence that’s why he’s here.”

“Are you sure?” Chu Yue delicate brows knitted in a slight frown.

“It was written very clearly. The results of his various freshman courses are also recorded in detail. He even has a record of receiving a campus scholarship.” Bai Ling turned her laptop around to give Chu Yue a better look.

Chu Yue looked it over seriously and went silent, agreeing with Bai Ling’s assessment.

“I didn’t expect such a handsome classmate to appear halfway through the term. The class will be a lot more interesting now.”

Bai Ling also expressed her welcome at Xiao Luo’s arrival. After all, they were too few boys in their major. They were only two, and both were hopelessly ugly. She couldn’t help but feel a little excited when she thought about attending class with this hot hunk.

“How is he handsome? Doesn’t he have two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth? He’s dressed kind of dorky, like a country bumpkin. Only this bunch of love-struck fools would think he’s handsome.” Chu Yue gave a great harrumph. She hated this kind of guy who was a magnet for the opposite sex. Although Xiao Luo was not really like that, this imposter masquerading as a student was just such a person in her eyes.

Bai Ling didn’t say a word. At this time, she could not possibly insist that Xiao Luo was handsome and tear down her bestie’s soapbox.

“All right, all right, get back to your seats!”

The girls in the English Language Major only returned to their seats when their counselor, Qin Nanyu, told them to. They chatted and laughed as they took out their mobiles and went to Xiao Luo’s WeChat and QQ space, feeling extremely curious. They also discussed with each other in which picture he was the hottest.

Xiao Luo was feeling embarrassed. He could understand it if the girls wanted to know his contact information, but why was he being groped by a pervert? He felt someone touching him just now; moreover, the place that they were fondling was the toy that would carry on his family line.

Were these people college girls?

Xiao Luo had some serious reservations about them.

“Zhu Xiaofei, Ding Kai!”

After Qin Nanyu called these two names, the only two boys in the class ran over obediently from the last row.

One of them was so chubby his neck was not even visible. He stood less than 5’6″ tall but weighed more than 187 lbs. He was so rotund he looked like a massive meatball. The other guy? Just the opposite, a bamboo pole. His face was sallow; his body, emaciated body with stooped shoulders. He was about 5’6″ and weighed less than 110 lbs.

Short and fat; tall and thin. The two were a sharp contrast when placed together. One couldn’t help giggling.

“Xiao Luo will be staying with you two in the dormitory. Since there are no classes after this, please show him around and help familiarize him with the dormitory’s environment,” Qin Nanyu said to the two guys.

“Leave Xiao Luo to us. You can rest assured, counselor.”

Zhu Xiaofei patted his chest and made a solemn vow. He turned his head and said to Ding Kai, “Kaizi, help me take my books while I carry Xiao Luo’s suitcase.”

“No need, but thanks. I can carry my suitcase myself.” Xiao Luo was embarrassed and quickly refused.

“It’s all good. Lao Zhu’s very strong. Carrying a suitcase is nothing for him,” Ding Kai advised.

Zhu Xiaofei had already hoisted the suitcase onto his shoulders. He yelled at Xiao Luo, “Bro, Xiao Luo, come along. We’ll be roommates. No need to stand on ceremony with us.”

Xiao Luo reluctantly agreed. He said goodbye to Qin Nanyu and the girls, trundling off with Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai. Before leaving, he intentionally cast a searching gaze around the class and spotted Chu Yue, who was sitting in the first row, sucking a lollipop.

“Young Mistress Chu, Xiao Luo seemed to have taken another look at you before leaving. His judgment is perfect!” said Bai Ling half-jokingly.

“What’s so good about that? He looked like a lecher!” said Chu Yue disdainfully.

Bai Ling laughed lightly and said quite meaningfully, “Isn’t his judgment good? He doesn’t look at anyone, only at you, our campus belle.”

“Bai Ling, you nasty girl. Are you making fun of me? Do you believe I’ll make you beg for mercy tonight?” Chu Yue laughed coldly like a little devil.

“Queen, please spare my life!”

Bai Ling shivered and swiftly asked for forgiveness as she recalled the scene where Chu Yue tickled her…

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