Peerless Genius System

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Barking Mad

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Did bloodlust kill Master Yi, despite the Red Buff?

Sh*t. No way this is happening!

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai stared dumbfoundedly at Xiao Luo. Master Yi could have taken out Tryndamere, The Barbarian King, with a ‘Q’ and an ‘A,’ but was decimated by Tryndamere? No f*cking way!

Chu Yue and Bai Ling were shocked, too. When the screen switched to the top lane, they both witnessed a fantastic anti-kill, much to their astonishment.

They used an ordinary attack and moved slowly but still managed to evade a regular attack from Master Yi without sustaining any injuries. And they even attacked Master Yi twice? Very well-handled, especially toward the end, where they both flashed almost at the same time. Clean-cut, decisive, incredible reflexes! Bai Ling analyzed.

Blinking her beautiful eyes, Chu Yue regained her composure. The entire livestream filled with praise for Xiao Luo. She was pissed. Was Xiao Luo trying to steal her thunder?

Although she acknowledged his skills, she refused to admit it verbally. She feigned nonchalance, saying, “It was blind luck. Master Yi was a fool; he didn’t attack right away, giving him a chance to execute an anti-kill.” She then got serious, “All right, let’s not worry about them. It’s about time we started on the bottom lane.”

At the other end, Zhu Xiaofei was messaging Master Yi with a taunt: What did I tell you? Wait for it, loser!

Infuriated, Master Yi typed in response, Tryndamere, I’ll get back at you! Just you wait!”

Xiao Luo just ignored his taunt.

His Tryndamere bought a pair of Berserker’s Greaves and Brawler’s Gloves. With the Red Buff, his other supplies, and level suppression, Gnar could only CS. But Gnar knew what he was doing and quickly bought a Cloth Armor before coming back online.

Gnar wasn’t just skilled at long-range; he also had the Rage Gene, which, when at Maximum, would transform him into Mega Gnar. His Armor/Magic Resistance and attack speed would level up, and using ‘E’ (hop) quickly put distance between him and his opponent, allowing him to slow down his opponent.

Xiao Luo was patient. He focused on lane freezing, zoning, and blocking. His Tryndamere managed to escape Gnar’s ‘Q’ every single time, foiling Gnar’s intention of wearing him out from a distance.

At this moment, Chu Yue and Bai Ling at the bottom lane also executed a double kill with Twitch, The Plague Rat.

You’re indeed Campus Queen Chu. The ante has been upped. Haha…. Zhu Xiaofei chuckled.

“With MM Chu, of course, we wouldn’t lose. Besides, our bro here, Xiao Luo, is also great at this. Look how he managed to defeat Gnar.”

Ding Kai turned around and said to Xiao Luo, “Bro, the line is almost at the turret. And you’re reaching level 6. How about I help you with a tower dive gank?”

” It’s all right. Just help out the other lanes!” said Xiao Luo, smiling.

“Okay, then. Be careful with Master Yi. He might gank you soon.”

Ding Kai placed a ward in the triangle bush, then turned around and ran toward the mid lane. It was time to deal with Katarina mid-lane.

Xiao Luo’s Tryndamere finally unlocked the ultimate ability ‘R ‘after taking down a wave of minions. Upon activation, Tryndamere would be immune to death for five seconds and gain 50 points in Fury. The crit chance would improve by leaps and bounds.

His opponent, Gnar, knew he couldn’t take down this wave; there were too many minions. It wouldn’t even do him any good if he attacked below the tower. He’d have to wait till the minions’ inventory ran out before taking on the Barbarian King.

But Xiao Luo wouldn’t cut him any slack. Under his command, Tryndamere got closer without any hesitation and immediately attacked him.

Gnar lost half his HP in the attack, and quickly ‘E’-ed away, but Xiao Luo followed closely behind with a ‘W’ and an ‘E.’ Xiao Luo wasn’t as lucky with the strike this time around. Seeing that Xiao Luo was fighting tooth and nail, Gnar fought back equally hard.

That’s precisely what Xiao Luo wanted – The damage inflicted by Gnar attracted lots of minions. These minions, who had initially been at the enemy’s inhibitor, started attacking Gnar. Xiao Luo’s Tryndamere then left the AoE, while the inhibitor reduced the HP to about 200 points.


Watching the minions diminish his HP, Gnar panicked and started flashing, but to no avail. After a dozen minions launched themselves at him, his HP was depleted, and his computer screen faded to gray-white. The system was indicating he’d been killed.

Xiao Luo calmly circumvented the tower and continued with the last hit. At this moment, a level-5 Master Yi appeared from the bushes, used the Red Smite on him, and rushed over after minimizing the damage taken.

“This guy’s insane!”

Xiao Luo smiled pensively. Tryndamere’s still has a few moves left in him and was still at maximum Fury, so there was no need to fear a level-5 Master Yi. With a terrible scream from Master Yi, the system indicated that there’d been a “double kill.” The words appeared on the computer screen.

A barrage of comments filled Chu Yue’s livestream.

“Wow, I need to learn from this Tryndamere!”

“96 CS in 10 minutes! That’s even more than Princess Yue. This guy’s a game guru.”

“Barbarian King: Em…that’s all basic stuff, guys. Don’t get so excited!”

The entire livestream was abuzz with what just went down.

And even among the English-speaking pro gamers, the ladies were all gushing about him. “Hero Luo” appeared so many times in the chatroom; some were also saying, Hero Luo, I’ll ditch my boyfriend for you! Be my boyfriend instead!

Everyone started calling him “Hero Luo” and was full of praise and admiration. They were practically idolizing him.

Bro, you’re a game guru!

“If killing Master Yi was a fluke, the double kill should leave no doubt about Xiao Luo’s extraordinary skills,” said Zhu Xiaofei in surprise.

“Nah, it was just because the other party got too complacent.”

Ding Kai laughed heartily. “Haha…you’re too humble, bro.”

Suddenly he got a snarky message from Gnar: Barbarian King, you’re not from the Platinum Division.

Whoa, this guy was fuming!

Master Yi also went into a tirade: Muthaf*cka, how dare you pretend you’re from the Platinum Division. F*cker.

His words were expletive-filled and personal.

Zhu Xiaofei laughed in disbelief. In response, she typed: Stop barking like a mad dog. Your mommy wants you to go home for dinner now.

My a**. You son of a b*tch. You’re here because I f*cked your mama. I’ll kill your whole family… Master Yi let loose with another barrage of insults and profanity.

The bast*rd!

Zhu Xiaofei didn’t have a good temper to start with. After being provoked like this, he pounded the table furiously before jumping up. “If that guy were standing in front of me now, he’d be dead meat.”

“Relax, Lao Zhu. Just mute him. We’re civilized people. Let’s not bother with these childish losers,” said Ding Kai in an attempt to calm him down.

Xiao Luo also patted Zhu Xiaofei on the shoulder. It was just a game; no need to get angry. If one wanted revenge, they ought to do it in the game. There’s no point in getting mad in real life; it’ll ruin your mood.

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