Peerless Genius System

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Slain

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F*ck your mother! Who do you think you are to act all noble and virtuous? The Wuju Bladesman insulted.

Click-click-click. Katarina from the opposing team’s middle lane sneered coldly. You shamelessly call yourself Hero Luo and are so thick-skinned not even an arrow can pierce you. We’ll make you suffer like dogs in no time. You should change your name to Doggy Luo.

Haha…. Doggy Luo, great name! The Sheriff of Piltover and her auxiliary, Leona the Radiant, who were both at the bottom lane of the opposing team, also sent messages mocking them.

Zhu Xiaofei was frustrated on Xiao Luo’s behalf and typed in reply, Shut your trap; let’s see who’ll be suffering like a dog.

Gnar from the opposing team who had not spoken at all suddenly piped up. You can try!

Contempt and supreme confidence oozed from those three simple words.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were getting ready to retort when Xiao Luo spoke up to stop them, “It’s pointless to say more. Just do your best in the game!”

“Hmph.” Zhu Xiaofei nodded.

Ding Kai turned his head and said, “The opposing team’s top-lane player is strong. I just checked his battle record. He was MVP (Most Valuable Player) in his last ten games; he must have paid someone to play on his behalf to level up or earn weapons.”

Xiao Luo smiled and didn’t speak again, but a chilling light flashed across his calm eyes.

“The minions have spawned!”

The computerized, synthetic female voice of the League of Legends game floated out. It was dignified, solemn, and old-fashioned. The attacking minions on both sides began to be spawned from their nexus. They rushed toward the link of the other team like a suicide squad.

I’m battling the red monsters. Chu MM, Bai Ling, help me fight! Ding Kai sent a signal for assistance on the map, hinting Chu Yue and Bai Ling, who were on the bottom lane, to help him fight the red monster.

But he only received a cold response from Chu Yue. Help yourself.

Haha… I like Princess Yue’s temper.

Princess Yue, you’ve become pretty again. Muah, my goddess.

As long as you don’t give up, we’ll always follow you as your fans.


Chu Yue’s livestream viewers were increasing exponentially, and many fans were giving her gifts. This moment’s efforts brought her 70 to 80 dollars of income.

“The popularity of our Young Mistress Chu is amazing. I don’t care; you must buy me that floral dress when you get the money,” Bai Ling said coquettishly.

Chu Yue said irritably, “Okay, okay. Seeing how you’ve been helping me, I’ll begrudgingly buy it for you.”

“What? Begrudgingly? You seem so reluctant.” Bai Ling’s cheeks swelled as she panted with rage.

“Madam Hotshot, your floral dress cost over a thousand dollars. It’s more than enough that I’m buying it for you even though I don’t feel like shelling out.” Chu Yue took off her headphones and complained.

Bai Ling smiled in embarrassment, then she changed the subject, “Ah, let’s play the game seriously. The five players on the other team are so arrogant. You need to teach them a harsh lesson.”

Chu Yue rolled her eyes at her and put on her headphones. She concentrated on controlling her champion as she proceeded with last-hitting and poke.

First Blood!

At this time, the synthetic female voice of the game rang out, indicating that someone had lost first blood.

When Chu Yue took a look, the one who lost first blood was Zhu Xiaofei, who played the rune mage in the middle lane. She immediately fired off a bunch of question marks.

Zhu Xiaofei replied with a bitter expression, Sorry!

“Seems like the middle lane’s gonna explode. If Katarina goes to the bottom, we’ll have a hard time,” Bai Ling said.

“I’ve been mentally prepared. This game hinges on us at the bottom lane. We can’t hope for anything from the other lanes.” Chu Yue snorted.

“That’s true.”

Bai Ling became serious and assisted Chu Yue, poking the enemy’s ADC and support continuously.

Great teamwork. Little by little, the Sheriff and Leona, the Radiant of the opposing team, lost nearly half their health, especially the ADC, who also paid for Heal and Flash.

Just as they ready to kill the enemy’s Sheriff with a burst of energy, the synthetic female voice sounded again; An ally has been slain.

The one who was slain was still the middle laner, Zhu Xiaofei.

Chu Yue immediately shot back a message asking, “Zhu Xiaofei, what are you doing?” Behind her words was a tone full of blame.

At this time, livestream fans also lashed out on the bullet screen in droves.

