Peerless Genius System

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Company Had Arrived

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He achieved a Penta kill in auto gaming mode in the time it took to take a pee. Who’d ever believe it if word ever got out? Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai looked at Xiao Luo with a crazed expression.

The funny thing is, Xiao Luo didn’t expect to achieve a Penta kill. But he was confident that even if the three from the opposing team ganged up and tried to beat him, his Armadillo Rammus would have handled it. That’s why he went to the highland for a stroll.

“The innate skill and rune to regenerate health, plus the passive heal of the Hextech Gunblade, have conspired to create a monster. Xiao Luo has developed a new way of outfitting Rammus.”

Bai Ling gasped in amazement before turning to look at Chu Yue. “Young Mistress Chu, this guy’s amazing–a genius. You have to give him that!”

“What’s so amazing about him? He’s just a pretentious d*ck, acting like a sheep to catch a wolf!” Chu Yue harrumphed. She was smoldering because Xiao Luo had stolen her limelight.

“Then, is your previous agreement of letting him join our team still valid?” asked Bai Ling.

Chu Yue snapped, “Of course, it’s still valid. Although I hate him as a person, I acknowledge his skills. Besides, my words have always carried weight, and I never return them.”

“It’s ‘never take them back!'” Bai Ling corrected.

“I’ll say ‘never return.’ ” What do you care?” said Chu Yue self-righteously.

Bai Ling shook her head and sighed helplessly.

Xiao Luo beat them, one against five. He bagged a Penta kill even in auto gaming mode. When a Randuin’s Omen and Spirit Visage appeared later, the five players of the opposing team felt defeated. They surrendered collectively in 15 minutes, ending the humiliating game.

After the game ended, Yasuo from the opposing team sent a message asking: Rammus, you bastard. Did you inject code to cheat your way through?

Inject code?

Xiao Luo smiled and ignored him. After redeeming a gaming ability, he had gained a deeper understanding of his fingers, the champions, and the items in the game. Moreover, whenever he met with an attack from the opposing team, he could always avoid it in time. These things explained his remarkable performance.

He glanced at the time. It was already noon, time for lunch.

Although the purpose of coming to Huaye was to protect Chu Yue, eating on time was his habit, so he stopped playing.

“Brother Luo, let’s play another round. I want to see you hog their revival point,” Zhu Xiaofei begged pitifully.

“Yeah, I’m excited. Let’s play another round!” Ding Kai also wanted to continue the game; he especially wanted to see Xiao Luo subdue the other players with his skills.

Xiao Luo shook his head. “I’m going to eat first; I’m a little hungry.”

“All right, Brother Luo. Please get my lunch too, thank you, hehe…..” Zhu Xiaofei quickly took out his student card from the drawer, walked eagerly toward Xiao Luo, and shoved it into his hands.

Ding Kai derided him, “You’re a lazy pig!” However, after criticizing Zhu Xiaofei, he also put his student card into Xiao Luo’s hands and said with a mischievous smile, “Brother Luo, please get my lunch too. Um, I want to add one sausage, and just a little spicy is enough for me.”


Xiao Luo was annoyed, but it reminded him of his university days, which were similar to this.

It wouldn’t cost him an arm or leg to bring back two more portions of lunch. He didn’t dislike the two guys, so he happily consented.


At that moment, the dorm room’s half-closed green iron door was kicked open. A group of well-built male students with menacing expressions stormed in.

“Who are you? Why did you break into our dorm?” Zhu Xiaofei stood up, on the alert.

The one standing in front was a boy with a face full of acne. He glanced at Zhu Xiaofei’s computer screen, which was still showing the League of Legends interface, and sneered, “Gaolaozhuang Laozhu, motherf*cker; it’s you guys!”

“Just who the hell are you?” Zhu Xiaofei shouted. Uh oh. He smelled trouble.

“B*tch c*nt. I said that as long as you dared to give me your address, I’d come here to kill you!” The boy riddled with acne looked ruthless. Then he kicked Zhu Xiaofei’s stool to the floor.