Is this Ryze a pig? He was killed by the opponent twice in three minutes, and the opponent didn’t even get any help from his teammates.

How useless. Princess Yue shouldn’t take on such a useless thing next time.

Yeah. That guy’s the worst of the worst, only suitable for low-end games.

The girls of the English Language Major also hurriedly called for Zhu Xiaofei to play more stably and to strengthen himself sufficiently before going for the enemy.

Zhu Xiaofei was so embarrassed. He weakly explained to Ding Kai, “I could have killed Katarina alone. I was just short of a little health.”

“A little health is a world of difference, Lao Zhu. Keep calm. If Katarina gets up, even 10,000 points of health won’t be enough to withstand a few seconds of her spinning,” Ding Kai reminded.

“Okay. This time around, I’ll strengthen myself steadily first!” Zhu Xiaofei nodded solemnly, determined not to fight boldly with the Katarina on the opposing team again.

Click-click-click. Katarina sent a message. There was only one word – Trash!

Their jungler, the Wuju Bladesman, didn’t forget to rub salt into his wound. Baldy, does your family know you’re such garbage?

“Those bastards!” Zhu Xiaofei was so furious he gritted his teeth and nearly went crazy.

“Ignore them; they’re just keyboard warriors. Let’s show them a good game,” Ding Kai said.

Zhu Xiaofei endured the rage in his gut and continued playing in silence.

An enemy has been slain!

The computerized, synthetic female voice suddenly rang out. An avatar appeared on the right; it was Tryndamere, the Barbarian King who killed Gnar the Missing Link.

Eh, Brother Luo had such excellent skills?

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai stared at Xiao Luo blankly. What shocked them, even more, was that he had over two 200 health points left after single-handedly slaying his opponent in the top lane, Gnar, of the Master tier. Gnar had paid someone else to practice and strengthen his champion and was killed single-handedly by Brother Luo’s Tryndamere. Incredible!

Using the three attributes of Q (Blood lust) – regenerating health, last-hit life steal, and innate life steal. When Gnar of the opposing team got back to the battlefront, Tryndamere’s health could recover above the safety line. Now he could stay at the battlefront and suppress Gnar’s ranking.

“Brother Luo, be careful. The Wuju Bladesman’s here to catch you!” Ding Kai suddenly exclaimed.

Sure enough, the Wuju Bladesman circled while preparing to slay the Barbarian King, who had low health. The Bladesman even carried a red buff. Although it was a second rank battling against a third rank, without the protection of the minions on the side of the Barbarian King, the probability of Wuju Bladesman slaying the Barbarian King was almost 100%.

Chu Yue also issued two harsh warning signals, indicating that Xiao Luo should quickly return to the turrets.

Xiao Luo smiled and pressed the button for the health potion. As his health recovered, he used his E key to retreat to the turret quickly. This move was a displacement skill that could soon increase the distance.

Stupid c*nt. You’re using E first. You wanna die? The Wuju Bladesman sneered.

A Q-alpha surprise attack neared the Barbarian King from the front immediately. Xiao Luo’s health had dropped to hundred-plus points. The Bladesman then used a left-click attack; with the added burn attribute of the red buff, he would be able to take down Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King.

At this moment, Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King turned around, struck with his sword. In a full Fury state, the blow was a critical strike. The Bladesman’s health instantly dropped to half.

After the blow was delivered, Xiao Luo immediately controlled the Barbarian King to retreat from the tower, increasing the distance from the Wuju Bladesman. Because of an insufficient range, the Bladesman’s left-click attack still couldn’t be executed. He could only keep close to the heels of the Barbarian King and shorten the distance between them.

The Barbarian King carried an attack speed rune; moreover, his rank was one level higher than the Wuju Bladesman. Hence his attack speed was naturally faster than the Bladesman’s. By the time the Bladesman had shortened the distance and could immediately execute a left-click attack, the Barbarian King had turned around again to deliver a blow. Like before, it was a critical hit. The Bladesman’s health dropped to eighty or ninety points in an instant, a state of severely low health.


Seeing a wave of aggressive minions streaming from the back of the turret, the Wuju Bladesman retreated. Otherwise, even the minions would have attacked him until he died.

But the moment he flashed, Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King also flashed to keep up with him. Then, his broad sword fell mercilessly. The Wuju Bladesman let out a desperate scream and died. The synthetic female voice of the game rang out on the interface, sounding solemn and emotional, An enemy is slain!

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