“So it’s you guys …”

The expression on Zhu Xiaofei’s and Ding Kai’s faces changed dramatically. They never imagined that Wuju Bladesman and Katarina would come to their door to make good on their threat! There were only three of them while the other side had had six. Moreover, the six were tall, muscular, and sturdy. If a fight broke out, the three of them would have no chance of winning.

“Yes, it’s us.”

The boy with acne took a step forward and casually patted Zhu Xiaofei’s face with a heavy hand. He smiled proudly. “Why don’t you continue acting all high and mighty? You b*ch c*nt. Weren’t you pretty good at acting all high and mighty in the game just now? I’ll give you a chance now. Kneel and apologize to me, and this will all go away. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up until your mom can’t recognize you. ”

“Apologize, quickly apologize!”

The other five yelled angrily, looking fiendish. They slammed their fists on the desk and even picked up their books and threw them against Zhu Xiaofei, Ding Kai, and Xiao Luo. They were acting like a bunch of thugs. Their arrogance knew no limits. They seemed to think that they owned the world.

Under their brutal abuse, Ding Kai was so frightened his body trembled uncontrollably. He turned the matter over and over in his mind for a while, then he finally bowed his head and apologized in a small voice, “Sorry!”

A wise man submitted to circumstances, and most importantly, was afraid of getting beaten up.

Zhu Xiaofei gritted his teeth. He wanted to fight them, but the other guys had numbers on their side. They would be on the losing end in a fight. Since Ding Kai had already apologized, Zhu Xiaofei also humbled his attitude in the end and said, “I’m sorry.”

” ‘I’m sorry,’ and it’s over? What did I say? Do I have to repeat myself? Kneel!!!”

The boy with acne became even meaner. He tore down Zhu Xiaofei’s computer’s keyboard and smashed it on the ground. The plastic keyboard shattered, and the keys scattered across the floor.

“You hear that! Kneel!”

The others also started throwing cups and smashing books, turning dorm room 712 into a mess.

“You guys…”

Zhu Xiaofei’s rage skyrocketed. The things in the dorm room belonged to them. To see his stuff being recklessly thrown and smashed by these guys was more than he could bear. The only thing he felt was total humiliation.

Xiao Luo stepped out at this time and said calmly, “You’re also Huaye students who are studying in the same school. Is it necessary to be so cruel?”

The boy with a face full of acne turned to Xiao Luo. Squinting his eyes, he said coldly, “Why is your tone making me angry? You must be that motherf*cking Tryndamere.” He took two or three steps to Xiao Luo, staring at him with a cold and savage gaze. “You were something else in the game, but in reality, you’re a lowly c*nt!”

“There’s nothing more to say to them. I can’t shake off the anger if we don’t give these three a good thrashing.” A rather handsome boy came forward, looking at Xiao Luo’s, his eyes full of hate.

Xiao Luo smiled, “Are you Gnar?”

The boy sneered, “What’s it to you?”

“You lost the game, and now you’re getting ready to lose the integrity of a human being?” Xiao Luo chuckled.

The boy with acne suddenly laughed out loud, as if he had heard a funny joke. “B*tch c*nt, you still dare to pretend to be all noble and virtuous? Your brain must be damaged.”

The nice-looking boy whispered to him, “Yuze, stop talking nonsense to this loser; let’s teach him a lesson.”

The acne-riddled boy nodded. A savage light bloomed in his eyes.

When the others saw his expression darken, they took out the metal pipes jammed under their belts and hidden underneath their clothes. The atmosphere became extremely tense.

Zhu Xiaofei turned pale with fright. He never thought this group would be so bold that they dared to carry metal pipes with them.

Ding Kai was timider. He so scared his legs were trembling uncontrollably.

“Wait!” Xiao Luo shouted.

“It’s too late for apologies. I want to beat you up until you’re unrecognizable!” The boy with acne sneered wickedly.

Xiao Luo chuckled. “You misunderstood. What I wanted to say is that space here is too small. How about we go to the roof?”

When the six boys heard these words, they laughed loudly, mocking Xiao Luo for being ignorant of the severity of the situation.

“Okay, since we’re all from the same school, don’t say I was too ruthless. I’ll meet this b*ch c*nt requirement.” The boy with acne pointed at Xiao Luo contemptuously.

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